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USER NOTICE: This tool is a work in progress. Improved functionality will be coming soon.

Stock Station

Want to sell items and ships in stations? There is huge amounts of profit to be made if you find the right item at the right time. That's where this page can help you out!

You will probably need a LOT of isk, but even if you're just getting started you can pick a few items and stock a few of those.

Here's how I do it for stocking a 0.0 station:

  1. Go to Jita and buy some of the items listed, I only stock items that have no competition, or their markups are over 30%.
  2. Use Red Frog Freight to ship it all to the nearest highsec station
  3. Use a Blockade Runner (Viator, Crane, Bustart, Occator) to (carefully) transport the items into your station. Once you're well off, use a Jump Freighter.
  4. Profit!

Remember that it *often* takes a while for your items to sell. You'll need to have a lot of isk tied up in inventory for a while, but it's totally passive income, and it helps out your alliance!

I highly recommend charging a fixed 20% markup (or less). That should cover all your fees, taxes, fuel, etc and won't gouge your friends.

How this tool works

Based on recent losses will show you all of the most recent destroyed items in the region for a solar system selected. This will go back as far as 7 days or 200 killmails, whichever comes first.

Show all stock is simply an extension of Based on recent losses...for now.

Based on recent losses

This shows a list of all the recent losses in the region and sorts them so you only stock what people have recently lost.


Losses by alliance (optional)
Only show profitable items

Show all stock:

If you're not in a PVP area, or want to see the most popular items in the universe, use this one.
Only show profitable items
Only show no-competitor items