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Station Rank for all regions

Remember that these numbers are based on people like you running the uploader, so you may see a large spike in one day because the data all got updated at once, not necessarily because there was an actual spike.
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RankStation (click to see all orders)Sell Orders Total Selling  
1Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant52,19820,660,206,019,239ISKView Rank History
2Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant49,35416,237,209,990,237ISKView Rank History
3Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy30,8885,169,219,050,145ISKView Rank History
4Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy28,4964,165,356,716,384ISKView Rank History
5Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant19,9072,766,219,234,902ISKView Rank History
6Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant18,4542,222,144,137,078ISKView Rank History
7Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury14,0271,929,482,656,308ISKView Rank History
8Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory14,6691,837,691,901,677ISKView Rank History
9Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury12,6061,634,956,748,088ISKView Rank History
10Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory9,3551,237,096,557,744ISKView Rank History
11Saranen V - Moon 9 - Quafe Company Warehouse6,001754,838,580,263ISKView Rank History
12F-YH5B III - The Providence Petting Zoo3,600605,606,856,062ISKView Rank History
13Mastakomon VI - Propel Dynamics Factory196592,260,882,354ISKView Rank History
14Oursulaert III - Federation Navy Testing Facilities2,733559,757,128,698ISKView Rank History
15Ishisomo VIII - Propel Dynamics Factory20535,992,300,810ISKView Rank History
16Eruka II - Propel Dynamics Warehouse13501,835,523,077ISKView Rank History
17BKG-Q2 VIII - Moon 1 - warhammer 40k RP base2,307458,125,777,795ISKView Rank History
18X-7OMU II - Moon 7 - The Sanctuary School3,076420,106,225,531ISKView Rank History
19Tash-Murkon Prime II - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory2,848407,287,138,748ISKView Rank History
20O1Y-ED VII - Shop Only dock and clone at cita4,686406,047,178,731ISKView Rank History
21YA0-XJ VII - Ya0 thought you'd built a castle2,045381,959,749,081ISKView Rank History
22TVN-FM X - TVN-First Fax loss3,614375,413,418,943ISKView Rank History
23Orvolle I - Federation Navy Assembly Plant2,735372,619,111,200ISKView Rank History
24BWF-ZZ V - Welcome to camp2,988366,581,718,839ISKView Rank History
25Stacmon V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant3,732349,905,971,964ISKView Rank History
26Saranen V - Moon 9 - Quafe Company Warehouse2,639349,319,417,266ISKView Rank History
27Agil VI - Moon 2 - CONCORD Logistic Support3,167330,005,517,415ISKView Rank History
28E-YJ8G VIII - Cadoraun's Citadel in memory1,764321,815,794,616ISKView Rank History
29F-YH5B III - The Providence Petting Zoo2,060311,000,988,211ISKView Rank History
30Tar III - Secure Commerce Commission Depository1,261292,244,541,765ISKView Rank History
31Teonusude III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant2,105291,695,159,641ISKView Rank History
32TG-Z23 III - Moon 8 - True Power Logistic Support1,370268,143,123,952ISKView Rank History
33Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support2,808267,117,413,788ISKView Rank History
34PR-8CA III - Blood Raiders Logistic Support1,080260,984,170,119ISKView Rank History
35YA0-XJ VII - Ya0 thought you'd built a castle989253,120,701,416ISKView Rank History
36Asghatil IX - Moon 3 - DED Assembly Plant1,403251,734,338,495ISKView Rank History
37TVN-FM X - TVN-First Fax loss2,146234,701,011,218ISKView Rank History
38QR-K85 III - New Horizon II815215,845,746,701ISKView Rank History
39Halle VII - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant1,180211,453,796,028ISKView Rank History
40N5Y-4N VII - Moon 20 - Guristas Logistic Support1,404206,085,045,237ISKView Rank History
41Orvolle I - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1,449195,168,614,150ISKView Rank History
42Apanake VIII - Moon 8 - Sisters of EVE Bureau2,678185,588,906,458ISKView Rank History
43Akonoinen I - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant167177,360,904,156ISKView Rank History
44M-OEE8 XI - CO2 Stronghold2,055172,882,170,289ISKView Rank History
45Tash-Murkon Prime II - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory1,344168,652,754,877ISKView Rank History
46Motsu VII - Moon 6 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support734164,345,653,886ISKView Rank History
47Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1,445160,469,550,078ISKView Rank History
48T-RPFU VII - Outpost Guardian1,149159,797,947,485ISKView Rank History
49X-7OMU II - Moon 7 - The Sanctuary School1,077154,431,068,263ISKView Rank History
505ZXX-K V - Moon 17 - Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities2,039150,513,646,502ISKView Rank History
51Alentene V - Moon 4 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory1,076148,654,654,081ISKView Rank History
52Stacmon V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1,840138,443,448,255ISKView Rank History
53YZ-LQL VII - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant1,120137,457,763,950ISKView Rank History
54Esescama VIII - Moon 3 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse1,608135,421,606,829ISKView Rank History
55HIX4-H IX - Davai Dosvidaniy1,193133,981,600,191ISKView Rank History
56O1Y-ED VII - Shop Only dock and clone at cita1,881133,549,953,610ISKView Rank History
57E-YJ8G VIII - Cadoraun's Citadel in memory832133,223,237,905ISKView Rank History
58A1-AUH VI - Buka mart1,801132,190,446,624ISKView Rank History
59Oursulaert III - Federation Navy Testing Facilities1,195131,556,400,897ISKView Rank History
60Masalle VI - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Logistic Support336131,062,436,620ISKView Rank History
61Charmerout IX - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory1,197129,354,475,173ISKView Rank History
62Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support1,114126,425,465,030ISKView Rank History
63Sirekur VIII - Moon 1 - Republic University265125,099,245,980ISKView Rank History
64V-3YG7 VI - The Capital1,128124,071,572,836ISKView Rank History
65BKG-Q2 VIII - Moon 1 - warhammer 40k RP base709122,335,997,172ISKView Rank History
66X-M2LR VI - Moon 8 - Intaki Commerce Warehouse1,140121,932,023,561ISKView Rank History
67Apanake VIII - Moon 8 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1,470119,773,421,494ISKView Rank History
68I1Y-IU X - MERCI JACQUIE ET MICHEL2,030117,910,067,488ISKView Rank History
69Agil VI - Moon 2 - CONCORD Logistic Support1,111115,423,455,166ISKView Rank History
70Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau1,114115,106,452,895ISKView Rank History
71Boystin V - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant1,508113,662,851,917ISKView Rank History
72C-LP3N V - TMA - The Strat House828113,197,538,854ISKView Rank History
733T7-M8 VII - Join Horde to Evac943112,892,462,949ISKView Rank History
74Clellinon VI - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School1,822111,593,522,844ISKView Rank History
75U-HVIX III - U-HOW TO BOOGY WOOGY888110,907,743,697ISKView Rank History
76QE2-FS IV - OASA TRADE HUB976109,601,926,595ISKView Rank History
77Osmon II - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1,976108,169,719,165ISKView Rank History
78LA2-KV V - District-85 Trade and Sale1,409105,306,163,532ISKView Rank History
791,098104,385,922,700ISKView Rank History
80BWF-ZZ V - Welcome to camp1,069102,364,611,708ISKView Rank History
81Simela IV - Moon 7 - Sisters of EVE Academy1,524102,190,950,503ISKView Rank History
82T6GY-Y V - Samy's Goat Love913100,096,805,777ISKView Rank History
83W-MF6J II - cash and carry52299,809,814,891ISKView Rank History
84Villore VI - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support81199,144,225,720ISKView Rank History
85H6-CX8 III - Ragnaroek I9B-8X72395,559,686,201ISKView Rank History
86Teonusude III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant80094,736,494,153ISKView Rank History
87Waskisen IX - Moon 11 - Corporate Police Force Logistic Support57794,534,418,938ISKView Rank History
88M-MBRT I - Moishe's Pawn Shop - we buy gold85794,362,587,832ISKView Rank History
89DR-427 VIII - FCON HQ94792,875,062,322ISKView Rank History
901L-OEK VIII - Spectre's Cloaky Ninjas77890,232,764,955ISKView Rank History
91PF-QHK VII - Moon 6 - Guristas Logistic Support1,21086,465,266,359ISKView Rank History
92R-YWID VIII - R-Yleh78886,047,869,802ISKView Rank History
93319-3D IX - Moon 22 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support48485,598,669,596ISKView Rank History
94Odebeinn V - Moon 5 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory63484,041,678,124ISKView Rank History
95M-OEE8 XI - CO2 Stronghold93283,967,878,224ISKView Rank History
96Kamela V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support84183,584,506,856ISKView Rank History
976T3I-L VII - Moon 5 - Beta HQ89081,802,082,296ISKView Rank History
986NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support69581,315,022,821ISKView Rank History
999DQW-W VII - RIP Shonion1,11680,115,729,087ISKView Rank History
100DR-427 VIII - FCON HQ89279,760,932,040ISKView Rank History
101XHQ-7V VI - True Yulai Shipyards1,02778,967,964,250ISKView Rank History
102C-LP3N V - TMA - The Strat House32378,152,916,168ISKView Rank History
103A-ELE2 VI - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant48578,121,185,256ISKView Rank History
104Halle VII - Federal Administration Bureau Offices24777,168,850,333ISKView Rank History
105Badivefi VI - Moon 2 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support1,03376,893,453,315ISKView Rank History
106Pashanai III - Moon 2 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant53875,980,847,638ISKView Rank History
1075ZXX-K V - Moon 17 - Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities1,01875,925,339,974ISKView Rank History
108K-QWHE VI - Moon 15 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery48975,510,524,434ISKView Rank History
109Aeschee X - Moon 20 - Sisters of EVE Academy75675,449,768,858ISKView Rank History
110Sortet V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1,29775,219,195,966ISKView Rank History
111Tar III - Secure Commerce Commission Depository46175,217,200,067ISKView Rank History
112A-ELE2 VI - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant53874,766,295,309ISKView Rank History
113FH-TTC IV - LAWNstantinople80474,597,217,933ISKView Rank History
114J5A-IX III - INIT To winit1,16774,422,615,483ISKView Rank History
1150N-3RO VII - Moon 14 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities48874,283,406,254ISKView Rank History
116R-ZUOL VII - Fear the Cactus60574,061,403,709ISKView Rank History
117G-0Q86 VII - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant72973,874,821,443ISKView Rank History
118CKX-RW VII - 404 - STATION NOT FOUND84372,257,156,894ISKView Rank History
119EX6-AO VII - Witty Station Name85171,550,350,172ISKView Rank History
120Mora VI - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory71471,469,611,478ISKView Rank History
121JU-OWQ VII - All hail Jebus64770,711,858,560ISKView Rank History
1229UY4-H II - Deliverance Reclaimed67369,969,600,816ISKView Rank History
1234C-B7X VIII - Moon 1 - Outer Ring Excavations Mining Outpost1,07169,688,227,952ISKView Rank History
1249F-7PZ IX - If it aint Dutch It aint much 14968,706,021,996ISKView Rank History
125S-EVIQ III - Moon 1 - Station just vanished I swear72668,473,881,732ISKView Rank History
126C-J6MT IV - Moon 1 - ConJunction of the Spheres74368,269,199,107ISKView Rank History
127TG-Z23 III - Moon 8 - True Power Logistic Support30367,519,848,091ISKView Rank History
128T-RPFU VII - Outpost Guardian45867,108,476,720ISKView Rank History
129Asghatil IX - Moon 3 - DED Assembly Plant33866,988,975,674ISKView Rank History
130Kinakka III - Lai Dai Corporation Factory84466,865,301,288ISKView Rank History
131E0DR-G IX - Turmfalkes Horst88965,475,767,709ISKView Rank History
13264165,245,403,040ISKView Rank History
133Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau87265,186,134,819ISKView Rank History
134I1Y-IU X - MERCI JACQUIE ET MICHEL1,06264,925,709,371ISKView Rank History
135UMI-KK VII - AAC Thanks Wibla38264,778,472,111ISKView Rank History
1366VDT-H V - The Space Alamo79964,776,182,555ISKView Rank History
137TXME-A IX - TexasMexican Widow Pilots Here45364,595,467,296ISKView Rank History
138Chamemi VI - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant27263,700,358,355ISKView Rank History
139Bereye VI - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant32463,309,657,766ISKView Rank History
140D87E-A VII - Moon 16 - Archangels Assembly Plant73963,151,635,511ISKView Rank History
141Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy1,08962,352,362,507ISKView Rank History
142XHQ-7V VI - True Yulai Shipyards68362,023,297,106ISKView Rank History
143UYG-YX XII - BADI Prime49461,860,605,192ISKView Rank History
144Uemisaisen VII - Moon 16 - Home Guard Assembly Plant25261,568,015,772ISKView Rank History
145T-67F8 VII - Home of the Brave40661,505,732,390ISKView Rank History
1466-8QLA V - Janssens Memorial69660,858,096,474ISKView Rank History
147Zinkon VII - Moon 1 - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting30560,483,098,662ISKView Rank History
148Serpentis Prime VIII - Moon 2 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery69459,810,935,042ISKView Rank History
149Halle VII - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant33259,437,200,267ISKView Rank History
150Alentene VI - Moon 6 - Roden Shipyards Warehouse78559,337,652,961ISKView Rank History
151Q-EHMJ IX - Q-Eh Didn't Need Renters Anyway18658,820,543,121ISKView Rank History
15260M-TG I - Squirrel Central1,26858,627,853,664ISKView Rank History
153Vlillirier IV - Moon 13 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Warehouse49158,374,459,606ISKView Rank History
154O-N589 VIII - Citadel Thugs53958,100,624,574ISKView Rank History
155Gergish X - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School60458,098,942,490ISKView Rank History
1569UY4-H II - Deliverance Reclaimed48257,899,307,014ISKView Rank History
157Aeschee X - Moon 20 - Sisters of EVE Academy67357,720,535,104ISKView Rank History
158Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for Advanced Studies School83457,397,730,731ISKView Rank History
159O-QKSM VII - The Skymarshal's Sanctuary61857,246,141,207ISKView Rank History
160Nourvukaiken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support15256,970,455,120ISKView Rank History
1619F-7PZ IX - If it aint Dutch It aint much 36656,613,932,363ISKView Rank History
162Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy82056,516,883,799ISKView Rank History
163XX9-WV VII - Moon 3 - Salvation Angels Trading Post73856,216,556,059ISKView Rank History
164A2-V27 IX - Winter Haus34556,123,677,025ISKView Rank History
165Q-EHMJ IX - Q-Eh Didn't Need Renters Anyway19755,451,700,337ISKView Rank History
166Otsasai VII - Moon 10 - Caldari Business Tribunal58654,077,576,061ISKView Rank History
167Arnola VII - Moon 1 - Trust Partners Trading Post52553,938,717,354ISKView Rank History
168Aphend VII - Moon 7 - Carthum Conglomerate Foundry41753,928,679,172ISKView Rank History
169W0X-MG VI - New Bucephalus7253,890,291,544ISKView Rank History
170V-LDEJ III - No Initiative43953,343,303,520ISKView Rank History
171Esescama VIII - Moon 3 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse76153,061,824,801ISKView Rank History
172Ordion VII - Moon 16 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities71653,030,908,877ISKView Rank History
173V-3YG7 VI - The Capital52752,875,473,794ISKView Rank History
174Mani VII - Moon 10 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant80352,783,595,401ISKView Rank History
1754-CM8I VI - 420Mart Freeport Trade Station 46652,761,698,371ISKView Rank History
176E-FIC0 I - R O U S33152,756,585,567ISKView Rank History
177Otsasai VII - Moon 10 - Caldari Business Tribunal48752,612,324,843ISKView Rank History
17893PI-4 IV - Jon Snow Lives40052,155,142,033ISKView Rank History
179A1-AUH VI - Buka mart63052,087,457,593ISKView Rank History
1803AE-CP VIII - We even win at 030017051,885,265,667ISKView Rank History
181Sakht VI - Moon 7 - Genolution Biotech Production83851,806,262,779ISKView Rank History
182Boystin V - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant68351,650,012,615ISKView Rank History
183Kakakela VI - Moon 15 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant40551,467,432,345ISKView Rank History
184PR-8CA III - Blood Raiders Logistic Support15851,424,145,587ISKView Rank History
185Vlillirier IV - Moon 13 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Warehouse28850,638,970,885ISKView Rank History
186Otanuomi IV - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory9949,441,390,199ISKView Rank History
187Azer VI - Moon 3 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant87648,967,626,842ISKView Rank History
188E02-IK VIII - Moon 1 - Thukker Mix Factory56648,886,285,397ISKView Rank History
189Piak III - Moon 19 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant53548,779,821,422ISKView Rank History
190Irjunen II - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant27848,328,245,682ISKView Rank History
191Avele V - Moon 11 - CreoDron Warehouse11048,116,649,141ISKView Rank History
192NBW-GD VI - Could be a Trap 37647,887,098,660ISKView Rank History
193LGK-VP V - Moon 3 - True Power Assembly Plant42447,812,015,242ISKView Rank History
194Sobaseki VII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support33547,802,810,400ISKView Rank History
195Tanoo IV - Trust Partners Trading Post58547,497,395,220ISKView Rank History
1963T7-M8 VII - Join Horde to Evac33147,228,195,096ISKView Rank History
197Akiainavas III - School of Applied Knowledge95846,839,417,700ISKView Rank History
198Simela IV - Moon 7 - Sisters of EVE Academy94746,737,683,677ISKView Rank History
199Yvelet VI - Moon 2 - FedMart Warehouse29046,654,392,740ISKView Rank History
200Dresi I - Moon 18 - Emperor Family Bureau54546,629,038,173ISKView Rank History
201Tama VII - Moon 9 - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities49846,446,785,766ISKView Rank History
202Sasta VI - Moon 3 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant29145,771,411,901ISKView Rank History
203Illuin V - Moon 13 - Republic University32145,735,189,903ISKView Rank History
204N5Y-4N VII - Moon 20 - Guristas Logistic Support45945,595,347,470ISKView Rank History
205Huola VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support89945,575,350,798ISKView Rank History
206M-MBRT I - Moishe's Pawn Shop - we buy gold35045,148,478,277ISKView Rank History
207Teskanen IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant22945,116,286,723ISKView Rank History
208Onnamon IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support32044,975,785,492ISKView Rank History
209Gulfonodi X - Moon 15 - Republic Fleet Testing Facilities26644,856,710,691ISKView Rank History
210W0X-MG VI - New Bucephalus10844,687,477,334ISKView Rank History
211Gehi IX - Moon 4 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant72844,488,394,963ISKView Rank History
212FH-TTC IV - LAWNstantinople64344,446,758,815ISKView Rank History
213Oshaima IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support75644,251,956,762ISKView Rank History
214Isendeldik VIII - Moon 19 - Six Kin Development Warehouse4644,180,523,877ISKView Rank History
215Sujarento IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support81544,146,576,753ISKView Rank History
2168S28-3 III - got sikenler Kulubu39144,128,550,044ISKView Rank History
217ABE-M2 VII - IceMart32244,116,888,273ISKView Rank History
218PF-QHK VII - Moon 6 - Guristas Logistic Support74543,851,684,458ISKView Rank History
2190DD-MH VI - Alpha HQ29143,809,497,434ISKView Rank History
220L-1SW8 I - ingen overgivelse33043,393,142,716ISKView Rank History
221Hagilur IV - Moon 2 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mining Outpost56043,281,734,261ISKView Rank History
222Torrinos V - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory81943,135,065,524ISKView Rank History
2234GQ-XQ IX - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard51942,540,622,613ISKView Rank History
224Villore VI - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support50542,501,932,682ISKView Rank History
225Venilen IX - Moon 7 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities40742,468,596,298ISKView Rank History
226Nourvukaiken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support11442,308,152,582ISKView Rank History
227Nein VII - Moon 4 - Impro Factory32542,307,361,233ISKView Rank History
2280N-3RO VII - Moon 14 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities22342,249,159,942ISKView Rank History
22943B-O1 VIII - 43B Retro's dung11142,200,188,037ISKView Rank History
230Badivefi VI - Moon 2 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support47042,159,458,905ISKView Rank History
231Zehru IX - Moon 4 - Viziam Factory8542,152,255,796ISKView Rank History
232QR-K85 III - New Horizon II33542,098,596,569ISKView Rank History
233Tanoo V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau10142,049,196,833ISKView Rank History
234Kulelen V - Moon 8 - Zainou Biotech Production43042,005,650,385ISKView Rank History
235J5A-IX III - INIT To winit55941,867,704,980ISKView Rank History
236B-WPLZ VII - The Stables44141,666,597,424ISKView Rank History
237Y0-BVN VIII - Y0-Birkins Vanity Complex7041,523,884,683ISKView Rank History
238ERVK-P VII - Scorpio Base73841,454,097,152ISKView Rank History
239R-ZUOL VII - Fear the Cactus32541,308,309,356ISKView Rank History
240Kulu X - Moon 16 - Royal Amarr Institute School16141,097,675,378ISKView Rank History
241Okagaiken IV - Caldari Navy Logistic Support92240,303,127,689ISKView Rank History
242Rakapas V - Home Guard Assembly Plant42839,642,328,044ISKView Rank History
243319-3D IX - Moon 22 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support27339,550,923,760ISKView Rank History
244A2-V27 IX - Winter Haus62939,529,292,736ISKView Rank History
245Scheenins II - Moon 2 - Roden Shipyards Factory60239,437,168,232ISKView Rank History
246Cat VI - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support94339,423,619,778ISKView Rank History
247N-HSK0 IV - N-House of Snusnu34839,375,675,388ISKView Rank History
248Y-N4EF I - Next Stop V-3Y76838,990,415,666ISKView Rank History
24985-B52 IV - Elysium Orbital5738,860,096,533ISKView Rank History
250EX6-AO VII - Witty Station Name62638,846,815,805ISKView Rank History
251C-BHDN III - Rey's parents are not in EP7 -JJ48338,843,785,486ISKView Rank History
252Nein VII - Moon 4 - Impro Factory21738,708,636,546ISKView Rank History
253Otsasai VIII - Moon 8 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1938,655,376,412ISKView Rank History
254Kakakela VI - Moon 15 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant23438,628,150,409ISKView Rank History
2556T3I-L VII - Moon 5 - Beta HQ27638,574,517,741ISKView Rank History
256B-7DFU IV - DV HOME52438,557,242,890ISKView Rank History
257Clellinon VI - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School75338,501,832,366ISKView Rank History
258JK-Q77 VII - Can I bring my Typhoon39838,310,068,388ISKView Rank History
259Q0G-L8 VI - Novo Ebenevo50438,095,149,094ISKView Rank History
26077S8-E III - Willmart's Bar and Grill68837,928,390,980ISKView Rank History
261Nennamaila X - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant64837,885,181,522ISKView Rank History
262NG-M8K III - Tetonic Shift55437,849,111,433ISKView Rank History
263Nisuwa VII - State Protectorate Logistic Support71437,558,180,458ISKView Rank History
264LA2-KV V - District-85 Trade and Sale51137,540,777,100ISKView Rank History
265B-F1MI V - VooDoo Warriors Factory 10037,499,260,757ISKView Rank History
266Torrinos V - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory48937,115,391,724ISKView Rank History
267Tintoh VIII - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities48037,038,306,247ISKView Rank History
268Palas II - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant54137,010,154,221ISKView Rank History
269Pashanai III - Moon 2 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant14136,879,820,223ISKView Rank History
270YZ-LQL VII - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant35736,869,155,164ISKView Rank History
271Osmon II - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1,10636,625,608,890ISKView Rank History
272H-GKI6 VI - Basilica of Maxentius44835,972,524,894ISKView Rank History
273I-1QKL VII - Operation Barbarossa53135,959,915,193ISKView Rank History
274N-8BZ6 IX - We Didn't Want Y-M Anyway72235,735,218,896ISKView Rank History
275Algogille IX - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Information Center20235,576,723,588ISKView Rank History
276QCWA-Z VII - Quinda Tired Entosised All Week45635,464,394,942ISKView Rank History
277Haimeh VII - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory11335,384,979,452ISKView Rank History
278MD-0AW II - TRI and the Joy of Fozziesov47135,340,438,339ISKView Rank History
279S-EVIQ III - Moon 1 - Station just vanished I swear20035,125,366,262ISKView Rank History
280P4-3TJ IX - The Salt Mine32535,120,350,369ISKView Rank History
2819DQW-W VII - RIP Shonion49135,111,835,594ISKView Rank History
282Pakkonen IV - Moon 19 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant2534,457,786,018ISKView Rank History
283Funtanainen IV - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support46234,456,713,771ISKView Rank History
284Waskisen IX - Moon 11 - Corporate Police Force Logistic Support32334,388,846,963ISKView Rank History
2856VDT-H V - The Space Alamo34434,149,958,412ISKView Rank History
286D7-ZAC VIII - Moon 1 - CO2 Stronghold57034,127,617,352ISKView Rank History
287QYT-X8 II - Bucephalus Prime75034,005,368,570ISKView Rank History
288Tuomuta III - Ducia Foundry Mining Outpost51433,885,155,392ISKView Rank History
289Funtanainen IV - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support38633,872,119,160ISKView Rank History
2906F-H3W XI - Space Goliad49133,811,584,403ISKView Rank History
291R-YWID VIII - R-Yleh23833,623,177,047ISKView Rank History
292YI-8ZM II - YI-8 Regions In The Oven58133,606,025,675ISKView Rank History
293Motsu VII - Moon 6 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support37833,601,226,984ISKView Rank History
294P3X-TN IX - BlackWatch Tavern8033,414,348,347ISKView Rank History
295Jufvitte VI - Moon 4 - Roden Shipyards Factory58833,389,636,797ISKView Rank History
296Stacmon VIII - Moon 22 - Freedom Extension Warehouse10233,337,664,399ISKView Rank History
297Serpentis Prime VIII - Moon 2 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery30233,326,986,915ISKView Rank History
298Onnamon I - State War Academy42533,175,818,053ISKView Rank History
2995KG-PY II - The Last Card Standing48433,032,657,403ISKView Rank History
300LR-2XT VI - GO - HARD38932,993,246,016ISKView Rank History
301U-HVIX III - U-HOW TO BOOGY WOOGY42432,962,616,408ISKView Rank History
302Uemisaisen VII - Moon 16 - Home Guard Assembly Plant22432,899,041,733ISKView Rank History
303Charmerout IX - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory36532,798,601,237ISKView Rank History
304UQ9-3C I - Pony Lair19632,781,284,418ISKView Rank History
3055KG-PY II - The Last Card Standing33832,557,405,003ISKView Rank History
306F2A-GX IV - Moon 4 - Division HQ64532,446,841,120ISKView Rank History
3072O-EEW IV - Moon 3 - Jon Snow is Targaryen35832,385,274,566ISKView Rank History
308Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant29332,033,352,563ISKView Rank History
309K-QWHE VI - Moon 15 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery10831,997,034,152ISKView Rank History
310D87E-A VII - Moon 16 - Archangels Assembly Plant39031,858,400,052ISKView Rank History
311Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices9131,775,951,707ISKView Rank History
312Rakapas V - Home Guard Assembly Plant43931,771,638,120ISKView Rank History
313Aurohunen V - Moon 10 - Propel Dynamics Factory9031,689,695,202ISKView Rank History
314V-LDEJ III - No Initiative25531,607,621,776ISKView Rank History
3156OYQ-Z II - Moon 1 - Requiem Eternal Prime30531,578,832,610ISKView Rank History
316Siseide VII - Expert Distribution Retail Center15431,554,927,102ISKView Rank History
317Akiainavas III - School of Applied Knowledge70431,411,276,732ISKView Rank History
318Masalle VI - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Logistic Support10830,953,581,823ISKView Rank History
319Atlanins VII - Moon 1 - Expert Distribution Retail Center10730,865,365,588ISKView Rank History
320QCWA-Z VII - Quinda Tired Entosised All Week15530,795,241,692ISKView Rank History
3211H4V-O II - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard1330,766,638,046ISKView Rank History
322Tartoken III - Moon 3 - Genolution Biotech Production66030,734,980,009ISKView Rank History
323PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post62530,717,305,133ISKView Rank History
324K-6K16 V - Hero Griffin36530,687,288,136ISKView Rank History
325Kinakka III - Lai Dai Corporation Factory47530,653,427,929ISKView Rank History
326H-PA29 V - Moon 1 - Guristas Assembly Plant56430,435,481,745ISKView Rank History
327XM-RMD III - Sponsored by Apoc's Taco Stand5830,315,927,327ISKView Rank History
328Alentene V - Moon 4 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory40530,302,969,301ISKView Rank History
3296NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support27830,269,965,782ISKView Rank History
330X-M2LR VI - Moon 8 - Intaki Commerce Warehouse32330,194,726,098ISKView Rank History
331XX9-WV VII - Moon 3 - Salvation Angels Trading Post35930,181,638,601ISKView Rank History
332QE2-FS IV - OASA TRADE HUB25129,850,689,212ISKView Rank History
333Airaken VIII - Expert Housing Production Plant57229,815,160,021ISKView Rank History
334P-2TTL I - tic tac tic tac 52829,779,283,384ISKView Rank History
335Nalvula IX - Moon 2 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant43129,647,712,716ISKView Rank History
336Kor-Azor Prime II - Kor-Azor Family Bureau12329,576,172,739ISKView Rank History
337N-HSK0 IV - N-House of Snusnu28729,527,512,772ISKView Rank History
338P-VYVL VII - Moon 1 - Guristas Assembly Plant9829,517,668,823ISKView Rank History
339DB1R-4 VIII - PELMENNAYA4829,447,978,126ISKView Rank History
340G-0Q86 VII - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant26629,345,489,815ISKView Rank History
341N-8BZ6 IX - We Didn't Want Y-M Anyway42929,292,617,485ISKView Rank History
342Scolluzer XI - Moon 4 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio6129,241,766,000ISKView Rank History
343Kihtaled VIII - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant13429,186,374,087ISKView Rank History
344Penirgman IX - Moon 3 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant33529,117,543,898ISKView Rank History
345OSY-UD IX - Moon 16 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Storage48729,107,329,903ISKView Rank History
346Emrayur III - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute School25129,089,067,987ISKView Rank History
347Torrinos V - Moon 16 - Home Guard Logistic Support44229,019,272,860ISKView Rank History
348Khanid Prime V - Moon 1 - Khanid Innovation Factory52428,979,032,627ISKView Rank History
349NSI-MW VI - Caution 1400s are Dangerous26628,960,715,476ISKView Rank History
350NM-OEA V - Moon 4 - Outer Ring Excavations Mining Outpost31328,850,672,559ISKView Rank History
351Hothomouh VII - Moon 2 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant29728,732,627,276ISKView Rank History
352AY-YCU III - The KuroVault51328,717,004,632ISKView Rank History
353S-DN5M IX - S-Deeeeez Nutz16628,595,996,580ISKView Rank History
354MD-0AW II - TRI and the Joy of Fozziesov30228,535,170,884ISKView Rank History
355Nonni I - Lai Dai Corporation Factory29328,528,237,378ISKView Rank History
356Friggi VII - Moon 12 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory7928,410,397,185ISKView Rank History
357Oulley IV - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant3028,362,307,432ISKView Rank History
358T6GY-Y V - Samy's Goat Love22028,292,913,440ISKView Rank History
359A1RR-M VI - We Came27328,218,827,077ISKView Rank History
360CKX-RW VII - 404 - STATION NOT FOUND35128,149,841,824ISKView Rank History
361Fliet III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support50028,110,405,281ISKView Rank History
362E0DR-G IX - Turmfalkes Horst28328,079,854,788ISKView Rank History
363Gerek V - Moon 3 - Republic University49028,001,528,331ISKView Rank History
364Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau44927,875,886,480ISKView Rank History
365Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy39127,758,101,827ISKView Rank History
366Akonoinen I - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant8627,728,545,526ISKView Rank History
367FD-MLJ VII - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Depository31027,707,974,477ISKView Rank History
3686GWE-A IV - Cartel Pub6727,580,048,428ISKView Rank History
369Suroken IX - Moon 18 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant26227,573,410,872ISKView Rank History
370Kino VII - Moon 7 - Home Guard Testing Facilities30527,498,080,756ISKView Rank History
371RPS-0K VIII - Moon 1 - True Power Assembly Plant37927,444,942,841ISKView Rank History
3724C-B7X VIII - Moon 1 - Outer Ring Excavations Mining Outpost23527,381,771,470ISKView Rank History
373Azer III - Moon 6 - CreoDron Factory15927,380,684,675ISKView Rank History
374Illuin V - Moon 13 - Republic University17827,266,455,659ISKView Rank History
375E-YCML IV - Lion's Den38927,221,791,582ISKView Rank History
376Sasoutikh V - Moon 11 - Theology Council Accounting29027,120,063,718ISKView Rank History
377XW2H-V I - Coca-cola and popcorn2827,092,891,023ISKView Rank History
37852G-NZ III - 5 Dolla Docky Docky25727,028,324,414ISKView Rank History
379ZS-2LT X - SOSISOCHNAYA7627,018,263,734ISKView Rank History
380A-VILQ VI - Andr's Dungeon of Depravity26427,006,555,152ISKView Rank History
381Pakkonen IV - Moon 19 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant1226,999,256,065ISKView Rank History
382Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant23326,972,924,272ISKView Rank History
383Sortet V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant54426,908,028,688ISKView Rank History
384FR-B1H VII - Moon 1 - Solon's Birthday gift37126,901,728,004ISKView Rank History
385H6-CX8 III - Ragnaroek I9B-8X29826,872,944,500ISKView Rank History
386B-WPLZ VII - The Stables25226,510,773,756ISKView Rank History
387W-MF6J II - cash and carry11826,483,626,189ISKView Rank History
388ES-UWY VI - Archangels Logistic Support68926,463,163,200ISKView Rank History
389Eldjaerin IV - Nurtura Food Packaging626,428,096,873ISKView Rank History
390Kor-Azor Prime IV (Eclipticum) - Moon Griklaeum - Ishukone Corporation Factory16326,419,983,430ISKView Rank History
391P-ZMZV V - Red-Frog Freeport35326,408,973,540ISKView Rank History
392UVHO-F II - Horde Krab City Prime42826,351,217,461ISKView Rank History
393Tintoh VIII - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities27726,259,956,221ISKView Rank History
394FC-3YI VII - Ragnar Anchorage27926,131,398,603ISKView Rank History
3951L-OEK VIII - Spectre's Cloaky Ninjas28826,130,515,541ISKView Rank History
396OGY-6D VIII - Horde Watch Tower34126,033,969,067ISKView Rank History
3972DWM-2 II - Keks Imperium30626,030,763,983ISKView Rank History
398Turba VI - Ministry of Assessment Archives7025,907,102,398ISKView Rank History
399Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for Advanced Studies School30725,833,099,392ISKView Rank History
400LGK-VP V - Moon 3 - True Power Assembly Plant21825,666,482,062ISKView Rank History
401L-WG68 XII - Bellum se ipsum alet6525,653,194,606ISKView Rank History
402Gamis X - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support35525,649,232,889ISKView Rank History
403Oshaima IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support56425,619,246,175ISKView Rank History
404Kamela V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support28125,569,804,623ISKView Rank History
405P4-3TJ IX - The Salt Mine13025,567,645,034ISKView Rank History
40627-HP0 VI - Brasil TEC Aerospace45225,466,437,794ISKView Rank History
4078QMO-E III - Blessed Stingerino39825,295,816,960ISKView Rank History
408HB-5L3 V - Last stop before Hell35725,276,038,576ISKView Rank History
40958Z-IH X - Quinto-Center17925,272,676,037ISKView Rank History
410UVHO-F II - Horde Krab City Prime70125,242,248,394ISKView Rank History
411Agoze V - FedMart Retail Center12725,210,447,519ISKView Rank History
412JU-OWQ VII - All hail Jebus25725,181,274,792ISKView Rank History
413Kehjari II - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory55425,147,153,692ISKView Rank History
414Isinokka V - Moon 2 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support40425,126,853,217ISKView Rank History
415F2OY-X III - F2OY-Xrated Tikles13725,070,825,057ISKView Rank History
416Sendaya V - CONCORD Bureau4224,873,835,776ISKView Rank History
417F-TE1T XV - Trash Panda Alley4024,797,020,496ISKView Rank History
418Arton II - CreoDron Factory10924,783,089,133ISKView Rank History
419Konora VI - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory26124,736,880,795ISKView Rank History
420O94U-A I - In Honor of Sean -Vile Rat26324,695,538,608ISKView Rank History
421GY5-26 IX - GY5 Retros left nut5424,664,168,239ISKView Rank History
422Gehi IX - Moon 4 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant41224,619,668,910ISKView Rank History
423Uedama VII - Lai Dai Corporation Factory18524,587,232,540ISKView Rank History
4241-5GBW VII - Apostoli Kiralysag Szekesegyhaz5324,432,827,794ISKView Rank History
425Nisuwa VII - State Protectorate Logistic Support28024,351,100,512ISKView Rank History
426Parses VI - Moon 11 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant10324,323,355,327ISKView Rank History
427H-W9TY XII - Moon 2 - CO2 Station17624,272,315,503ISKView Rank History
42843B-O1 VIII - 43B Retro's dung6024,245,753,702ISKView Rank History
4294GQ-XQ IX - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard28724,021,884,187ISKView Rank History
4300-O6XF IX - Princess of the south17823,985,042,268ISKView Rank History
431Teskanen IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant35523,893,829,430ISKView Rank History
432JBY6-F V - Saints of Havoc35623,889,391,714ISKView Rank History
433Esa VIII - Moon 2 - Viziam Warehouse34723,742,643,930ISKView Rank History
434Alentene VI - Moon 6 - Roden Shipyards Warehouse26623,618,036,466ISKView Rank History
435Evati VII - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse19223,583,899,593ISKView Rank History
436Niballe V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities30023,575,105,731ISKView Rank History
437K3JR-J VIII - Guristas Assembly Plant34523,507,634,473ISKView Rank History
438TXME-A IX - TexasMexican Widow Pilots Here17523,502,456,462ISKView Rank History
4391M7-RK VIII - Ranger's Madhouse3223,469,000,813ISKView Rank History
440Obe VI - Moon 2 - DED Testing Facilities47223,431,787,665ISKView Rank History
441Badivefi VIII - Moon 10 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support40023,420,325,839ISKView Rank History
442Algasienan IV - Moon 1 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant51523,399,064,625ISKView Rank History
443Amamake II - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal20123,245,370,780ISKView Rank History
444GMLH-K VI - Aon's Awesome Space Emporium30823,226,913,344ISKView Rank History
445HIX4-H IX - Davai Dosvidaniy34523,194,779,146ISKView Rank History
446ZS-2LT X - SOSISOCHNAYA24923,173,777,308ISKView Rank History
447Oulley IV - Federation Navy Assembly Plant25823,128,199,273ISKView Rank History
448Torrinos V - Moon 16 - Home Guard Logistic Support39723,015,170,598ISKView Rank History
449Maut VIII - Inner Zone Shipping Storage36822,992,979,367ISKView Rank History
450Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant30922,976,060,621ISKView Rank History
451Sujarento IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support47322,896,238,922ISKView Rank History
452Algogille IX - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Information Center13922,884,667,820ISKView Rank History
453FC-3YI VII - Ragnar Anchorage26122,824,090,604ISKView Rank History
454Amamake II - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal13922,800,977,414ISKView Rank History
455Sasta VI - Moon 3 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant12622,788,787,014ISKView Rank History
45618XA-C VII - BEDLAM LOONEY BIN22122,783,411,801ISKView Rank History
457NSI-MW VI - Caution 1400s are Dangerous10522,781,563,534ISKView Rank History
458Yuzier V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant20222,744,812,873ISKView Rank History
459KBP7-G VII - The Pig Sty40422,699,855,475ISKView Rank History
460Q7E-DU VI - Supermarket P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S55222,682,607,688ISKView Rank History
461Maila VII - Expert Housing Warehouse2822,655,825,318ISKView Rank History
462Oerse VII - Moon 8 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory26622,648,283,445ISKView Rank History
463Kisogo VII - State War Academy14822,598,979,974ISKView Rank History
4645-CSE3 IV - Kac Vegas47222,514,350,733ISKView Rank History
46504-LQM I - SynCollective49422,211,209,568ISKView Rank History
466Cat VI - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support55322,091,418,075ISKView Rank History
467HJ-BCH VII - TRESS FOR MOOSE WRANGLER48022,081,493,779ISKView Rank History
468Heorah VI - Moon 14 - The Scope Publisher7422,080,778,949ISKView Rank History
469FDZ4-A VIII - Moon 3 - Society of Conscious Thought School20522,064,444,299ISKView Rank History
470Aydoteaux II - CreoDron Factory20122,062,701,775ISKView Rank History
471WVMS-X I - Motel California15622,050,470,669ISKView Rank History
4727BX-6F V - Shonion Memorial Feeport28822,046,168,269ISKView Rank History
473YM-SRU VIII - Your Moms - Shanty35621,962,517,254ISKView Rank History
474Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School55921,935,303,466ISKView Rank History
475Leremblompes IV - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School49821,888,850,849ISKView Rank History
476Odebeinn V - Moon 5 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory10621,866,282,281ISKView Rank History
477Maila VII - Expert Housing Warehouse7421,862,287,816ISKView Rank History
478O5-YNW VIII - Anger Of Darkness31321,762,532,413ISKView Rank History
479BQ0-UU VII - Hodor's Pleasure Palace33621,683,867,036ISKView Rank History
480Ishomilken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support20221,623,950,064ISKView Rank History
481Dumkirinur V - Republic Military School11521,603,447,642ISKView Rank History
482L-WG68 XII - Bellum se ipsum alet5621,578,027,864ISKView Rank History
483Nakri V - Moon 5 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant21121,566,061,517ISKView Rank History
484Uedama VI - Moon 8 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support26821,442,590,032ISKView Rank History
485Alenia V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory6321,326,082,624ISKView Rank History
486Irjunen II - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant10621,260,900,735ISKView Rank History
487C-HCGU I - C-Hot Call Girls Undercover14121,190,414,344ISKView Rank History
488Isinokka V - Moon 2 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support34121,143,927,790ISKView Rank History
489Esa VIII - Moon 2 - Viziam Warehouse27221,119,740,041ISKView Rank History
490FZCR-3 I - Zenith is a champion3721,118,622,612ISKView Rank History
491Alakgur IX - Moon 9 - CBD Corporation Storage321,115,570,379ISKView Rank History
492Sasiekko III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support10720,978,698,936ISKView Rank History
493P3X-TN IX - BlackWatch Tavern6520,977,528,824ISKView Rank History
494LO5-LN IX - Taking Systems Kicking Names27120,971,103,327ISKView Rank History
495U-HYMT IV - Bastion Station20720,928,014,979ISKView Rank History
496D7-ZAC VIII - Moon 1 - CO2 Stronghold36420,922,520,569ISKView Rank History
497P-ZWKH VII - Black and Deep Hole11220,911,852,219ISKView Rank History
498Oisio III - Moon 1 - Hyasyoda Corporation Refinery52420,846,191,141ISKView Rank History
499Auner VIII - Moon 10 - Thukker Mix Factory1220,773,376,976ISKView Rank History
500E-YCML IV - Lion's Den28420,766,423,026ISKView Rank History
501SH1-6P VI - VOTE THE JUDGE FOR C S M XI19220,747,342,342ISKView Rank History
502I-1QKL VII - Operation Barbarossa30120,690,910,335ISKView Rank History
503Aunia I - Moon 11 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant21720,570,587,969ISKView Rank History
504Pucherie VI - Moon 11 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities4020,554,672,736ISKView Rank History
505Otsasai VIII - Moon 8 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant2620,465,312,326ISKView Rank History
506Saranen V - Moon 12 - Quafe Company Warehouse13420,439,689,319ISKView Rank History
507Aunia I - Moon 11 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant30720,402,467,714ISKView Rank History
508Nennamaila X - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant30420,356,002,299ISKView Rank History
509PA-VE3 IV - Angel Military Operation Complex20620,224,503,844ISKView Rank History
510Sasiekko III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support75720,210,355,442ISKView Rank History
511Deninard VIII - Moon 1 - The Scope Development Studio8120,175,577,811ISKView Rank History
512Pemene VI - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory5920,137,182,011ISKView Rank History
5130-G8NO VIII - Moon 1 - Slurms McKenzie the Party Worm28720,098,599,161ISKView Rank History
514LXQ2-T VIII - B0dacious Space Pirates 44320,055,716,222ISKView Rank History
515Chamemi VI - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant7619,970,247,222ISKView Rank History
5164-1ECP VIII - DiVe Bar34619,813,122,261ISKView Rank History
517Yona VI - Moon 18 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory6619,793,226,524ISKView Rank History
518Gamis X - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support11819,776,456,079ISKView Rank History
519VSIG-K VIII - Moon 1 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau21719,775,800,202ISKView Rank History
520Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy31419,773,705,102ISKView Rank History
521Parses VI - Moon 11 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant21619,762,559,910ISKView Rank History
522XGH-SH VIII - XGH-SH ow me your man buns18219,755,409,271ISKView Rank History
523Sagain VIII - Moon 11 - TransStellar Shipping Storage14119,755,304,417ISKView Rank History
5247BX-6F V - Shonion Memorial Feeport7119,747,015,623ISKView Rank History
525UC3H-Y III - Cartel Warehouse26519,731,851,882ISKView Rank History
526GE-8JV VII - The Curse of Catch33619,697,907,066ISKView Rank History
5272V-CS5 VII - DUB's PLEASURE HUB30219,675,606,720ISKView Rank History
5282R-CRW X - CFC NEVER showed up8019,639,269,155ISKView Rank History
529NM-OEA V - Moon 4 - Outer Ring Excavations Mining Outpost12719,631,753,118ISKView Rank History
530VFK-IV VI - Moon 1 - MOLLEGRAD30519,618,770,862ISKView Rank History
531MJ-5F9 IV - Fred Corp Inc1419,588,623,501ISKView Rank History
5320-GZX9 V - International Trade - New Jita65319,533,959,739ISKView Rank History
5332-YO2K VI - Librian Reference Assembly33219,533,861,827ISKView Rank History
534UMI-KK VII - AAC Thanks Wibla20819,517,917,273ISKView Rank History
535H8-ZTO VI - Moon 5 - W U E R S T C H E N B U D E61319,503,979,471ISKView Rank History
536Hodrold VII - Moon 8 - Thukker Mix Factory4619,484,270,261ISKView Rank History
537GIH-ZG VIII - Voltron is Coming36819,376,527,526ISKView Rank History
538Sobaseki VII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support18819,359,768,831ISKView Rank History
539Mastakomon VI - Propel Dynamics Factory6319,311,379,711ISKView Rank History
540Uitra VI - Moon 4 - State War Academy70719,297,984,216ISKView Rank History
541C-PEWN VIII - B R E S T28819,288,655,360ISKView Rank History
5421-NJLK II - PASITI HQ - NO GIRL ALOLWED40119,272,569,387ISKView Rank History
543K-8SQS VI - Moon 2 - Suas is a cutie24919,238,059,129ISKView Rank History
544AAS-8R V - Quafe Company Retail Center42319,235,592,895ISKView Rank History
545Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School43519,172,784,774ISKView Rank History
5460P-F3K X - SLYCE BEE AMNESTY is 0P21319,023,804,435ISKView Rank History
547Eystur III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant23919,006,576,138ISKView Rank History
548P-33KR II - 7o Vile Rat18419,003,190,007ISKView Rank History
549LR-2XT VI - GO - HARD22918,988,720,035ISKView Rank History
550Hasmijaala X - Moon 3 - Expert Housing Production Plant58618,979,051,442ISKView Rank History
551Aldrat IX - Moon 13 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve27618,973,767,633ISKView Rank History
552A-REKV I - Uyutniy Tupichok28518,939,664,806ISKView Rank History
5534AZV-W IX - 1005008518,903,270,031ISKView Rank History
55428218,892,346,085ISKView Rank History
555UW9B-F X - Guardian Angels Logistic Support39418,833,529,089ISKView Rank History
556Arton II - CreoDron Factory8718,820,807,281ISKView Rank History
557QRH-BF IV - The Naked Hut21318,750,596,766ISKView Rank History
558Nourvukaiken III - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant37718,699,399,005ISKView Rank History
559Ordion VII - Moon 16 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities25918,689,839,773ISKView Rank History
560Yona VIII - Moon 8 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant20218,645,870,352ISKView Rank History
561Hysera II - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant11318,623,475,770ISKView Rank History
562Arnola VII - Moon 1 - Trust Partners Trading Post19918,515,367,720ISKView Rank History
563Frarn VI - Moon 18 - Brutor Tribe Bureau30218,500,358,308ISKView Rank History
564G-TT5V VII - Moon 11 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities3918,499,995,845ISKView Rank History
565Lanngisi III - Moon 2 - Sisters of EVE Bureau47818,453,853,150ISKView Rank History
566ERVK-P VII - Scorpio Base33818,450,481,800ISKView Rank History
567Dumkirinur V - Republic Military School8818,395,131,273ISKView Rank History
568L-1SW8 I - ingen overgivelse9318,388,689,745ISKView Rank History
569Tolle VI - Moon 6 - Impro Factory33218,373,750,630ISKView Rank History
570Siseide VII - Expert Distribution Retail Center16318,371,164,074ISKView Rank History
571Pakhshi IX - Moon 20 - CONCORD Bureau12918,205,329,944ISKView Rank History
572Ignebaener VI - Moon 1 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support26218,114,351,642ISKView Rank History
573Scheenins II - Moon 2 - Roden Shipyards Factory25318,111,463,408ISKView Rank History
574VBPT-T XI - SNOVA Ice Cream Factory18918,014,963,548ISKView Rank History
575Maut VIII - Inner Zone Shipping Storage20017,972,406,856ISKView Rank History
576Villasen V - Lai Dai Protection Service Logistic Support9517,938,355,421ISKView Rank History
577Uedama VII - Lai Dai Corporation Factory12117,890,782,308ISKView Rank History
578Tash-Murkon Prime V - Moon 1 - Tash-Murkon Family Bureau26817,864,071,804ISKView Rank History
579DBRN-Z IX - DBRN Dungeon35217,844,138,677ISKView Rank History
580OP7-BP V - Bompa's Piss and Pie Stop31817,826,779,881ISKView Rank History
581Halle VII - Moon 1 - Roden Shipyards Factory12417,820,310,099ISKView Rank History
582D-GTMI XI - CVA Border Outpost23017,777,647,015ISKView Rank History
583Hageken V - Moon 2 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant55617,729,387,391ISKView Rank History
584Z3V-1W VII - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant9717,690,173,805ISKView Rank History
5850-G8NO VIII - Moon 1 - Slurms McKenzie the Party Worm21117,646,272,016ISKView Rank History
586Chelien IV - Moon 20 - Federal Administration Information Center7017,628,170,475ISKView Rank History
587Kubinen IX - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant3317,621,347,547ISKView Rank History
588Mora VI - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory23417,616,382,418ISKView Rank History
589H-GKI6 VI - Basilica of Maxentius30517,614,156,627ISKView Rank History
5907-UVMT V - Clown Car Parking9817,559,467,386ISKView Rank History
591F-HQWV IV - F-HQWV Station23517,540,740,871ISKView Rank History
592Myyhera VIII - Moon 2 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant5617,522,516,433ISKView Rank History
593Teonusude III - Moon 8 - Imperial Armaments Factory6017,430,025,151ISKView Rank History
594Renyn IX - Federation Customs Assembly Plant21117,421,435,243ISKView Rank History
595QYZM-W V - KING OF THE HILL IS BEST ANIME12217,343,900,962ISKView Rank History
596Gisleres IV - Moon 6 - Roden Shipyards Warehouse34217,341,622,709ISKView Rank History
5975LJ-MD II - Amarr ESS17017,292,593,678ISKView Rank History
598Badivefi VIII - Moon 10 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support19617,270,267,937ISKView Rank History
599Piak III - Moon 19 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant28617,242,070,961ISKView Rank History
600TPAR-G IX - Moon 3 - Memorial MRRR SILVERCLAW54417,185,465,486ISKView Rank History
601Sujarento VIII - Moon 1 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant4117,135,635,463ISKView Rank History
602Q-ITV5 VI - QuIT Alts17917,036,715,853ISKView Rank History
603Maire V - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory28017,020,310,949ISKView Rank History
604B-F1MI V - VooDoo Warriors Factory 7117,006,582,739ISKView Rank History
605L-TLFU VII - L-TLFU Station82517,004,779,194ISKView Rank History
606Gicodel VII - Moon 14 - Sisters of EVE Bureau11117,002,052,356ISKView Rank History
607F-DTOO VI - Yuri's Demise22017,001,066,575ISKView Rank History
608O-2RNZ VIII - The Walrus FTW11116,997,139,804ISKView Rank History
609J7YR-1 V - Rainbow Forge13216,988,148,730ISKView Rank History
610Huola VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support33816,982,201,535ISKView Rank History
611Maila VI - Moon 1 - Zainou Biotech Production11616,981,452,414ISKView Rank History
612Pochelympe IX - Federation Navy Assembly Plant41216,977,007,214ISKView Rank History
613RV5-DW VII - Moon 2 - True Power Assembly Plant11316,975,521,113ISKView Rank History
614Chardalane V - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility4716,965,550,226ISKView Rank History
615Shuria X - Moon 16 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant22916,936,827,412ISKView Rank History
616I-UUI5 IV - Moon 1 - Blessed Hidden Incum12416,886,279,021ISKView Rank History
617Y-N4EF I - Next Stop V-3Y26616,850,318,667ISKView Rank History
618XW2H-V I - Coca-cola and popcorn1116,802,683,029ISKView Rank History
619Mani VII - Moon 10 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant35816,792,356,828ISKView Rank History
620Auvergne V - Moon 5 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant10716,769,197,129ISKView Rank History
621Hatakani VII - Moon 20 - Rapid Assembly Factory2116,759,367,459ISKView Rank History
622G-B22J IV - CF Thunderdome36016,708,379,279ISKView Rank History
623Octanneve III - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistic Support25016,697,073,626ISKView Rank History
624Konora VI - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory12616,654,676,865ISKView Rank History
625Nalvula IV - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School14816,643,157,384ISKView Rank History
626Zinkon VII - Moon 1 - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting10216,603,268,489ISKView Rank History
627Aunenen VI - Moon 5 - Zero-G Research Firm Factory5116,538,609,902ISKView Rank History
628OE-4HB V - Goat Lovers F-Stop nGo18416,535,789,334ISKView Rank History
629Avele V - Moon 11 - CreoDron Warehouse2616,532,620,673ISKView Rank History
630Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor Tribe Academy31816,514,369,853ISKView Rank History
631BY-MSY IV - TXCMF Playboy Mansion22416,488,923,367ISKView Rank History
632Sakht VI - Moon 7 - Genolution Biotech Production21516,467,533,139ISKView Rank History
633T-NNJZ V - Moon 2 - True Creations Storage Bay1316,390,181,260ISKView Rank History
634GMLH-K VI - Aon's Awesome Space Emporium24716,378,826,341ISKView Rank History
635QY6-RK V - Tanis touched me15316,356,638,512ISKView Rank History
636LBC-AW II - Brando's Werebearing HQ37316,259,727,943ISKView Rank History
637Otsela VI - Moon 17 - Genolution Biotech Production3916,188,529,567ISKView Rank History
63860M-TG I - Squirrel Central40016,149,516,848ISKView Rank History
639WJ-9YO IV - Vive la Pavi44216,144,180,864ISKView Rank History
640WY-9LL VIII - Moon 3 - Dominations Testing Facilities23316,140,566,173ISKView Rank History
641HP-6Z6 II - Arx Venatorum22216,131,077,965ISKView Rank History
642Muvolailen IX - Moon 11 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant4416,086,224,230ISKView Rank History
643Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School60416,038,345,939ISKView Rank History
644C-J6MT IV - Moon 1 - ConJunction of the Spheres26815,979,554,404ISKView Rank History
645V7-MID IX - Moon 1 - Hello pt 316615,923,553,697ISKView Rank History
646Otsela VI - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory3215,922,358,274ISKView Rank History
647BU-IU4 IV - Buttplugs Unlimited12515,907,993,147ISKView Rank History
648PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post23615,863,402,095ISKView Rank History
649M-MD3B X - Moon 3 - Thukker Mix Factory23515,851,832,169ISKView Rank History
650A-J6SN V - A-J6NStill Alive11715,803,227,122ISKView Rank History
651C-OK0R III - AHAHA YOU ACTUALLY SEEDED THIS29615,732,513,108ISKView Rank History
652I-7JR4 X - The Worst Day Since Yesterday10915,702,929,889ISKView Rank History
653DP-JD4 IX - Starman Station25115,698,075,126ISKView Rank History
654Sobaseki XI - Moon 1 - Home Guard Assembly Plant5815,657,094,800ISKView Rank History
655HLW-HP III - Moon 5 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery23915,620,949,689ISKView Rank History
656ZAU-JW VII - Master Kents Respite Home29215,598,374,222ISKView Rank History
657VSIG-K VIII - Moon 1 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau24115,595,526,163ISKView Rank History
658Hagilur IV - Moon 2 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mining Outpost18115,589,512,558ISKView Rank History
659Pator VII (Kulheim) - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant24015,496,383,403ISKView Rank History
660RG9-7U II - Deklein in a week6615,478,850,730ISKView Rank History
661O-N589 VIII - Citadel Thugs13815,466,136,216ISKView Rank History
662Yuzier V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant8115,465,180,488ISKView Rank History
663Shemah VI - Moon 16 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory19815,463,165,836ISKView Rank History
664PA-VE3 IV - Angel Military Operation Complex7715,445,478,049ISKView Rank History
66568FT-6 VI - Moon 1 - AP6ATCKA5I18415,445,328,292ISKView Rank History
666Marosier IV - Moon 2 - CreoDron Factory8815,371,940,587ISKView Rank History
6671IX-C0 IX - Sortido's home away from home32815,355,895,263ISKView Rank History
668K-6K16 V - Hero Griffin26815,340,451,361ISKView Rank History
669Suroken VIII - Moon 7 - Propel Dynamics Factory21515,335,165,693ISKView Rank History
67016P-PX VII - Bar Mleczny13115,300,608,487ISKView Rank History
671CL-85V IX - Moon 2 - Archangels Assembly Plant14815,234,542,537ISKView Rank History
672Alparena V - Moon 4 - Federal Navy Academy12515,225,621,707ISKView Rank History
6732DWM-2 II - Keks Imperium21515,167,873,062ISKView Rank History
674R2TJ-1 IV - Chanur Corporation Amarr Factory19415,149,935,638ISKView Rank History
6753AE-CP VIII - We even win at 030029915,142,636,401ISKView Rank History
676Y-1918 VI - Central Military Commission12115,126,093,804ISKView Rank History
677Resbroko I - Moon 7 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant3115,103,492,466ISKView Rank History
678UJY-HE III - BestPortLandia12915,100,359,305ISKView Rank History
679Jufvitte VI - Moon 4 - Roden Shipyards Factory28215,078,001,385ISKView Rank History
680Chanoun III - Amarr Constructions Warehouse17815,060,328,758ISKView Rank History
681VSIG-K V - Moon 8 - TransStellar Shipping Storage26915,050,820,771ISKView Rank History
6828-BEW8 IV - CBC HQ23415,005,713,255ISKView Rank History
683CZDJ-1 X - Moon 4 - Slon's memorial3514,992,957,469ISKView Rank History
684Onnamon I - State War Academy21214,991,832,576ISKView Rank History
685G3D-ZT V - The Sword of Destiny7614,981,262,203ISKView Rank History
686DBT-GB III - MC Stolen Valor32714,957,806,068ISKView Rank History
687RNF-YH XI - Couldnt BEAR to be Away26214,941,690,513ISKView Rank History
688FZCR-3 I - Zenith is a champion7514,935,829,852ISKView Rank History
689Oulley IV - Federation Navy Assembly Plant16214,925,357,070ISKView Rank History
690NGM-OK I - NGM Port Royal 17114,906,641,891ISKView Rank History
691Mya IV - Moon 2 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities1914,874,613,248ISKView Rank History
692Z-RFE3 VII - THE ARKHAM ASYLUM21014,844,672,113ISKView Rank History
693KBP7-G VII - The Pig Sty25714,802,522,326ISKView Rank History
694FWST-8 II - Blood Raiders Logistic Support17914,800,788,061ISKView Rank History
695Tuomuta III - Ducia Foundry Mining Outpost26014,789,232,517ISKView Rank History
696Hallanen IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant27414,782,781,068ISKView Rank History
69708-N7Q IV - Samy's Goat Milk-MMM Good8814,757,790,573ISKView Rank History
698Hentogaira I - Moon 16 - Perkone Factory23314,739,789,535ISKView Rank History
699Horaka VII - Moon 1 - Expert Distribution Retail Center13214,732,846,816ISKView Rank History
700Merolles IX - Moon 15 - Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve9814,720,686,917ISKView Rank History
701Y-2ANO VII - Cica Rage18414,668,251,457ISKView Rank History
702RPS-0K VIII - Moon 1 - True Power Assembly Plant13214,660,911,158ISKView Rank History
703VSIG-K VIII - Moon 3 - TransStellar Shipping Storage31814,657,762,753ISKView Rank History
704Maila IV - Zainou Biotech Production4514,632,608,366ISKView Rank History
705HED-GP III - Hatuk Homestead29814,622,380,408ISKView Rank History
7063KNA-N II - Panic's Pleasure Palace20714,578,348,354ISKView Rank History
707Oerse VII - Moon 8 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory15514,574,382,530ISKView Rank History
708Sujarento VIII - Moon 1 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant2014,567,840,546ISKView Rank History
709Bhizheba IX - Moon 1 - Amarr Navy Logistic Support3714,548,806,874ISKView Rank History
710I-NGI8 V - Moose Jerky Emporium36214,523,187,021ISKView Rank History
711QYT-X8 II - Bucephalus Prime29814,512,244,957ISKView Rank History
7127M4-4C VI - hyprviper is love hypr is life4514,503,955,242ISKView Rank History
713Osmon VI - Moon 6 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory8214,488,886,609ISKView Rank History
714J7A-UR VI - Dominations Testing Facilities34714,483,770,713ISKView Rank History
715Deltole III - Moon 1 - Core Complexion Inc. Warehouse8314,449,806,481ISKView Rank History
716X-7OMU IV - Moon 16 - Food Relief Plantation1614,438,390,392ISKView Rank History
717Okkamon VII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant17514,430,792,784ISKView Rank History
718OWXT-5 IV - Anger Kidd Best FC NA21914,411,580,467ISKView Rank History
719Kubinen IX - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant2814,410,389,449ISKView Rank History
720Slays II - Duvolle Laboratories Factory5914,391,197,037ISKView Rank History
721HZFJ-M VIII - Mom's Place24314,376,750,775ISKView Rank History
72293PI-4 IV - Jon Snow Lives12214,345,849,706ISKView Rank History
723M-MD3B IV - Trust Partners Warehouse6814,317,677,455ISKView Rank History
724XKM-DE X - Pandoras BPX17014,283,461,501ISKView Rank History
725UHKL-N V - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities7114,280,008,784ISKView Rank History
726JI-1UQ V - Merck Walkers12114,263,185,922ISKView Rank History
727Arnon X - Moon 8 - CBD Corporation Storage15514,243,110,966ISKView Rank History
728XM-RMD III - Sponsored by Apoc's Taco Stand1414,226,296,762ISKView Rank History
729Sakht VI - Moon 6 - Zoar and Sons Factory3514,222,817,177ISKView Rank History
730Litiura VIII - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support16814,215,415,506ISKView Rank History
731LO5-LN IX - Taking Systems Kicking Names7714,198,408,605ISKView Rank History
732C1-HAB IV - Heffner's Hell Hole13814,177,200,525ISKView Rank History
733Lanngisi III - Moon 2 - Sisters of EVE Bureau40214,176,908,650ISKView Rank History
7345-0WB9 VII - Seeknpeek's Memorial Park14514,158,202,805ISKView Rank History
735U-SOH2 VII - Fort Defiance15214,142,159,780ISKView Rank History
736WV-0R2 V - Bloodline Prime22614,109,045,802ISKView Rank History
737Hodrold VIII - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory8914,092,174,021ISKView Rank History
738Gonditsa IV - Moon 8 - Aliastra Retail Center12314,047,264,948ISKView Rank History
739Passari V - Moon 8 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory13214,009,669,365ISKView Rank History
740Junsoraert XI - Moon 9 - Roden Shipyards Factory25913,988,925,091ISKView Rank History
74177S8-E III - Willmart's Bar and Grill20413,970,684,678ISKView Rank History
742J1-KJP VI - not for the money3113,970,669,325ISKView Rank History
7434C-B7X V - Moon 7 - Chemal Tech Factory25013,961,754,906ISKView Rank History
744BVRQ-O V - Der neue Mittelpunkt17113,939,017,502ISKView Rank History
745UQ9-3C I - Pony Lair25213,894,585,708ISKView Rank History
746Ishomilken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support11313,875,003,107ISKView Rank History
747H-W9TY XII - Moon 2 - CO2 Station11713,815,376,946ISKView Rank History
748Niballe V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities15713,798,311,605ISKView Rank History
749Arnon X - Moon 8 - CBD Corporation Storage17113,789,600,240ISKView Rank History
750K-8SQS VI - Moon 2 - Suas is a cutie12213,763,910,715ISKView Rank History
751C-HCGU I - C-Hot Call Girls Undercover6513,715,574,974ISKView Rank History
752Wuos V - Moon 1 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost4813,685,358,278ISKView Rank History
753Aband IV - Moon 12 - Ministry of War Archives29413,652,327,220ISKView Rank History
754E8-432 III - Trust in Patrick26613,617,695,386ISKView Rank History
755Akora VI - Moon 7 - Expert Housing Production Plant5713,500,304,646ISKView Rank History
756CR-AQH III - PL HOUSE6613,496,889,034ISKView Rank History
757Vehan V - Moon 1 - Ministry of War Archives11313,489,474,404ISKView Rank History
7582-KF56 V - 2k Interceptors Whelped Per Day11313,485,789,534ISKView Rank History
759Stacmon V - Impro Factory14313,478,359,047ISKView Rank History
760Emrayur III - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute School13213,469,375,661ISKView Rank History
761Suroken IX - Moon 18 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant10913,440,532,034ISKView Rank History
762A-SJ8X VII - Moon 1 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau22013,429,023,128ISKView Rank History
763K1Y-5H IX - Aces High Saloon 29313,367,958,959ISKView Rank History
764Vittenyn VI - Moon 13 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant26513,335,005,073ISKView Rank History
765P-2TTL I - tic tac tic tac 27813,323,277,440ISKView Rank History
766G-D0N3 VIII - The IronGiant21813,256,932,823ISKView Rank History
767VE-W7O I - Catherine the Great II16613,251,368,757ISKView Rank History
768Nalvula IV - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School13413,233,232,870ISKView Rank History
769Vasala VI - Moon 10 - Genolution Biotech Production5013,227,676,998ISKView Rank History
770Kino VII - Moon 7 - Home Guard Testing Facilities20313,218,877,425ISKView Rank History
771Y-XZA7 X - TABEPHA KBA3AP28613,197,845,030ISKView Rank History
772DK-FXK V - DK-Da Ganada34313,196,809,118ISKView Rank History
773Tekaima V - Moon 9 - CONCORD Assembly Plant14413,177,322,627ISKView Rank History
774Gammel III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support36413,171,718,766ISKView Rank History
775I-NGI8 V - Moose Jerky Emporium19713,170,066,015ISKView Rank History
7766NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard8613,112,780,713ISKView Rank History
777KFIE-Z III - Moon 7 - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant27213,100,183,417ISKView Rank History
778Kakakela VI - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory12013,075,247,506ISKView Rank History
779O-Y5JQ V - Hephaistos Forge5313,057,924,531ISKView Rank History
780Fliet III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support26113,019,537,816ISKView Rank History
781VFK-IV VI - Moon 1 - MOLLEGRAD17613,004,087,446ISKView Rank History
782AH-B84 VIII - Ponyville14513,000,293,817ISKView Rank History
783H-PA29 V - Moon 1 - Guristas Assembly Plant19012,983,975,644ISKView Rank History
784Ikami X - CreoDron Factory18912,972,383,117ISKView Rank History
7856NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard10312,950,186,421ISKView Rank History
786Nonni IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant12412,944,194,230ISKView Rank History
787Alkez VII - Moon 3 - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities1812,925,979,540ISKView Rank History
788BU-IU4 IV - Buttplugs Unlimited17012,920,849,886ISKView Rank History
789Luse VI - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant17912,866,072,523ISKView Rank History
790Shaha IV - Moon 1 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant26012,835,220,494ISKView Rank History
791RV5-DW VII - Moon 2 - True Power Assembly Plant19812,833,163,179ISKView Rank History
792Thiarer VII - Moon 4 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant20212,824,618,847ISKView Rank History
793Y0-BVN VIII - Y0-Birkins Vanity Complex12312,821,813,120ISKView Rank History
794FDZ4-A IX - Moon 6 - Society of Conscious Thought School21712,818,166,292ISKView Rank History
7959WVY-F II - For The Greater Gooood6412,813,223,264ISKView Rank History
796Huola X - Moon 2 - Ishukone Corporation Factory20912,811,090,704ISKView Rank History
797W-IX39 IV - Only Named Freeport In Syndicate24012,797,285,910ISKView Rank History
798Nalvula IX - Moon 2 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant22612,792,888,034ISKView Rank History
799BGN1-O IV - KOFEINAYA1112,792,000,040ISKView Rank History
800Akes V - Moon 2 - Emperor Family Academy17712,676,858,912ISKView Rank History
801Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices8512,673,461,988ISKView Rank History
8021M7-RK VIII - Ranger's Madhouse14712,663,208,481ISKView Rank History
80327-HP0 VI - Brasil TEC Aerospace22812,645,442,320ISKView Rank History
804W-IX39 IV - Only Named Freeport In Syndicate37612,643,751,916ISKView Rank History
805Nourvukaiken VI - Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant8312,636,955,009ISKView Rank History
806Ebo IV - Moon 1 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory33812,607,986,718ISKView Rank History
807U-INPD II - GRRRRRR MOA17712,584,804,471ISKView Rank History
808Uemon VIII - Moon 10 - Zainou Biotech Production9712,580,276,861ISKView Rank History
809Sehmy VIII - Moon 2 - Hedion University7412,574,986,787ISKView Rank History
810Aphend VII - Moon 7 - Carthum Conglomerate Foundry10212,574,430,123ISKView Rank History
811F2A-GX IV - Moon 4 - Division HQ26112,506,120,215ISKView Rank History
812UI-8ZE X - Evildead is my hero4612,468,239,777ISKView Rank History
813Faswiba IX - Moon 8 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant112,454,812,018ISKView Rank History
814L-L7PE I - BRO's Base32212,442,486,896ISKView Rank History
815Finanar VIII - Moon 2 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve2112,415,088,904ISKView Rank History
816R-ZESX II - RIP clones7612,396,168,060ISKView Rank History
817Sharhelund VI - Moon 3 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant12012,392,476,986ISKView Rank History
8181-7B6D VI - 1-7 Slackers R Us10012,363,120,740ISKView Rank History
819Auvergne V - Moon 5 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant13012,358,103,831ISKView Rank History
820P-ZMZV V - Red-Frog Freeport29212,350,339,769ISKView Rank History
821Uedama VI - Moon 8 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support17312,341,374,189ISKView Rank History
822Nonni III - Home Guard Testing Facilities3312,329,083,983ISKView Rank History
823O-QKSM VII - The Skymarshal's Sanctuary16212,305,798,427ISKView Rank History
824Airaken V - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Academy16712,305,416,019ISKView Rank History
825Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School40112,298,049,104ISKView Rank History
826YAP-TN V - Mimitron9412,279,429,876ISKView Rank History
827Slays VII - Moon 3 - Center for Advanced Studies School26212,276,519,577ISKView Rank History
828GN7-XY II - The Real Blast Furnace17912,246,144,013ISKView Rank History
829Hentogaira I - Moon 11 - Science and Trade Institute School9612,238,796,073ISKView Rank History
830Oipo II - Moon 19 - Ishukone Watch Logistic Support26712,238,508,354ISKView Rank History
8318WA-Z6 VIII - Mark's Pickle Emporium13612,233,662,791ISKView Rank History
832Umokka X - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities54012,233,479,210ISKView Rank History
833Sirekur VIII - Moon 1 - Republic University3812,223,582,742ISKView Rank History
83489-JPE X - Aperature Laboratories17112,214,084,510ISKView Rank History
835Sivala VIII - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Warehouse18412,185,321,865ISKView Rank History
836Tidacha VIII - Moon 13 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau18212,157,052,129ISKView Rank History
8376-8QLA V - Janssens Memorial15712,080,247,329ISKView Rank History
8380-GZX9 V - International Trade - New Jita20412,060,298,312ISKView Rank History
839Rens VII - Moon 21 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1012,056,478,185ISKView Rank History
840E2-RDQ XI - Hika couldn't make up a name20512,015,082,948ISKView Rank History
841Osmeden XII - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant7512,011,898,660ISKView Rank History
842Carirgnottin X - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory13912,010,470,456ISKView Rank History
843D4R-H7 VII - Moon 2 - D4Rk Thing In Space12811,979,897,104ISKView Rank History
844FD-MLJ VII - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Depository19511,979,312,719ISKView Rank History
845Deepari II - Imperial Academy37111,976,247,036ISKView Rank History
846Aldrat IX - Moon 13 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve15411,946,654,973ISKView Rank History
847Kulelen V - Moon 8 - Zainou Biotech Production13111,945,863,349ISKView Rank History
848C3-0YD IV - Pew Pew Land32911,934,476,337ISKView Rank History
849X3FQ-W VIII - Home of Funny Fish31611,922,066,718ISKView Rank History
850Sendaya V - CONCORD Bureau6911,919,774,535ISKView Rank History
851G-B3PR VI - Banana Republic of PSYAM51811,907,153,363ISKView Rank History
852QY2Y-N III - No more chocolate- I'm on a diet11111,895,033,653ISKView Rank History
853Saranen V - Moon 12 - Quafe Company Warehouse10511,877,191,187ISKView Rank History
854Akora IX - Moon 8 - Peace and Order Unit Assembly Plant9511,873,260,114ISKView Rank History
855N-DQ0D IV - Trust Partners Trading Post21811,866,736,475ISKView Rank History
856F-DTOO VI - Yuri's Demise16211,803,110,949ISKView Rank History
857J1-KJP VI - not for the money10711,793,328,752ISKView Rank History
858Palas II - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant21611,786,069,463ISKView Rank History
859KZ9T-C III - 31st of July3811,780,532,364ISKView Rank History
860Hageken V - Moon 2 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant42611,740,758,897ISKView Rank History
861OWXT-5 IV - Anger Kidd Best FC NA21511,701,010,399ISKView Rank History
86237S-KO VI - Moon 14 - True Creations Assembly Plant13511,690,914,627ISKView Rank History
863EOY-BG III - Failed Coup d etat POCA Wins6811,644,189,529ISKView Rank History
864Bongveber VII - Moon 1 - Pend Insurance Depository211,634,296,603ISKView Rank History
865Illamur III - Expert Distribution Retail Center1011,620,057,813ISKView Rank History
866Sankkasen VII - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant17511,597,413,417ISKView Rank History
8671-SMEB V - Welcome to Delve29111,589,172,529ISKView Rank History
8683-SFWG V - DRASY Jobcenter27711,578,775,806ISKView Rank History
869J52-BH III - Twisted's House of Horrors1711,577,483,967ISKView Rank History
870Tolle VI - Moon 19 - Federal Administration Information Center5311,565,092,324ISKView Rank History
871Piekura VII - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant6811,544,668,643ISKView Rank History
872Otsasai VII - Moon 6 - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting5611,541,143,436ISKView Rank History
873D4R-H7 VII - Moon 2 - D4Rk Thing In Space2411,528,007,729ISKView Rank History
874B-GC1T VIII - AppleJack Night Club11311,527,873,763ISKView Rank History
87558Z-IH X - Quinto-Center4911,515,877,901ISKView Rank History
876WV-0R2 V - Bloodline Prime13211,512,742,302ISKView Rank History
877Nakri V - Moon 5 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant10111,510,015,850ISKView Rank History
878Y8R-XZ VI - Scorpy Shipyard12311,489,148,687ISKView Rank History
879M-CMLV V - B L I N N A Y A4611,483,928,228ISKView Rank History
880Eha III - State Protectorate Logistic Support14811,478,173,274ISKView Rank History
881JK-Q77 VII - Can I bring my Typhoon24311,465,139,072ISKView Rank History
882Sobaseki X - Moon 12 - Propel Dynamics Factory19311,437,228,779ISKView Rank History
8838MG-J6 IX - Metzada21311,432,611,926ISKView Rank History
884DBT-GB III - MC Stolen Valor12511,412,061,230ISKView Rank History
885Osaa IV - Moon 11 - Caldari Provisions Plantation1511,381,100,738ISKView Rank History
886O-F4SN IV - 07 is everything to us13011,374,910,929ISKView Rank History
887Tash-Murkon Prime V - Moon 7 - Amarr Constructions Warehouse24811,335,932,804ISKView Rank History
888Jita IV - Moon 6 - Caldari Provisions School1011,311,349,411ISKView Rank History
889Oulley IV - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant611,306,707,940ISKView Rank History
890TEG-SD VII - BOSS Eviction Center27111,305,192,998ISKView Rank History
891W5-205 VI - Russian base22611,292,887,929ISKView Rank History
892Algogille XIII - Federation Navy Testing Facilities33311,276,984,604ISKView Rank History
89304-LQM I - SynCollective21411,219,146,747ISKView Rank History
894Uanzin V - Moon 1 - Trust Partners Warehouse7511,210,460,604ISKView Rank History
895KFIE-Z VIII - Moon 18 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support6411,203,120,515ISKView Rank History
896Vlillirier V - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory10111,197,722,733ISKView Rank History
897C-BHDN III - Rey's parents are not in EP7 -JJ11311,193,689,402ISKView Rank History
898Otsela VI - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory4211,188,421,569ISKView Rank History
899Vuorrassi VI - Moon 2 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support5011,182,018,551ISKView Rank History
900NBW-GD VI - Could be a Trap 9511,174,702,205ISKView Rank History
901Pator VII (Kulheim) - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant30011,169,446,497ISKView Rank History
902DNR-7M III - Syndaxian Pantheon48711,161,931,286ISKView Rank History
903Vezila IV - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant9511,160,978,519ISKView Rank History
904LBC-AW II - Brando's Werebearing HQ20611,117,935,978ISKView Rank History
905Balginia II - Brutor Tribe Bureau11211,109,070,212ISKView Rank History
906UYG-YX XII - BADI Prime7011,108,099,012ISKView Rank History
907DK-FXK V - DK-Da Ganada17411,083,897,043ISKView Rank History
908Inaro X - Moon 13 - Corporate Police Force Logistic Support18411,074,340,456ISKView Rank History
909Villore VII - Moon 8 - Quafe Company Factory13211,063,776,193ISKView Rank History
910Azer VI - Moon 3 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant20711,050,636,841ISKView Rank History
911Reyi VII - Moon 1 - Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices2411,032,736,306ISKView Rank History
9125LJ-MD II - Amarr ESS5911,010,119,103ISKView Rank History
913Auner VIII - Moon 10 - Thukker Mix Factory1711,006,575,346ISKView Rank History
914Gulfonodi X - Moon 13 - Republic Fleet Logistic Support27410,971,941,497ISKView Rank History
915W-CSFY V - W-CSFY Station30510,962,341,947ISKView Rank History
916D2-HOS I - Karmafleet Is Recruitingg20610,960,790,128ISKView Rank History
917QETZ-W I - The Private Sanctum17910,929,699,478ISKView Rank History
91830-D5G V - 30-Boss Members at Fanfest23110,919,877,600ISKView Rank History
919OE-4HB V - Goat Lovers F-Stop nGo8710,918,060,413ISKView Rank History
920Horkkisen XVIII - State and Region Bank Vault2110,873,307,530ISKView Rank History
921Kourmonen V - Ishukone Corporation Factory32510,866,417,482ISKView Rank History
922IG-ZAM VII - Inst of Goonswarm Anthropology12810,862,630,449ISKView Rank History
923W-MPTH III - ITS TOO FAR25410,812,028,836ISKView Rank History
924Karjataimon V - Moon 19 - State and Region Bank Depository2110,805,500,000ISKView Rank History
925O-ZXUV X - O-Zero Rapiers4410,794,409,572ISKView Rank History
926I-ME3L V - Moon 1 - True Creations Testing Facilities3310,790,666,425ISKView Rank History
927J-LPX7 IX - Yasur15610,790,649,023ISKView Rank History
928Rancer VI - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy15010,772,769,550ISKView Rank History
929E-B957 IV - IMORTADESKY appreciation hub8510,730,397,176ISKView Rank History
930Athinard IV - Sisters of EVE Bureau4510,720,810,991ISKView Rank History
931Maire VI - Moon 23 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant31810,682,313,284ISKView Rank History
932Ohkunen V - Moon 19 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost21310,650,417,898ISKView Rank History
933Hothomouh VII - Moon 2 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant13510,650,370,915ISKView Rank History
934ZD1-Z2 X - LEGIO Tenerifis1710,633,497,989ISKView Rank History
935BWI1-9 V - Erika's Pony Palace10110,625,553,674ISKView Rank History
936Daras III - Ishukone Watch Assembly Plant13610,622,643,067ISKView Rank History
937B-7DFU IV - DV HOME14310,619,926,043ISKView Rank History
938PMV-G6 VIII - BANNAYA13210,619,777,976ISKView Rank History
939Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center9410,609,751,872ISKView Rank History
940Daras III - Ishukone Watch Assembly Plant5110,600,892,406ISKView Rank History
941Litiura VIII - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support13910,580,547,419ISKView Rank History
942Ignoitton V - Moon 11 - Federal Freight Storage2210,580,005,976ISKView Rank History
943Tama VII - Moon 9 - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities20910,573,587,624ISKView Rank History
944Bahromab VIII - Moon 4 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory2910,548,374,862ISKView Rank History
945HED-GP III - Hatuk Homestead24710,543,311,886ISKView Rank History
946Villore VIII - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support9210,495,407,965ISKView Rank History
947C1-HAB IV - Heffner's Hell Hole13110,495,299,190ISKView Rank History
948C9N-CC I - Moon 2 - 4EBURECHNAYA8710,491,250,384ISKView Rank History
949Vittenyn VI - Moon 13 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant22710,480,849,352ISKView Rank History
950H-ADOC VII - Moon 12 - Salvation Angels Warehouse6410,476,209,716ISKView Rank History
951Maila V - Moon 2 - Peace and Order Unit Assembly Plant2810,473,296,883ISKView Rank History
952Oimmo VII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant5810,466,290,978ISKView Rank History
953Gergish X - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School19010,440,526,825ISKView Rank History
954G-TT5V VII - Moon 11 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities2210,436,208,926ISKView Rank History
955Q0G-L8 VI - Novo Ebenevo10010,433,202,112ISKView Rank History
956Carirgnottin VIII - CreoDron Factory16810,428,765,270ISKView Rank History
957PMV-G6 VIII - BANNAYA10610,409,499,173ISKView Rank History
9587MD-S1 XI - Roland's Place35910,408,443,488ISKView Rank History
959WJ-9YO IV - Vive la Pavi6010,405,992,790ISKView Rank History
960SN-DZ6 V - Old barn9910,398,622,717ISKView Rank History
961RNF-YH XI - Couldnt BEAR to be Away17610,390,028,638ISKView Rank History
962GIH-ZG VIII - Voltron is Coming29110,387,712,172ISKView Rank History
963Gulfonodi X - Moon 15 - Republic Fleet Testing Facilities10910,383,498,632ISKView Rank History
964Kihtaled VIII - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant25010,357,960,242ISKView Rank History
965Oursulaert VII - Moon 2 - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities10210,347,717,214ISKView Rank History
966HB-5L3 V - Last stop before Hell20910,340,625,432ISKView Rank History
967DZ6-I5 IV - Moon 1 - Temple Of The Papal Mainframe17310,339,591,798ISKView Rank History
968E-FIC0 I - R O U S12310,332,275,961ISKView Rank History
969X-6WC7 I - The FEC Fromage4710,327,376,216ISKView Rank History
970Maila IV - Zainou Biotech Production4310,324,093,372ISKView Rank History
971O-F4SN IV - 07 is everything to us17610,323,820,543ISKView Rank History
972Balle VII - Moon 17 - Center for Advanced Studies School20510,321,169,260ISKView Rank History
973Tarta IX - Moon 14 - DED Assembly Plant25610,300,222,476ISKView Rank History
974K1Y-5H IX - Aces High Saloon 19310,290,843,975ISKView Rank History
975Chej VI - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant19110,271,591,952ISKView Rank History
976Dresi I - Moon 10 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory11010,234,955,831ISKView Rank History
977TYB-69 VIII - INTERNET SPACESTATION9810,217,384,444ISKView Rank History
978GRHS-B IX - SOCKS IS RECRUITING16710,213,219,314ISKView Rank History
979Villore VII - Moon 6 - Senate Bureau26410,211,724,294ISKView Rank History
980Akora VI - Moon 7 - Expert Housing Production Plant2110,192,780,325ISKView Rank History
981Shafrak VIII - Moon 9 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant16510,185,005,997ISKView Rank History
982Tanoo IV - Trust Partners Trading Post18410,184,202,501ISKView Rank History
9839CK-KZ III - 9CK Minni's tradehub6110,171,155,651ISKView Rank History
984Dabrid IV - Moon 6 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant15410,170,619,781ISKView Rank History
985Fricoure VIII - Moon 2 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant21310,141,915,940ISKView Rank History
986Finanar X - Moon 15 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve4010,138,263,883ISKView Rank History
987Hakonen VII - Moon 7 - Ishukone Corporation Factory11510,137,426,977ISKView Rank History
988Uemon VIII - Moon 10 - Zainou Biotech Production15010,124,216,536ISKView Rank History
989GA9P-0 V - PURAA11510,123,085,106ISKView Rank History
990Venilen IX - Moon 7 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities22910,110,434,646ISKView Rank History
991D-I9HJ IV - HELP I am Tackled17010,107,993,737ISKView Rank History
992Istodard IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau9110,085,019,241ISKView Rank History
993UQ-PWD III - Home of the Demon Clown Legion9210,081,351,999ISKView Rank History
994NZG-LF VI - True Power Assembly Plant16810,072,769,205ISKView Rank History
995Kakakela VI - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory4410,056,631,335ISKView Rank History
99638IA-E VI - Poor Whiddle Guy14810,026,454,317ISKView Rank History
997Gicodel VII - Moon 14 - Sisters of EVE Bureau6610,019,993,974ISKView Rank History
998ES-UWY VI - Archangels Logistic Support19210,019,941,811ISKView Rank History
999Jan VI - Moon 21 - CONCORD Academy629,997,681,333ISKView Rank History
1000Dresi I - Moon 18 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant659,978,953,907ISKView Rank History
1001Sirseshin VIII - Moon 3 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant299,976,052,243ISKView Rank History
1002HP-6Z6 II - Arx Venatorum1009,966,418,349ISKView Rank History
1003Obe VI - Moon 2 - DED Testing Facilities2109,956,380,622ISKView Rank History
1004F4R2-Q IX - Narrow Hallways619,948,893,944ISKView Rank History
1005KZFV-4 IX - Salt the Station1859,943,085,354ISKView Rank History
1006DS3-6A VII - OASA FREEPORT1559,941,370,460ISKView Rank History
1007Esteban VIII - Moon 4 - DED Logistic Support819,937,952,572ISKView Rank History
10084DS-OI III - Archon in The Belt 1699,929,586,169ISKView Rank History
10091A8-6G VI - THE ONE AND ONLY xXDEATHXx PRIME329,929,049,378ISKView Rank History
1010E2-RDQ XI - Hika couldn't make up a name469,923,233,056ISKView Rank History
1011Dodixie IX - Moon 9 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio299,918,674,924ISKView Rank History
1012KU5R-W III - Tic Tac Tia Too2299,910,469,530ISKView Rank History
1013Neziel I - DED Assembly Plant569,883,436,295ISKView Rank History
1014Ardallabier III - Moon 14 - CreoDron Factory1159,880,856,399ISKView Rank History
1015Tash-Murkon Prime V - Moon 1 - Tash-Murkon Family Bureau1459,860,209,394ISKView Rank History
1016Pochelympe IX - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1899,859,236,231ISKView Rank History
1017Ikami X - CreoDron Factory1399,851,974,135ISKView Rank History
1018Oisio III - Moon 1 - Hyasyoda Corporation Refinery3389,838,278,045ISKView Rank History
1019FDZ4-A VIII - Moon 3 - Society of Conscious Thought School1109,822,545,861ISKView Rank History
1020NOL-M9 VI - Moon 2 - Otto's Gimp Dungeon2559,818,064,122ISKView Rank History
1021Z3V-1W VII - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant559,813,570,915ISKView Rank History
1022Moutid II - Moon 14 - Hedion University749,809,375,121ISKView Rank History
1023Sankkasen II - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant879,793,856,218ISKView Rank History
1024Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille1749,764,546,534ISKView Rank History
1025G5ED-Y VII - G5ED-Y u so bad at names1079,752,927,815ISKView Rank History
1026T-AKQZ X - T-Aman1099,752,127,552ISKView Rank History
1027Schmaeel VIII - Moon 9 - Imperial Academy1169,743,328,259ISKView Rank History
1028Deepari II - Imperial Academy2429,731,149,942ISKView Rank History
1029Auga VIII - Moon 2 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant3509,722,690,479ISKView Rank History
1030GN7-XY II - The Real Blast Furnace1379,709,389,616ISKView Rank History
1031Nourvukaiken VII - Moon 14 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant4089,700,274,693ISKView Rank History
1032B-GC1T VIII - AppleJack Night Club1179,691,045,675ISKView Rank History
1033Azerakish XII - Moon 3 - Imperial Shipment Storage2389,683,749,619ISKView Rank History
1034Evati VII - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse1269,669,311,440ISKView Rank History
10355-CQDA I - Ladyboys use T2 Entosis2329,653,277,405ISKView Rank History
1036Vlillirier VII - Roden Shipyards Factory1949,641,976,525ISKView Rank History
1037Hentogaira I - Moon 16 - Perkone Factory2189,641,737,159ISKView Rank History
1038R-6KYM V - CURSE Prime1019,629,118,340ISKView Rank History
10392R-CRW X - CFC NEVER showed up299,625,272,437ISKView Rank History
1040Mista V - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1409,618,994,923ISKView Rank History
10414O-ZRI VIII - Kuznica BLYA1229,602,425,402ISKView Rank History
1042AY-YCU III - The KuroVault1089,589,719,648ISKView Rank History
1043Bereye VI - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant1729,551,743,076ISKView Rank History
1044D-GTMI XI - CVA Border Outpost1099,518,189,147ISKView Rank History
1045IAK-JW I - Emily Station2289,493,960,452ISKView Rank History
1046M-RPN3 VII - Bahamas Club1879,484,275,069ISKView Rank History
1047D-BAMJ VI - Fecers emu farm1259,470,112,446ISKView Rank History
1048SJJ-4F V - Silverback House of Pleasure1329,451,049,917ISKView Rank History
1049MY-T2P IV - CO2 Refinery299,445,606,000ISKView Rank History
1050G-B22J IV - CF Thunderdome2029,442,626,584ISKView Rank History
1051AAS-8R V - Quafe Company Retail Center1319,438,184,495ISKView Rank History
1052Isanamo VII - Moon 1 - Nurtura Warehouse649,406,311,386ISKView Rank History
1053Amamake VI - Moon 6 - Brutor Tribe Bureau939,396,460,592ISKView Rank History
1054Osmeden XII - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant2109,368,306,043ISKView Rank History
1055CS-ZGD VIII - All White Meat919,359,390,130ISKView Rank History
1056P-33KR II - 7o Vile Rat989,356,733,739ISKView Rank History
1057Irmalin VIII - Moon 13 - Royal Khanid Navy Testing Facilities319,348,850,424ISKView Rank History
1058G-D0N3 VIII - The IronGiant1359,341,722,070ISKView Rank History
1059Nourvukaiken III - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1439,314,472,069ISKView Rank History
1060Ikao VII - Moon 1 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant469,313,192,584ISKView Rank History
1061K-9UG4 X - O D E S S A629,311,680,232ISKView Rank History
1062Kaunokka II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities1909,305,376,189ISKView Rank History
1063ABE-M2 VII - IceMart529,296,894,972ISKView Rank History
1064Lower Debyl V - Chemal Tech Factory559,294,716,276ISKView Rank History
1065Chardalane V - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility249,292,710,913ISKView Rank History
1066D-I9HJ IV - HELP I am Tackled1249,290,785,717ISKView Rank History
1067Dresi I - Moon 18 - Emperor Family Bureau1529,290,619,988ISKView Rank History
1068Isaziwa X - Moon 3 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1099,289,393,096ISKView Rank History
1069Iivinen VI - Moon 10 - Rapid Assembly Factory179,288,502,166ISKView Rank History
1070Pasha VII - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School2459,286,930,214ISKView Rank History
1071XS-K1O IX - Nosec Pleasure Hub2169,281,218,923ISKView Rank History
1072Sobaseki X - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1149,280,780,264ISKView Rank History
1073Pemene VI - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory419,268,155,954ISKView Rank History
107435-RK9 IX - Moon 4 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau2909,258,572,108ISKView Rank History
1075Eha III - State Protectorate Logistic Support1279,236,067,889ISKView Rank History
1076Isanamo XIV - Moon 21 - Rapid Assembly Factory459,232,652,748ISKView Rank History
1077FM-JK5 VI - The stone garden2179,223,806,910ISKView Rank History
1078Paye VI - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy789,205,727,858ISKView Rank History
1079Ennur IX - Moon 7 - Impro Research Center299,203,419,135ISKView Rank History
1080Nannaras III - Moon 1 - Genolution Biotech Production29,196,999,999ISKView Rank History
1081Yvelet VI - Moon 2 - FedMart Warehouse1619,196,925,194ISKView Rank History
1082Nakugard V - Republic University1579,184,226,398ISKView Rank History
1083Resbroko I - Moon 7 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant229,180,760,589ISKView Rank History
1084X-7OMU IV - Moon 16 - Food Relief Plantation629,156,486,009ISKView Rank History
1085Vaurent II - Quafe Company Factory629,119,226,482ISKView Rank History
1086Inoue IV - Moon 4 - Lai Dai Corporation Warehouse579,118,321,825ISKView Rank History
1087I30-3A IX - Porch Monkey Tavern II219,118,180,295ISKView Rank History
1088PNQY-Y VII - The New Roopublic2489,080,905,817ISKView Rank History
1089Yona VI - Moon 18 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory679,077,946,034ISKView Rank History
1090Jarizza II - Moon 1 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant1649,070,831,270ISKView Rank History
1091J-LPX7 IX - Yasur689,069,883,037ISKView Rank History
1092Ohkunen V - Moon 19 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost839,068,558,988ISKView Rank History
1093Doril I - Archangels Assembly Plant1009,066,467,345ISKView Rank History
1094HVGR-R V - HVGR-R - MTL Reprocessing Plant1119,062,040,259ISKView Rank History
1095HZFJ-M VIII - Mom's Place2329,041,696,387ISKView Rank History
1096YHN-3K XIII - LEGIO Catch779,038,300,006ISKView Rank History
1097KV-8SN VIII - Kuroda's Vantage Point569,022,888,648ISKView Rank History
1098Nibainkier VII - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant1299,022,424,250ISKView Rank History
1099R3P0-Z II - TFFN HQ669,020,869,578ISKView Rank History
110018XA-C VII - BEDLAM LOONEY BIN1139,002,244,842ISKView Rank History
1101S-DN5M IX - S-Deeeeez Nutz1138,975,514,976ISKView Rank History
1102Z-M5A1 IX - Domination Fleet Staging Point768,963,879,471ISKView Rank History
1103Vey VIII - Moon 19 - Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost1568,953,024,807ISKView Rank History
1104Bosboger VI - Moon 7 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant678,950,113,160ISKView Rank History
1105Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge1658,921,600,136ISKView Rank History
11062H-TSE II - Space Mining Outpost918,917,640,221ISKView Rank History
1107YZ-UKA V - We are Charlie1188,915,782,777ISKView Rank History
1108Conoban VII - Moon 8 - Hedion University4788,902,087,978ISKView Rank History
1109M2-CF1 X - Moon 3 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau1128,871,531,603ISKView Rank History
111024I-FE XI - riamh dearmad MV998,845,349,573ISKView Rank History
1111Aidart IV - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support778,843,652,718ISKView Rank History
1112IS-R7P I - Outpost Valkyrja348,840,084,029ISKView Rank History
11135-N2EY VIII - Moon 5 - J3B Is Recruiting678,833,837,277ISKView Rank History
1114Kothe VI - Moon 15 - Theology Council Accounting98,829,761,750ISKView Rank History
11150T-AMZ IX - Moon 6 - Aliastra Retail Center2608,819,583,068ISKView Rank History
1116QFRV-2 III - The Church Of The Holy Jita1698,810,688,749ISKView Rank History
1117Kaunokka II - Freedom Extension Warehouse98,802,318,837ISKView Rank History
1118M2-CF1 X - Moon 3 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau898,801,046,210ISKView Rank History
1119Yarebap VII - Moon 18 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant2488,785,363,988ISKView Rank History
1120SAH-AD V - Bend the Knee Kiss the Ring2208,779,518,471ISKView Rank History
1121PUIG-F V - The Ride Shack3818,765,643,171ISKView Rank History
1122Vlillirier V - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory798,754,553,204ISKView Rank History
1123Chaven VIII - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy1438,746,354,084ISKView Rank History
1124TWJ-AW X - Friday - Best day368,743,822,743ISKView Rank History
1125Tadadan V - Moon 1 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio148,737,725,560ISKView Rank History
1126O-Y5JQ V - Hephaistos Forge988,732,325,163ISKView Rank History
112739P-1J VII - Lumpys Base of Peace and Harmony1888,718,415,979ISKView Rank History
1128Agal I - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory218,716,200,932ISKView Rank History
1129Y-2ANO VII - Cica Rage948,688,779,697ISKView Rank History
1130Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1168,686,548,883ISKView Rank History
1131Antem VIII - Moon 18 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant48,658,199,588ISKView Rank History
1132Dresi II - Royal Amarr Institute School1198,650,289,451ISKView Rank History
11334B-NQN I - Gates of Aker868,633,497,083ISKView Rank History
1134W-4FA9 VII - Retros Outback Methlab658,631,949,550ISKView Rank History
1135JI-1UQ V - Merck Walkers1468,575,626,888ISKView Rank History
11365BTK-M VII - Ro's Burrito Stand698,574,569,681ISKView Rank History
1137YAW-7M X - Malevolent Headquarters1178,572,394,537ISKView Rank History
1138Tidacha VIII - Moon 13 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau818,562,983,520ISKView Rank History
1139Antollare VI - Moon 13 - Caldari Business Tribunal168,548,297,053ISKView Rank History
1140C4C-Z4 VIII - Moon 3 - Horde Krab Shack1708,533,241,329ISKView Rank History
1141F-NXLQ III - The House of Elam Kaundur2848,523,085,006ISKView Rank History
1142Sharhelund VIII - Moon 5 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant2428,495,388,426ISKView Rank History
1143Trossere VII - Moon 3 - University of Caille4168,485,274,567ISKView Rank History
1144CH9L-K VI - Now Entering Branch1578,453,103,463ISKView Rank History
1145Odebeinn III - Moon 10 - Sisters of EVE Academy188,451,447,000ISKView Rank History
1146V-XANH I - Raven's Nest - I1148,435,165,988ISKView Rank History
11473-SFWG V - DRASY Jobcenter1588,431,193,498ISKView Rank History
1148WY-9LL VIII - Moon 3 - Dominations Testing Facilities1278,410,513,898ISKView Rank History
11490-6VZ5 VII - C-J6MT is next848,405,491,595ISKView Rank History
1150W-4FA9 VII - Retros Outback Methlab1138,395,377,028ISKView Rank History
1151Yuzier III - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost1228,379,854,008ISKView Rank History
1152Jita IV - Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center328,363,316,351ISKView Rank History
1153Enaluri V - State Protectorate Assembly Plant2828,355,509,575ISKView Rank History
1154Otanuomi IV - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory678,353,426,014ISKView Rank History
1155RU-PT9 IV - Seeknpeek Memorial Outpost948,353,162,825ISKView Rank History
11560B-HLZ X - 5 Star Clown Resort758,348,740,637ISKView Rank History
1157D-IZT9 VII - Silent Sanctum1978,345,472,417ISKView Rank History
1158Misaba V - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory1748,342,166,448ISKView Rank History
11595M2-KP VII - O Boteco 1108,341,351,429ISKView Rank History
1160Nare IV - Moon 6 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production1438,339,996,649ISKView Rank History
1161Haimeh VII - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory1198,338,449,265ISKView Rank History
1162Sakkikainen VI - Moon 1 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1318,335,825,756ISKView Rank History
1163R-ZESX II - RIP clones588,322,789,137ISKView Rank History
1164FWST-8 II - Blood Raiders Logistic Support1538,310,672,873ISKView Rank History
1165Vehan VI - Moon 10 - Ministry of War Archives428,302,486,661ISKView Rank History
1166H-ADOC IV - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant1698,301,434,282ISKView Rank History
1167R-BGSU I - Komos Winter House978,289,803,199ISKView Rank History
1168Alparena V - Moon 4 - Federal Navy Academy268,287,877,212ISKView Rank History
1169FR-B1H VII - Moon 1 - Solon's Birthday gift1428,286,551,962ISKView Rank History
1170Azer III - Moon 6 - CreoDron Factory618,285,020,948ISKView Rank History
1171Mendori IV - Moon 1 - Ministry of Assessment Information Center628,282,798,441ISKView Rank History
1172TU-RI6 VIII - Kuun-Lan1258,278,653,253ISKView Rank History
1173F4R2-Q IX - Narrow Hallways918,275,672,695ISKView Rank History
1174Uedama III - Moon 1 - Caldari Steel Warehouse1618,269,271,968ISKView Rank History
11750DD-MH VI - Alpha HQ538,252,465,104ISKView Rank History
1176Allebin VI - Federal Navy Academy1068,217,851,021ISKView Rank History
11774-EP12 VIII - Canary Island1428,217,740,487ISKView Rank History
1178Teonusude VII - Moon 1 - Vherokior Tribe Treasury358,207,020,005ISKView Rank History
1179Pertnineere VIII - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Warehouse108,198,218,134ISKView Rank History
1180X-7BIX VIII - S E V A S T O P O L1158,191,265,854ISKView Rank History
1181Renyn X - Moon 14 - Chemal Tech Factory658,180,714,709ISKView Rank History
1182KZ9T-C III - 31st of July638,179,347,426ISKView Rank History
1183Y5C-YD VIII - Swipe Right for Fawlty2628,178,164,109ISKView Rank History
1184Yona VIII - Moon 8 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant848,174,410,945ISKView Rank History
1185OP9L-F IV - RIP Chaise Norman 1987-20152138,166,691,697ISKView Rank History
1186Moselgi IV - The Leisure Group Development Studio678,166,503,351ISKView Rank History
118739P-1J VII - Lumpys Base of Peace and Harmony1288,161,632,924ISKView Rank History
1188NLO-3Z VI - NLO ne proletalo798,156,320,681ISKView Rank History
1189Leremblompes IV - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School2488,152,952,228ISKView Rank History
1190TYB-69 VIII - INTERNET SPACESTATION2208,136,839,638ISKView Rank History
1191O2O-2X VII - SUPERCAPITAL GRAVEYARD1668,133,004,027ISKView Rank History
1192L-SCBU IV - Horde L-S Outpost718,123,252,091ISKView Rank History
1193Bille X - Moon 1 - University of Caille768,121,261,132ISKView Rank History
1194C4C-Z4 VIII - Moon 3 - Horde Krab Shack738,113,101,792ISKView Rank History
1195Ommare VI - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant978,110,538,398ISKView Rank History
1196Faurent V - Moon 2 - Federal Freight Storage1018,094,820,926ISKView Rank History
119730-YOU III - RANE Towers1658,086,470,070ISKView Rank History
11989OLQ-6 V - MAIN VEIN1408,068,461,267ISKView Rank History
1199Bika V - Moon 1 - CreoDron Warehouse48,059,969,992ISKView Rank History
1200Podion VIII - Moon 15 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost558,058,193,946ISKView Rank History
1201Nonni V - Lai Dai Corporation Factory778,051,289,247ISKView Rank History
1202Fihrneh VI - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute School148,050,256,838ISKView Rank History
1203Junsoraert XI - Moon 9 - Roden Shipyards Factory1808,045,764,076ISKView Rank History
1204Leva VI - Inherent Implants Biotech Production408,043,296,501ISKView Rank History
12054-07MU V - Mistakes Have Been Made1928,041,192,414ISKView Rank History
1206JZV-F4 V - Moon 1 - Fc How Anchor448,018,660,849ISKView Rank History
1207KDV-DE III - Cartel Elevator Testing Facility1218,006,104,509ISKView Rank History
1208Oppold VIII - Moon 12 - Imperial Armaments Factory1548,002,820,612ISKView Rank History
1209Rakapas II - State Protectorate Logistic Support337,973,211,038ISKView Rank History
1210GE-8JV VII - The Curse of Catch1627,964,555,728ISKView Rank History
1211Onnamon IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support1267,961,123,925ISKView Rank History
1212HLW-HP IV - Moon 1 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery237,956,484,522ISKView Rank History
121316P-PX VII - Bar Mleczny497,954,314,711ISKView Rank History
1214Uplingur III - Moon 8 - Nurtura Plantation327,950,078,572ISKView Rank History
1215I30-3A IX - Porch Monkey Tavern II707,942,102,021ISKView Rank History
1216C-4ZOS VI - Elkaboom32 Salvage Memorial1417,939,768,615ISKView Rank History
1217Khanid Prime V - Moon 1 - Khanid Innovation Factory2307,934,661,077ISKView Rank History
1218ZLZ-1Z IV - Moon 3 - It Ain't Easy Being ZLZ817,916,086,921ISKView Rank History
1219KFIE-Z III - Moon 7 - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant827,908,780,232ISKView Rank History
1220Funtanainen VIII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1187,902,388,141ISKView Rank History
1221OGY-6D VIII - Horde Watch Tower1607,891,237,512ISKView Rank History
1222TDE4-H IV - GATE TO HELL957,890,985,231ISKView Rank History
1223Jurlesel VIII - X-Sense Chemical Refinery627,882,772,212ISKView Rank History
1224UHKL-N V - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities267,872,823,852ISKView Rank History
12254-BE0M IV - TMA's Chilly Icecream Dream1217,870,879,471ISKView Rank History
1226QY6-RK V - Tanis touched me1917,868,095,693ISKView Rank History
1227Okagaiken IV - Caldari Navy Logistic Support2147,865,046,119ISKView Rank History
1228Dihra VIII - Moon 16 - Imperial Armaments Factory857,863,155,215ISKView Rank History
1229ROIR-Y II - Moon 2 - Food Relief Food Packaging2037,858,823,593ISKView Rank History
1230Uanzin V - Moon 1 - Trust Partners Warehouse387,835,681,489ISKView Rank History
1231Tash-Murkon Prime V - Moon 7 - Amarr Constructions Warehouse1667,831,928,025ISKView Rank History
123299-0GS VII - Vulcanal967,830,344,874ISKView Rank History
12336Z-CKS VII - GAGARIN-71907,818,711,575ISKView Rank History
1234Jan VI - Moon 21 - CONCORD Academy377,797,176,555ISKView Rank History
12353JN9-Q XII - Moon 3 - Phantom Sex Palads587,788,807,984ISKView Rank History
1236006-L3 VII - C Luigi967,787,760,359ISKView Rank History
1237Tamo V - Moon 11 - Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant867,781,710,698ISKView Rank History
12388QMO-E III - Blessed Stingerino947,778,397,094ISKView Rank History
1239B9E-H6 I - Lost In Utter Darkness3067,775,131,482ISKView Rank History
1240Halle VII - Federal Administration Bureau Offices637,754,369,508ISKView Rank History
1241Z-M5A1 IX - Domination Fleet Staging Point327,750,429,511ISKView Rank History
1242Hysera II - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant767,738,643,739ISKView Rank History
1243Y-4CFK V - Moon 17 - Guristas Testing Facilities327,726,055,214ISKView Rank History
1244Rens VII - Moon 21 - Sisters of EVE Bureau197,709,485,739ISKView Rank History
12457UTB-F V - 7 11 You want it we got it567,696,072,176ISKView Rank History
1246Serpentis Prime II - Archangels Testing Facilities627,690,386,136ISKView Rank History
1247Ishomilken VIII - Moon 2 - Perkone Factory97,680,994,958ISKView Rank History
1248Egbinger XI - Moon 3 - Republic Fleet Testing Facilities1217,677,519,979ISKView Rank History
1249Ebo IX - Theology Council Tribunal417,667,762,542ISKView Rank History
1250FIO1-8 V - THANKS FOR THE ADMS THETA1467,659,831,509ISKView Rank History
1251Riavayed IX - Moon 12 - Hedion University1527,657,580,750ISKView Rank History
1252Nikh V - Moon 2 - Trust Partners Trading Post2217,655,827,698ISKView Rank History
1253YI-8ZM II - YI-8 Regions In The Oven1157,655,470,885ISKView Rank History
1254Maire V - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory357,640,075,183ISKView Rank History
1255Ishomilken VIII - Moon 2 - Perkone Factory197,639,683,969ISKView Rank History
1256QYZM-W V - KING OF THE HILL IS BEST ANIME777,638,863,067ISKView Rank History
1257Jaschercis III - Moon 1 - Federal Freight Storage217,633,323,620ISKView Rank History
1258Y-4CFK V - Moon 17 - Guristas Testing Facilities287,617,458,931ISKView Rank History
1259Yahyerer IV - Moon 9 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities917,615,663,313ISKView Rank History
1260Malukker I - Republic University1907,602,998,777ISKView Rank History
1261Bosena V - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant2227,585,339,546ISKView Rank History
1262U-INPD II - GRRRRRR MOA2337,584,452,008ISKView Rank History
1263BDV3-T V - BDVery Much Ours707,580,617,765ISKView Rank History
1264Kamokor V - Moon 19 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory697,577,464,399ISKView Rank History
1265BDV3-T V - BDVery Much Ours1687,575,412,678ISKView Rank History
126633CE-7 III - North Port547,571,659,540ISKView Rank History
1267KS-1TS III - DogVille417,571,254,506ISKView Rank History
1268Horkkisen XII - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities97,570,225,450ISKView Rank History
1269Umokka X - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities3387,549,092,513ISKView Rank History
1270O2O-2X VII - SUPERCAPITAL GRAVEYARD1007,544,766,153ISKView Rank History
1271Oursulaert VII - Moon 2 - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities1097,536,662,262ISKView Rank History
1272Eystur III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant1247,529,866,264ISKView Rank History
1273C-NMG9 V - The Winning Team1147,520,015,747ISKView Rank History
1274Eurgrana VIII - Moon 18 - Sebiestor Tribe Academy1807,518,840,900ISKView Rank History
1275Halaima VIII - Moon 17 - Mercantile Club Bureau1077,507,775,001ISKView Rank History
1276Y8R-XZ VI - Scorpy Shipyard1247,502,833,855ISKView Rank History
1277O-0ERG IV - CO2 Factory1887,500,752,311ISKView Rank History
1278ME-4IU V - ME-Gusta Prostate Tickler1337,490,277,730ISKView Rank History
1279N8XA-L IV - MANIFEST DESTINY 15012287,488,750,857ISKView Rank History
1280UW9B-F X - Guardian Angels Logistic Support1857,474,635,845ISKView Rank History
1281AH-B84 VIII - Ponyville577,461,573,063ISKView Rank History
1282RO90-H VIII - RO90 Targs Favorite Hideout897,453,122,754ISKView Rank History
1283F-D49D III - F-Doing It Wrong647,440,573,337ISKView Rank History
12848W-OSE VII - THANKS FOR THE ADMS THETA937,439,160,315ISKView Rank History
1285Shuria IV - Moon 1 - Ministry of Internal Order Logistic Support2917,438,099,578ISKView Rank History
1286Y9G-KS VI - Moon 14 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau237,425,268,282ISKView Rank History
1287Piekura VIII - Moon 11 - State War Academy727,420,114,637ISKView Rank History
1288BQ0-UU VII - Hodor's Pleasure Palace1407,417,531,735ISKView Rank History
12891227,416,666,455ISKView Rank History
1290Bille X - Moon 1 - University of Caille1837,415,890,235ISKView Rank History
12918EF-58 I - Arch Angel Prime 1397,390,890,905ISKView Rank History
1292DP-JD4 IX - Starman Station1637,371,575,178ISKView Rank History
1293VSIG-K VIII - Moon 3 - TransStellar Shipping Storage1087,367,932,233ISKView Rank History
1294Kuomi VI - Moon 2 - Ducia Foundry Refinery337,358,844,797ISKView Rank History
1295PO4F-3 V - Moon 6 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant337,355,563,347ISKView Rank History
1296Autaris VII - Moon 2 - Caldari Steel Factory617,350,494,692ISKView Rank History
1297Seil IV - Moon 9 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices2147,348,569,254ISKView Rank History
1298Balginia II - Brutor Tribe Bureau1497,347,356,320ISKView Rank History
1299Gisleres IV - Moon 6 - Roden Shipyards Warehouse2217,332,417,632ISKView Rank History
13005P-AIP X - ASTRALNAYA1137,328,797,000ISKView Rank History
1301Nani IV - Moon 2 - Aliastra Warehouse327,327,781,488ISKView Rank History
13025-0WB9 VII - Seeknpeek's Memorial Park857,314,617,812ISKView Rank History
1303GA9P-0 V - PURAA1167,307,857,365ISKView Rank History
1304SI-I89 VII - Niflheim I9B-8X1637,290,592,987ISKView Rank History
1305Sieh III - Moon 13 - Nurtura Plantation37,271,499,999ISKView Rank History
1306Bereye III - Moon 1 - Roden Shipyards Factory1997,270,767,992ISKView Rank History
1307Samanuni XI - Caldari Navy Warehouse2807,262,359,268ISKView Rank History
1308Futzchag II - Thukker Mix Factory377,227,094,673ISKView Rank History
1309AF0-V5 X - Crazy Horse Saloon and Casino2837,221,382,706ISKView Rank History
1310S25C-K VI - Origami Dimsum Bar and Grill1867,220,042,191ISKView Rank History
1311Ibura IX - Moon 11 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities1447,196,522,850ISKView Rank History
1312Paye VI - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy817,193,028,998ISKView Rank History
13135IO8-U I - Svea Borg697,191,862,297ISKView Rank History
1314CL-85V IX - Moon 2 - Archangels Assembly Plant677,186,280,141ISKView Rank History
1315Tasti V - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School447,185,977,721ISKView Rank History
1316Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School2037,177,058,847ISKView Rank History
1317Harroule VIII - Moon 5 - FedMart Storage1117,168,910,748ISKView Rank History
13186-GRN7 VI - Formal Union Of LOM697,152,523,025ISKView Rank History
1319Z-RFE3 VII - THE ARKHAM ASYLUM1647,144,478,480ISKView Rank History
1320Reblier VIII - Moon 7 - DED Logistic Support117,137,235,127ISKView Rank History
1321Lirsautton I - CreoDron Factory1797,127,124,785ISKView Rank History
1322O94U-A I - In Honor of Sean -Vile Rat897,116,278,654ISKView Rank History
13230T-AMZ IX - Moon 6 - Aliastra Retail Center2547,108,844,412ISKView Rank History
132401TG-J IV - ABTO3ABO4CKA5I577,095,300,485ISKView Rank History
13257M4-4C VI - hyprviper is love hypr is life147,090,045,480ISKView Rank History
1326M-MD3B X - Moon 3 - Thukker Mix Factory677,084,908,311ISKView Rank History
1327Shemah VI - Moon 16 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory527,076,112,429ISKView Rank History
1328X-R3NM II - Curia Hostilia1457,069,866,830ISKView Rank History
1329Andabiar I - Ishukone Corporation Factory487,057,815,694ISKView Rank History
13305H-SM2 IX - 5 Helpings of Salt1867,057,321,687ISKView Rank History
1331Madirmilire VI - Moon 11 - Carthum Conglomerate Warehouse257,055,875,030ISKView Rank History
13322O-EEW IV - Moon 3 - Jon Snow is Targaryen1407,049,455,100ISKView Rank History
13338MG-J6 IX - Metzada797,036,251,432ISKView Rank History
1334Chardalane III - Federation Navy Testing Facilities457,026,852,248ISKView Rank History
1335Vey VIII - Moon 19 - Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost487,009,811,211ISKView Rank History
1336Pashanai IV - Moon 4 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant977,006,171,694ISKView Rank History
1337Sirppala II - Moon 3 - Rapid Assembly Factory57,000,460,772ISKView Rank History
1338GTB-O4 X - We hate russian names66,994,788,390ISKView Rank History
1339S7WI-F VI - District-85 Forge Inn206,983,955,729ISKView Rank History
1340Sotrentaira VI - Moon 3 - Caldari Provisions Warehouse96,965,128,683ISKView Rank History
1341Aband IV - Moon 12 - Ministry of War Archives1306,964,224,997ISKView Rank History
1342Isikemi V - Home Guard Assembly Plant116,961,467,600ISKView Rank History
1343YXIB-I VI - CO2 Refinery786,957,905,432ISKView Rank History
1344Ibura IX - Moon 11 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities2166,948,401,296ISKView Rank History
13455-VFC6 III - HUD1286,926,322,705ISKView Rank History
1346Gultratren III - Moon 12 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal596,904,751,799ISKView Rank History
1347YAP-TN V - Mimitron316,894,199,369ISKView Rank History
13486-O5GY I - LAWNdromat1216,868,897,117ISKView Rank History
1349S9X-AX III - Sol Ciel1366,867,557,364ISKView Rank History
1350F-QQ5N VIII - F-QQ The Sock Drawer796,855,261,955ISKView Rank History
1351Reisen VI - CreoDron Factory756,854,727,021ISKView Rank History
1352Torrinos V - Moon 15 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support1136,854,006,553ISKView Rank History
1353Kheram III - Moon 1 - Carthum Conglomerate Production Plant26,852,029,500ISKView Rank History
1354AOK-WQ I - Ben's Home456,848,951,599ISKView Rank History
1355Penirgman IX - Moon 3 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant1646,823,910,712ISKView Rank History
1356Taru X - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Information Center936,821,741,660ISKView Rank History
1357Ardar IV - Moon 2 - Thukker Mix Factory626,812,553,306ISKView Rank History
1358Isikesu IV - Moon 5 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support766,806,312,362ISKView Rank History
1359Passari V - Moon 8 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1236,785,315,661ISKView Rank History
1360Kulelen V - Moon 16 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1456,782,336,302ISKView Rank History
1361Istodard IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau2556,779,263,620ISKView Rank History
13622V-CS5 VII - DUB's PLEASURE HUB1946,778,993,709ISKView Rank History
1363OSY-UD IX - Moon 16 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Storage1116,777,858,535ISKView Rank History
136438IA-E VI - Poor Whiddle Guy646,774,027,426ISKView Rank History
1365Ihakana VIII - Moon 6 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio316,772,413,747ISKView Rank History
1366X6AB-Y V - Aralis Immortalis1786,769,910,235ISKView Rank History
13670P-F3K X - SLYCE BEE AMNESTY is 0P816,769,554,024ISKView Rank History
1368IR-DYY V - IR-DYY U So Mad Bro416,768,582,250ISKView Rank History
1369O5Q7-U VII - FCON WAS HERE286,752,914,072ISKView Rank History
1370CT8K-0 VIII - Temple of the Bushwaggle2216,746,435,883ISKView Rank History
1371Conoban VII - Moon 8 - Hedion University1766,741,000,671ISKView Rank History
1372Gyerzen X - Moon 8 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities116,734,907,809ISKView Rank History
1373Isaziwa X - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory2196,715,887,754ISKView Rank History
1374Emolgranlan VI - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant1646,705,032,117ISKView Rank History
1375Carrou III - Moon 7 - Federation Customs Logistic Support106,703,682,040ISKView Rank History
1376GXK-7F VII - Freedom's Forward Position1466,693,028,821ISKView Rank History
13776-WMKE VIII - Bard kills Smaug406,681,214,178ISKView Rank History
1378Faswiba VIII - Moon 11 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant66,681,119,800ISKView Rank History
1379Eygfe VII - Moon 19 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery786,663,458,200ISKView Rank History
1380U0W-DR V - Moist Molly's Oyster House2346,661,285,177ISKView Rank History
1381Arant IV - Moon 1 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant656,659,489,203ISKView Rank History
13824AZV-W IX - 100500286,655,734,587ISKView Rank History
1383Hakonen IX - Moon 9 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant316,645,404,063ISKView Rank History
1384Kehjari II - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory1876,644,583,106ISKView Rank History
1385Q7E-DU VI - Supermarket P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S1736,640,942,232ISKView Rank History
1386YM-SRU VIII - Your Moms - Shanty706,634,977,343ISKView Rank History
1387JO-32L V - T Y L A676,623,851,071ISKView Rank History
1388Crielere I - Duvolle Laboratories Research Center746,622,783,001ISKView Rank History
1389T-AKQZ X - T-Aman606,621,100,865ISKView Rank History
13901-7B6D VI - 1-7 Slackers R Us586,619,735,746ISKView Rank History
1391Villore VIII - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support426,613,908,580ISKView Rank History
1392X3FQ-W VIII - Home of Funny Fish1346,596,008,701ISKView Rank History
13938-BEW8 IV - CBC HQ956,585,493,492ISKView Rank History
1394Y5C-YD VIII - Swipe Right for Fawlty1046,576,978,961ISKView Rank History
1395Ignoitton V - Moon 11 - Federal Freight Storage356,576,296,961ISKView Rank History
13961-NJLK II - PASITI HQ - NO GIRL ALOLWED1116,575,045,830ISKView Rank History
139752G-NZ III - 5 Dolla Docky Docky816,574,931,117ISKView Rank History
13980-ARFO III - Secs Summer House1356,571,421,864ISKView Rank History
1399K3JR-J VIII - Guristas Assembly Plant976,566,730,768ISKView Rank History
1400Prism VII - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant256,556,326,451ISKView Rank History
1401C-OK0R III - AHAHA YOU ACTUALLY SEEDED THIS1616,554,471,609ISKView Rank History
1402Caslemon III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support806,544,603,052ISKView Rank History
1403Sankkasen II - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant756,536,369,657ISKView Rank History
1404X-4WZD II - Glittery cove1676,500,795,959ISKView Rank History
1405L5D-ZL VI - THE LAST FORTRESS OF WIZARDRY1046,494,042,332ISKView Rank History
1406B3ZU-H IV - XIX HEARTS SOLAR146,487,475,985ISKView Rank History
1407SY0W-2 III - Hello from The OSS776,464,243,537ISKView Rank History
1408Suroken VIII - Moon 7 - Propel Dynamics Factory1166,453,857,040ISKView Rank History
1409X-4WZD II - Glittery cove2056,447,778,624ISKView Rank History
1410DB1R-4 VIII - PELMENNAYA336,446,650,889ISKView Rank History
1411KD-KPR V - A Taberna1276,437,834,460ISKView Rank History
1412HB-FSO VII - Hotel-Bravo1356,437,320,213ISKView Rank History
1413Inoue IV - Moon 4 - Lai Dai Corporation Warehouse356,435,200,463ISKView Rank History
1414Hallanen IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant796,434,604,022ISKView Rank History
1415Dysa II - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant296,427,817,568ISKView Rank History
1416Octanneve III - Federation Customs Assembly Plant316,427,813,324ISKView Rank History
1417M-RPN3 VII - Bahamas Club716,424,190,679ISKView Rank History
1418G-LOIT V - G-Luck nerds96,421,042,330ISKView Rank History
1419HO4E-Q III - KIISUMIISU BEST CAT IN WORLD266,410,781,927ISKView Rank History
14204-CM8I VI - 420Mart Freeport Trade Station 946,408,964,413ISKView Rank History
1421Turba VI - Ministry of Assessment Archives256,405,088,303ISKView Rank History
1422Oursulaert VII - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities396,400,785,433ISKView Rank History
1423Eram IX - Moon 5 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory656,397,243,442ISKView Rank History
1424A1RR-M VI - We Came626,385,108,272ISKView Rank History
1425Vuorrassi VI - Moon 2 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support306,381,040,416ISKView Rank History
1426Frulegur IX - Moon 4 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse76,375,974,492ISKView Rank History
1427Oiniken III - Moon 1 - House of Records Information Center766,372,453,335ISKView Rank History
1428TPAR-G IX - Moon 3 - Memorial MRRR SILVERCLAW1716,370,165,043ISKView Rank History
1429QXQ-I6 II - RIP Photon Torpedo1626,362,811,019ISKView Rank History
14306-OQJV III - HUSARION466,354,208,055ISKView Rank History
1431Evati II - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal986,351,971,563ISKView Rank History
1432CUT-0V XI - Squeeky is a French Welshman1296,348,456,435ISKView Rank History
1433A-VILQ VI - Andr's Dungeon of Depravity686,339,139,379ISKView Rank History
1434Deninard VIII - Moon 1 - The Scope Development Studio986,334,621,325ISKView Rank History
1435Isaziwa XI - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant886,327,175,773ISKView Rank History
1436Nikh V - Moon 2 - Trust Partners Trading Post1706,326,003,389ISKView Rank History
1437T-67F8 VII - Home of the Brave386,324,703,527ISKView Rank History
1438Manatirid VII - Moon 8 - Ministry of War Archives516,314,056,279ISKView Rank History
1439S-6HHN IV - General's Gay Bar2806,302,417,791ISKView Rank History
1440Akes VII - Caldari Business Tribunal Law School26,298,886,265ISKView Rank History
1441Jaschercis IV - Moon 2 - CreoDron Factory1126,291,443,126ISKView Rank History
1442Akora IX - Moon 19 - CreoDron Factory276,290,787,751ISKView Rank History
1443GK3-RX VIII - The Oasis of the Gods2516,278,223,376ISKView Rank History
1444A-J6SN V - A-J6NStill Alive276,278,078,909ISKView Rank History
1445Z-K495 XI - 4 95 per minute1686,276,642,302ISKView Rank History
1446ZDYA-G III - CronoS Cave156,273,290,009ISKView Rank History
1447K-3PQW I - CAT IN STATION1006,253,275,240ISKView Rank History
1448Taisy III - Minedrill Refinery956,251,837,126ISKView Rank History
1449JZV-F4 V - Moon 1 - Fc How Anchor1026,249,434,087ISKView Rank History
1450O5Q7-U VII - FCON WAS HERE686,249,093,105ISKView Rank History
1451Anin IX - Moon 13 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant466,244,062,471ISKView Rank History
1452JV1V-O IV - Moon 1 - German neighbor986,229,529,545ISKView Rank History
1453Kador Prime IX - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory1766,228,482,555ISKView Rank History
1454Eystur III - Moon 1 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant316,224,964,605ISKView Rank History
1455Nahyeen IX - Moon 3 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant1996,219,361,317ISKView Rank History
1456LG-RO2 V - MONSTER'S HOME526,201,363,321ISKView Rank History
14572R-KLH IX - Veldspar Prime896,191,164,500ISKView Rank History
1458Osvestmunnur VIII - Moon 10 - Impro Factory346,184,611,670ISKView Rank History
1459TPG-DD X - OMG Station1446,178,851,790ISKView Rank History
1460UB-UQZ I - UBest not be relisting1536,175,931,929ISKView Rank History
1461Nani IV - Moon 2 - Aliastra Warehouse346,170,387,310ISKView Rank History
1462YKE4-3 III - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Testing Facilities336,163,774,145ISKView Rank History
1463Tasti V - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School196,161,456,366ISKView Rank History
1464Airaken VI - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Bureau3436,156,163,657ISKView Rank History
1465F9SX-1 V - Moon 1 - True Power Assembly Plant1526,154,944,330ISKView Rank History
1466Inaro X - Moon 13 - Corporate Police Force Logistic Support926,150,874,626ISKView Rank History
1467Scolluzer VII - Moon 1 - University of Caille1486,147,983,203ISKView Rank History
1468Oipo II - Moon 19 - Ishukone Watch Logistic Support2366,145,861,768ISKView Rank History
1469Seyllin VI - Moon 3 - Roden Shipyards Factory136,141,055,099ISKView Rank History
1470Eddar VI - Freedom Extension Storage876,140,800,542ISKView Rank History
1471Tolle IV - Caldari Business Tribunal306,135,053,864ISKView Rank History
1472Esmes IV - Moon 2 - CONCORD Treasury146,127,475,174ISKView Rank History
1473Bei VII - Moon 3 - Freedom Extension Retail Center266,121,273,014ISKView Rank History
1474Pakkonen V - Moon 4 - Caldari Constructions Foundry146,113,388,613ISKView Rank History
1475YHN-3K XIII - LEGIO Catch676,105,027,601ISKView Rank History
1476U-HYMT IV - Bastion Station876,102,680,258ISKView Rank History
1477Nahol VII - Moon 6 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant796,098,965,330ISKView Rank History
1478Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge1816,083,519,730ISKView Rank History
1479J7A-UR VI - Dominations Testing Facilities1356,081,698,959ISKView Rank History
1480Asabona IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau136,081,501,793ISKView Rank History
1481Faswiba VIII - Moon 11 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant116,079,686,348ISKView Rank History
1482ZA9-PY V - 66er Ratskeller576,078,455,249ISKView Rank History
14836Z-CKS VII - GAGARIN-7876,070,932,090ISKView Rank History
1484DNR-7M III - Syndaxian Pantheon2136,066,987,217ISKView Rank History
1485ZTS-4D V - Blips and Chitz896,066,620,880ISKView Rank History
14862R-KLH IX - Veldspar Prime806,052,773,541ISKView Rank History
1487Embod IV - Moon 10 - Pator Tech School2526,043,612,169ISKView Rank History
1488Sivala VIII - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Warehouse956,037,259,280ISKView Rank History
14897UTB-F V - 7 11 You want it we got it366,026,072,197ISKView Rank History
1490L-1HKR VIII - Sov Wand Production746,025,720,760ISKView Rank History
14911DH-SX III - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support1176,013,625,675ISKView Rank History
1492Hakeri XI - Moon 14 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau1226,012,137,386ISKView Rank History
1493Murethand VIII - Moon 2 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant1366,007,336,196ISKView Rank History
1494Shintaht IV (Konrakas) - Asgard I9B-8X676,004,295,838ISKView Rank History
1495Uzistoon VI - Moon 3 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant56,003,303,313ISKView Rank History
1496A-ZLHX VII - Moon 2 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau145,998,466,663ISKView Rank History
1497UG-UWZ VII - Manti Core1065,981,533,154ISKView Rank History
1498A-REKV I - Uyutniy Tupichok505,981,162,606ISKView Rank History
1499JKWP-U IX - The Great Fecer1195,978,449,391ISKView Rank History
1500Gemodi VI - Viziam Factory395,978,447,701ISKView Rank History
1501E-BYOS IX - Spaceballs The Station1055,978,266,213ISKView Rank History
1502Nonni I - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1035,975,371,623ISKView Rank History
1503Alillere IV - Aliastra Retail Center1375,974,761,705ISKView Rank History
1504APM-6K VII - Batcave1765,965,512,461ISKView Rank History
15050-U2M4 IV - 0-U2M4 Tortuga175,964,874,532ISKView Rank History
1506Sehmy VIII - Moon 2 - Hedion University355,964,704,155ISKView Rank History
1507RY-2FX VIII - Meatheads Minion Factory335,961,562,103ISKView Rank History
1508Droselory IX - Moon 4 - Material Acquisition Mineral Reserve255,957,923,982ISKView Rank History
1509Aulbres VII - CONCORD Bureau195,956,704,905ISKView Rank History
1510Fricoure VIII - Moon 2 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1305,948,739,487ISKView Rank History
1511Itamo VI - Core Complexion Inc. Storage105,936,873,477ISKView Rank History
1512Uitra VI - Moon 4 - State War Academy3705,936,682,402ISKView Rank History
1513Vezila IV - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant585,929,913,720ISKView Rank History
1514X-6WC7 I - The FEC Fromage1265,919,835,941ISKView Rank History
1515I-7JR4 X - The Worst Day Since Yesterday325,907,991,706ISKView Rank History
1516Abudban IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support375,902,079,244ISKView Rank History
1517BZ-0GW V - Moon 1 - Kayle Katarn Gej Club1355,894,314,201ISKView Rank History
1518Kheram III - Moon 6 - Ishukone Corporation Factory205,890,132,410ISKView Rank History
1519Vay I - Core Complexion Inc. Factory685,884,992,065ISKView Rank History
1520Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities1415,884,301,480ISKView Rank History
1521Romi VII - Moon 11 - Amarr Civil Service Bureau Offices215,863,870,208ISKView Rank History
1522Assah VII - Moon 7 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant385,859,031,674ISKView Rank History
1523Gultratren III - Moon 12 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal245,848,416,339ISKView Rank History
1524IPX-H5 III - S T A L I N G R A D235,835,161,351ISKView Rank History
1525C-LTXS V - Nick's Nookie Nest1835,826,705,832ISKView Rank History
1526Enderailen IV - Zainou Biotech Production65,815,452,563ISKView Rank History
1527E8-432 III - Trust in Patrick735,808,345,897ISKView Rank History
1528Emolgranlan VI - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant805,804,179,587ISKView Rank History
1529DZ6-I5 IV - Moon 1 - Temple Of The Papal Mainframe725,790,098,816ISKView Rank History
1530FDZ4-A IX - Moon 6 - Society of Conscious Thought School1325,785,494,526ISKView Rank History
153185-B52 IV - Elysium Orbital995,783,909,938ISKView Rank History
1532Y-XZA7 X - TABEPHA KBA3AP645,769,072,010ISKView Rank History
1533Aufay V - Moon 1 - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities785,764,352,520ISKView Rank History
1534Riavayed IX - Moon 2 - Emperor Family Bureau1145,761,567,162ISKView Rank History
1535Uuhulanen VIII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support1575,760,864,250ISKView Rank History
1536E02-IK VIII - Moon 1 - Thukker Mix Factory725,757,377,612ISKView Rank History
1537RIT-A7 IV - VODOCHNAYA745,755,602,768ISKView Rank History
1538Aunenen III - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant595,753,589,863ISKView Rank History
1539Y-1918 VI - Central Military Commission685,749,729,834ISKView Rank History
15405S-KXA XI - 5S Hero of the giants455,736,075,982ISKView Rank History
1541Mateber VIII - Moon 5 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mining Outpost125,726,817,054ISKView Rank History
1542Hasmijaala X - Moon 3 - Expert Housing Production Plant3055,725,833,937ISKView Rank History
1543Akora IV - Moon 1 - State and Region Bank Depository105,725,293,605ISKView Rank History
1544Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School1205,722,364,915ISKView Rank History
1545Dantan VI - Moon 3 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse675,718,514,491ISKView Rank History
1546B-XJX4 VI - omg this station 1005,713,059,398ISKView Rank History
1547Algasienan IV - Moon 1 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant1985,706,671,856ISKView Rank History
1548RF-CN3 II - Gab's Long Haul Sexnaysium1265,697,641,342ISKView Rank History
1549Kaunokka II - Freedom Extension Warehouse65,689,199,999ISKView Rank History
15505T-KM3 III - 5T-KM3 Titan Abortions per Day365,688,678,945ISKView Rank History
1551A9-F18 V - HAPPY PRODUCER BAR375,685,170,098ISKView Rank History
1552Tzvi VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support315,684,246,010ISKView Rank History
15538P9-BM VIII - Roys Chicken Chokin' Ranch1135,682,651,159ISKView Rank History
1554H6-EYX VII - SOCKS TO BE YOU695,663,859,544ISKView Rank History
155533CE-7 III - North Port965,662,689,471ISKView Rank History
1556F39H-1 VIII - Raumdock 595,655,214,764ISKView Rank History
1557Oimmo VII - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory395,651,080,254ISKView Rank History
1558Hirtamon VI - Moon 6 - Ytiri Storage15,650,000,000ISKView Rank History
1559JBY6-F V - Saints of Havoc1055,648,870,494ISKView Rank History
1560Vivanier V - Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory455,648,780,224ISKView Rank History
1561DO6H-Q II - Sting was Here905,647,636,310ISKView Rank History
1562K-9UG4 X - O D E S S A135,644,594,774ISKView Rank History
1563PI5-39 X - Eldorado Biergarten915,638,216,312ISKView Rank History
1564Aydoteaux V - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory1785,624,999,882ISKView Rank History
1565PNQY-Y VII - The New Roopublic1635,624,777,824ISKView Rank History
1566KFIE-Z VIII - Moon 18 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support805,622,567,006ISKView Rank History
1567Vuorrassi V - Moon 6 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1045,618,060,405ISKView Rank History
15680IF-26 IX - Sale 0001945,616,490,782ISKView Rank History
1569Agha IX - Moon 6 - Trust Partners Warehouse325,600,816,868ISKView Rank History
1570Q-VTWJ V - Q-VT while you are still ahead135,600,078,327ISKView Rank History
1571Atlangeins V - Moon 11 - Chemal Tech Factory555,596,290,477ISKView Rank History
1572Gergish IX - Moon 10 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory665,595,325,508ISKView Rank History
15732-X0PF V - SLYCE IS RECRUITING615,591,677,497ISKView Rank History
1574Mitsolen I - Moon 1 - Expert Housing Warehouse395,586,333,773ISKView Rank History
1575F-HQWV IV - F-HQWV Station995,585,211,765ISKView Rank History
1576Y-DW5K IV - Moon 5 - Archangels Logistic Support785,578,414,772ISKView Rank History
1577Carrou IV - Moon 13 - Roden Shipyards Factory245,569,451,540ISKView Rank History
1578Algogille XIII - Federation Navy Testing Facilities2295,563,629,941ISKView Rank History
1579Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor Tribe Academy2975,549,559,897ISKView Rank History
158030-D5G V - 30-Boss Members at Fanfest1035,541,469,274ISKView Rank History
1581Ihakana VIII - Moon 6 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio485,538,424,994ISKView Rank History
1582IOO-7O VIII - Winter Infinity Space515,537,319,469ISKView Rank History
1583Sagain VIII - Moon 11 - TransStellar Shipping Storage875,535,083,977ISKView Rank History
1584Sarenemi V - Home Guard Assembly Plant115,530,442,945ISKView Rank History
1585Synchelle I - Federal Navy Academy765,530,316,830ISKView Rank History
1586Dantan VI - Moon 3 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse445,529,986,569ISKView Rank History
1587P-6I0B VI - Invictum HQ1315,526,542,082ISKView Rank History
1588Sobaseki X - Moon 12 - Propel Dynamics Factory1195,521,070,334ISKView Rank History
1589MVUO-F I - Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard995,518,893,827ISKView Rank History
1590D-6WS1 IV - Bifroest I9B-8X615,518,005,300ISKView Rank History
1591WVMS-X I - Motel California255,515,432,031ISKView Rank History
1592Stacmon VIII - Moon 22 - Freedom Extension Warehouse255,510,355,785ISKView Rank History
1593CR-AQH III - PL HOUSE715,510,122,038ISKView Rank History
1594Shaha IV - Moon 1 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant955,507,633,534ISKView Rank History
1595Ebo IV - Moon 1 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory1305,488,721,153ISKView Rank History
1596Maila V - Moon 2 - Peace and Order Unit Assembly Plant105,486,852,229ISKView Rank History
1597Ienakkamon X - Caldari Navy Logistic Support455,485,026,978ISKView Rank History
1598UG-UWZ VII - Manti Core815,479,647,792ISKView Rank History
1599Tartoken III - Moon 3 - Genolution Biotech Production1355,471,747,844ISKView Rank History
1600Lower Debyl V - Chemal Tech Factory1095,463,740,001ISKView Rank History
1601Irshah VIII - Moon 9 - Trust Partners Trading Post3255,459,425,399ISKView Rank History
1602Reblier VI - Federation Navy Logistic Support325,449,781,961ISKView Rank History
1603WY-9LL IX - Moon 1 - Serpentis Corporation Reprocessing Facility215,448,488,250ISKView Rank History
16044-07MU V - Mistakes Have Been Made1075,446,132,904ISKView Rank History
1605Oppold VIII - Moon 12 - Imperial Armaments Factory1335,445,664,089ISKView Rank History
1606I-UUI5 IV - Moon 1 - Blessed Hidden Incum525,441,828,391ISKView Rank History
1607Abudban IX - Moon 7 - Brutor Tribe Bureau225,435,587,428ISKView Rank History
1608Sankkasen VII - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant1165,427,572,334ISKView Rank History
1609L-1HKR VIII - Sov Wand Production345,424,637,550ISKView Rank History
1610G-0Q86 V - Moon 5 - Archangels Logistic Support305,422,702,109ISKView Rank History
1611Mya IV - Moon 2 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities155,419,706,010ISKView Rank History
1612ZZZR-5 I - Station Nameloading495,412,678,056ISKView Rank History
1613Tividu III - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory1005,408,684,125ISKView Rank History
1614Sheroo X - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau2005,398,174,140ISKView Rank History
1615Uplingur II - Moon 1 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost235,396,640,447ISKView Rank History
1616TXW-EI VIII - Moon 8 - Aliastra Retail Center895,394,351,472ISKView Rank History
1617A8A-JN III - Le Garage285,390,883,067ISKView Rank History
16181DH-SX III - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support605,388,638,949ISKView Rank History
1619Kador Prime IX - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory845,388,548,994ISKView Rank History
1620Elgoi VIII - Moon 19 - Thukker Mix Factory1165,386,241,883ISKView Rank History
1621Q-ITV5 VI - QuIT Alts295,383,790,544ISKView Rank History
1622Ishomilken IX - Moon 4 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant115,378,844,068ISKView Rank History
1623Anchauttes III - Moon 13 - FedMart Retail Center585,378,485,556ISKView Rank History
1624Akkilen V - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory155,378,108,894ISKView Rank History
1625Jerma VIII - Moon 3 - Theology Council Tribunal2075,374,322,462ISKView Rank History
1626Eruka VIII - Moon 12 - Corporate Police Force Logistic Support515,373,409,931ISKView Rank History
1627K5F-Z2 VIII - Snatching Penguin LLC915,364,481,123ISKView Rank History
1628Heydieles III - Moon 13 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory865,362,634,151ISKView Rank History
1629Teshkat VI - Impro Factory245,361,702,812ISKView Rank History
1630Nasesharafa VIII - Moon 3 - Chemal Tech Warehouse115,358,143,394ISKView Rank History
1631Tanoo V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau285,348,721,049ISKView Rank History
1632Pasha VII - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School3515,337,810,686ISKView Rank History
16330B-HLZ X - 5 Star Clown Resort765,335,705,886ISKView Rank History
1634U-SOH2 VII - Fort Defiance385,332,508,681ISKView Rank History
16359CK-KZ III - 9CK Minni's tradehub945,329,428,849ISKView Rank History
1636Chej VI - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant1225,329,334,793ISKView Rank History
1637Arraron VII - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery1125,327,254,675ISKView Rank History
16386QBH-S IV - Moon 13 - True Power Mining Outpost425,319,920,053ISKView Rank History
1639OP9L-F IV - RIP Chaise Norman 1987-20151155,319,665,797ISKView Rank History
1640Waskisen VII - Moon 7 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory555,319,528,145ISKView Rank History
1641Sankkasen VII - Moon 6 - Science and Trade Institute School405,312,171,691ISKView Rank History
1642SHBF-V VI - WeedBeeDunkin865,312,118,423ISKView Rank History
1643DBRN-Z IX - DBRN Dungeon1095,311,499,906ISKView Rank History
1644SH1-6P VI - VOTE THE JUDGE FOR C S M XI545,309,936,800ISKView Rank History
1645Teonusude III - Moon 6 - Trust Partners Trading Post105,308,255,118ISKView Rank History
1646Alenia V - Moon 4 - Roden Shipyards Factory1825,302,726,893ISKView Rank History
1647Eystur VI - Republic Justice Department Tribunal255,301,929,308ISKView Rank History
1648Airaken V - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Academy1755,296,515,866ISKView Rank History
1649JE-VLG VI - Fafer's Red Light District905,293,694,209ISKView Rank History
1650Kakakela VII - Moon 16 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1565,293,662,227ISKView Rank History
1651NLO-3Z VI - NLO ne proletalo115,283,349,798ISKView Rank History
1652Aldik IV - Moon 1 - Nurtura Warehouse255,281,691,228ISKView Rank History
1653Scuelazyns VII - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory1415,281,388,731ISKView Rank History
1654BJ-ZFD VI - Freedom II705,276,439,473ISKView Rank History
1655F2OY-X III - F2OY-Xrated Tikles505,270,072,564ISKView Rank History
1656O-2RNZ VIII - The Walrus FTW305,255,696,989ISKView Rank History
1657Hophib VI - Moon 2 - Civic Court Law School535,249,302,266ISKView Rank History
1658Irjunen IV - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse205,247,336,587ISKView Rank History
1659U0W-DR V - Moist Molly's Oyster House1235,243,244,880ISKView Rank History
16607-PO3P VIII - ALMOST PRO1045,238,226,380ISKView Rank History
1661Chanoun III - Amarr Constructions Warehouse625,234,989,934ISKView Rank History
166246DP-O VIII - Name Me later1375,228,761,761ISKView Rank History
1663Evati IX - Moon 1 - DED Assembly Plant185,224,043,210ISKView Rank History
16646O-XIO V - Germany Fly Safe175,220,798,435ISKView Rank History
1665H74-B0 III - Moon 4 - Stevoo's Mum275,218,631,485ISKView Rank History
16666-OQJV III - HUSARION765,214,461,950ISKView Rank History
1667V7D-JD IX - Moon 17 - Archangels Assembly Plant1315,214,363,057ISKView Rank History
1668Kasi V - Moon 9 - Theology Council Tribunal1005,213,267,480ISKView Rank History
1669PUIG-F V - The Ride Shack1455,196,754,008ISKView Rank History
1670Villore VII - Moon 8 - Quafe Company Factory1125,194,174,458ISKView Rank History
1671Barleguet VII - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant105,187,691,242ISKView Rank History
1672Hatakani VI - Moon 4 - Hyasyoda Corporation Refinery425,184,634,636ISKView Rank History
1673MN5N-X VIII - Moon 15 - Archangels Assembly Plant505,175,279,616ISKView Rank History
16747KIK-H V - I'll Think Of One Later475,173,212,193ISKView Rank History
1675LX5K-W VII - Processing station565,172,539,217ISKView Rank History
1676Mesokel I - Federal Navy Academy185,161,319,163ISKView Rank History
16777T6P-C IX - 7Teens for 6Pastors105,160,142,829ISKView Rank History
1678006-L3 VII - C Luigi805,159,754,234ISKView Rank History
1679T-8UOF VII - Moon 2 - True Power Logistic Support1255,156,321,867ISKView Rank History
1680Jita IV - Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center145,152,727,222ISKView Rank History
168148I1-X VII - Ostatnia nadzieja305,140,861,338ISKView Rank History
168206-70G XII - 1 More To Go625,140,857,945ISKView Rank History
1683Mai V - Moon 13 - Freedom Extension Storage95,140,571,620ISKView Rank History
1684B-XJX4 VI - omg this station 605,139,156,060ISKView Rank History
1685Faurent V - Moon 2 - Federal Freight Storage535,137,025,013ISKView Rank History
1686Sooma X - CONCORD Academy145,131,738,882ISKView Rank History
1687P-ZWKH VII - Black and Deep Hole165,131,326,285ISKView Rank History
1688Endatoh VII - Moon 2 - Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant715,129,241,371ISKView Rank History
16897-PO3P VIII - ALMOST PRO2655,124,199,168ISKView Rank History
1690Stacmon X - Moon 1 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices205,118,629,868ISKView Rank History
1691C3N-3S IV - Spacekitteh the Keeper of Tacos705,118,622,968ISKView Rank History
1692Tartoken V - Moon 8 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant805,113,883,208ISKView Rank History
1693Gensela IX - Carthum Conglomerate Warehouse175,109,096,420ISKView Rank History
1694Octanneve III - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistic Support425,107,379,660ISKView Rank History
1695Huola X - Moon 2 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1155,102,199,903ISKView Rank History
1696Anchauttes III - Moon 13 - FedMart Retail Center595,095,042,487ISKView Rank History
1697Kor-Azor Prime II - Kor-Azor Family Bureau435,094,800,557ISKView Rank History
1698Maila VI - Moon 1 - Zainou Biotech Production245,089,339,500ISKView Rank History
1699BK4-YC IV - Ostrogothica605,086,688,963ISKView Rank History
1700IO-R2S IX - No more Air1115,080,251,261ISKView Rank History
1701Maspah V - Moon 6 - DED Assembly Plant295,073,221,990ISKView Rank History
1702Nourvukaiken VII - Moon 14 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1615,069,206,987ISKView Rank History
1703SY0W-2 III - Hello from The OSS185,068,408,108ISKView Rank History
1704Isaziwa VII - Perkone Factory1045,060,805,720ISKView Rank History
1705Heydieles IV - Moon 19 - Duvolle Laboratories Warehouse275,055,696,124ISKView Rank History
1706Kubinen VI - Moon 2 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory115,055,563,848ISKView Rank History
1707Halmah IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Assembly Plant305,053,046,279ISKView Rank History
1708Aurohunen III - Zainou Biotech Production235,044,676,082ISKView Rank History
1709DG-8VJ IV - Moon 3 - AVALON-1785,044,382,300ISKView Rank History
1710Egghelende V - Moon 13 - University of Caille1115,041,001,419ISKView Rank History
1711Seil IV - Moon 9 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices1385,038,498,638ISKView Rank History
1712Zehru IX - Moon 4 - Viziam Factory565,037,495,055ISKView Rank History
1713Z-SR1I VI - Mos Eisley Spaceport585,036,444,453ISKView Rank History
1714Olo I - Moon 1 - Expert Housing Warehouse195,030,389,007ISKView Rank History
1715Muvolailen VIII - Rapid Assembly Factory145,026,295,979ISKView Rank History
1716Nonni IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant665,025,401,238ISKView Rank History
1717FAT-6P VIII - Moon 1 - FAT SWOOB755,021,613,423ISKView Rank History
1718Murini II - Moon 6 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse1625,015,954,331ISKView Rank History
1719Nonni V - Lai Dai Corporation Factory435,009,578,933ISKView Rank History
1720Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities1735,001,974,633ISKView Rank History
1721Bika V - Moon 1 - CreoDron Warehouse55,001,107,100ISKView Rank History
1722Klingt IX - CONCORD Assembly Plant25,000,000,000ISKView Rank History
1723Juunigaishi X - Moon 5 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant624,997,726,356ISKView Rank History
1724Arzi X - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production744,997,137,333ISKView Rank History
1725HM-XR2 V - Nunavut764,994,594,526ISKView Rank History
17261M4-FK VII - Khanid Terrorist Encampment2904,991,550,614ISKView Rank History
1727Shafrak VIII - Moon 9 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant464,982,679,613ISKView Rank History
1728Egbinger V - CONCORD Treasury414,982,562,946ISKView Rank History
1729Dakba I - Ardishapur Family Academy394,979,398,623ISKView Rank History
1730QFEW-K V - Moon 1 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery474,978,369,102ISKView Rank History
1731Shamahi IX - Moon 12 - CONCORD Bureau304,978,353,223ISKView Rank History
1732V2-VC2 II - Moon 5 - Hematology Advancement Center1044,977,173,908ISKView Rank History
1733Vestouve IX - Moon 11 - Aliastra Warehouse184,976,791,897ISKView Rank History
173449GC-R VI - THRINACIA774,975,237,171ISKView Rank History
1735C3-0YD IV - Pew Pew Land974,974,598,002ISKView Rank History
1736Alentene VII - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery1724,959,025,037ISKView Rank History
1737Eram V - Moon 2 - Eifyr and Co. Biotech Production444,958,508,969ISKView Rank History
17380UBC-R VI - No less than TWELVE FCON spais784,956,874,997ISKView Rank History
1739AAM-1A II - Moon 11 - Archangels Testing Facilities584,952,280,636ISKView Rank History
1740XUW-3X VIII - Camping Mermaid164,947,479,646ISKView Rank History
1741Jorund VII - Moon 2 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery834,944,964,853ISKView Rank History
1742Paara I - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support804,939,558,867ISKView Rank History
1743NG-M8K III - Tetonic Shift1024,934,237,329ISKView Rank History
1744Orvolle VII - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support494,931,867,544ISKView Rank History
1745Scolluzer XI - Moon 4 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio154,926,419,986ISKView Rank History
17463D-CQU VII - CNO Kimotoro Dreams624,924,304,582ISKView Rank History
1747Aikantoh I - Caldari Constructions Foundry134,920,786,371ISKView Rank History
17485-6QW7 VII - Moon 3 - Wubba Lubba Dub Dubs544,917,971,103ISKView Rank History
1749Dresi I - Moon 18 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant284,916,514,742ISKView Rank History
1750Nakugard V - Moon 12 - Krusual Tribe Bureau604,911,288,415ISKView Rank History
1751Jel I - Roden Shipyards Warehouse814,905,211,131ISKView Rank History
1752Vullat VII - Moon 9 - Republic Parliament Academy404,900,570,030ISKView Rank History
1753H8-ZTO VI - Moon 5 - W U E R S T C H E N B U D E1024,898,371,232ISKView Rank History
1754RQNF-9 XI - Bear's Den724,897,195,440ISKView Rank History
1755K5F-Z2 VIII - Snatching Penguin LLC1074,892,273,354ISKView Rank History
1756Asoutar V - Moon 5 - Theology Council Accounting94,889,419,380ISKView Rank History
1757Vecamia VII - Moon 5 - Imperial Shipment Storage324,885,454,895ISKView Rank History
1758Alillere IV - Aliastra Retail Center1934,884,871,211ISKView Rank History
1759Sahtogas IV - Moon 2 - Amarr Navy Logistic Support564,884,217,800ISKView Rank History
1760Raneilles III - DED Assembly Plant584,877,989,569ISKView Rank History
1761Utopia VI - Moon 12 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery894,872,615,184ISKView Rank History
17620-U2M4 IV - 0-U2M4 Tortuga584,870,805,309ISKView Rank History
1763Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille1534,867,132,398ISKView Rank History
17645J-UEX IV - Moon 1 - True Creations Assembly Plant244,864,061,697ISKView Rank History
1765B9E-H6 I - Lost In Utter Darkness654,859,610,594ISKView Rank History
1766KMC-WI VI - Krystal Empire204,859,518,626ISKView Rank History
17673LL-O0 VIII - 3LL-O0 - Blackjack and Hookers144,853,602,450ISKView Rank History
17682WU-XT V - 2WU-XT - Hookah Lounge374,853,487,622ISKView Rank History
17690T-LIB V - Moon 6 - True Creations Testing Facilities634,851,974,841ISKView Rank History
1770Atioth III - With love to Emma Stone2684,844,372,177ISKView Rank History
1771XKM-DE X - Pandoras BPX844,842,292,522ISKView Rank History
17723V8-LJ IV - GRRRR MOA1044,841,655,895ISKView Rank History
1773IWZ3-C I - Nero Talvanen's Citadel1484,830,092,331ISKView Rank History
1774MB-NKE VII - AN MY's Haven494,825,775,118ISKView Rank History
1775FAT-6P VIII - Moon 1 - FAT SWOOB484,824,075,899ISKView Rank History
1776GJ0-OJ IV - Tune in this summer324,822,187,119ISKView Rank History
1777I-ME3L V - Moon 1 - True Creations Testing Facilities904,817,317,112ISKView Rank History
1778L-SCBU IV - Horde L-S Outpost174,815,305,268ISKView Rank History
1779Hakonen VII - Moon 7 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1184,807,441,566ISKView Rank History
17800-W778 VII - Moon 2 - BLUES RULE644,805,350,096ISKView Rank History
1781Choonka X - Moon 6 - Imperial Armaments Factory804,804,725,599ISKView Rank History
1782Neziel I - DED Assembly Plant614,801,005,726ISKView Rank History
1783Taisy III - Minedrill Refinery794,788,703,362ISKView Rank History
1784Sirppala I - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse174,788,274,430ISKView Rank History
1785Amarr VIII (Oris) - Moon 4 - Expert Distribution Retail Center644,787,041,914ISKView Rank History
1786NOL-M9 VI - Moon 2 - Otto's Gimp Dungeon1084,785,963,902ISKView Rank History
1787Kor-Azor Prime IV (Eclipticum) - Moon Griklaeum - Ishukone Corporation Factory284,784,307,749ISKView Rank History
1788Dihra V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support844,784,096,094ISKView Rank History
1789Y-OMTZ VII - Noragens Lack of dedication824,783,686,024ISKView Rank History
1790Adacyne IV - Moon 14 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices314,783,263,076ISKView Rank History
1791F-TE1T XV - Trash Panda Alley954,781,014,662ISKView Rank History
1792QFGB-E III - K A M C H A T K A264,778,484,286ISKView Rank History
1793Amarr VIII (Oris) - Moon 4 - Expert Distribution Retail Center434,769,611,905ISKView Rank History
1794Merolles IX - Moon 15 - Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve404,768,824,343ISKView Rank History
1795Aurohunen III - Zainou Biotech Production244,768,087,837ISKView Rank History
1796Faspera I - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities234,767,144,459ISKView Rank History
1797Toustain VI - Moon 16 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant304,766,467,800ISKView Rank History
1798Myyhera III - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support1594,760,717,268ISKView Rank History
1799ZAU-JW VII - Master Kents Respite Home1614,758,244,122ISKView Rank History
1800Jel V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory1414,758,145,154ISKView Rank History
1801CS-ZGD VIII - All White Meat554,755,909,458ISKView Rank History
1802C-LTXS V - Nick's Nookie Nest734,753,299,501ISKView Rank History
1803QS-530 XI - BaRS Orbital Station 194,752,276,005ISKView Rank History
1804YZ-UKA V - We are Charlie424,749,954,321ISKView Rank History
1805QCGG-Q VII - JSC's Tuning Fork154,749,174,294ISKView Rank History
1806O-9G5Y X - Stelios Lied NAGA Died304,747,988,860ISKView Rank History
1807Sobaseki X - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1014,747,123,740ISKView Rank History
18083-LJW3 VII - ELOISA SERAPHINA FOR C-S-M934,743,286,375ISKView Rank History
1809RNM-Y6 X - New Molden Heath534,742,017,774ISKView Rank History
1810I3Q-II VII - Moon 2 - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant394,737,256,051ISKView Rank History
1811X6AB-Y V - Aralis Immortalis1184,734,096,540ISKView Rank History
1812Dal I - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support724,733,711,002ISKView Rank History
1813Eygfe VII - Moon 19 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery504,732,494,518ISKView Rank History
1814Vevelonel VI - Moon 3 - Material Acquisition Mineral Reserve164,730,478,873ISKView Rank History
1815Assah VII - Moon 7 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant344,705,811,483ISKView Rank History
1816KW-OAM IX - Goko is Awesome134,703,735,308ISKView Rank History
1817NY6-FH VIII - VIOL8-COME AND TAKE IT594,702,938,009ISKView Rank History
1818Atoosh VII - Moon 2 - Zoar and Sons Factory244,700,595,743ISKView Rank History
1819Bairshir IV - Moon 11 - Thukker Mix Factory184,698,830,523ISKView Rank History
1820Hek IV - Krusual Tribe Bureau534,696,973,915ISKView Rank History
1821Perimeter II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1184,693,125,341ISKView Rank History
1822QETZ-W I - The Private Sanctum1524,691,916,863ISKView Rank History
1823CNHV-M VII - AMENTET PRIME64,691,450,764ISKView Rank History
1824P7-45V IV - Moon 3 - New Home634,660,579,730ISKView Rank History
1825Y-ZXIO V - Y-ZXI0h no we took your station994,658,080,199ISKView Rank History
1826Aulbres VII - CONCORD Bureau244,641,650,493ISKView Rank History
1827Furskeshin V - Moon 2 - Ministry of Internal Order Logistic Support544,640,807,800ISKView Rank History
1828ZUE-NS VIII - KPbCTHuKbT na more194,639,024,042ISKView Rank History
1829Sahda VII - Moon 2 - Aliastra Retail Center124,633,504,800ISKView Rank History
1830AP9-LV II - Glory to Tittanokiller484,630,725,246ISKView Rank History
1831PQRE-W IV - And we're back154,628,404,545ISKView Rank History
1832ROIR-Y II - Sisters of EVE Bureau854,628,207,977ISKView Rank History
1833Masanuh V - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory124,627,858,325ISKView Rank History
1834Azerakish XII - Moon 3 - Imperial Shipment Storage1344,605,642,437ISKView Rank History
1835Ostingele VIII - Moon 3 - FedMart Warehouse364,600,474,028ISKView Rank History
1836Jita VII - Moon 2 - Caldari Business Tribunal Law School124,596,228,429ISKView Rank History
1837Okkamon III - Home Guard Assembly Plant154,595,628,464ISKView Rank History
18389CG6-H VIII - Moon 4 - Agony Bar 'n' Grill1214,591,905,254ISKView Rank History
1839Prism VII - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant264,585,469,361ISKView Rank History
1840Anin IX - Moon 13 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant914,579,168,705ISKView Rank History
1841Akkio V - Moon 6 - Caldari Funds Unlimited Vault894,578,558,178ISKView Rank History
1842Actee I - Duvolle Laboratories Factory774,572,588,613ISKView Rank History
1843Tratokard IV - Moon 2 - Republic Parliament Bureau154,565,524,509ISKView Rank History
1844N-DQ0D IV - Trust Partners Trading Post574,563,863,475ISKView Rank History
1845Kor-Azor Prime V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1754,562,715,268ISKView Rank History
1846Nonni I - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant794,558,763,321ISKView Rank History
1847Kakakela VII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant414,555,428,849ISKView Rank History
1848Jan V - Moon 10 - Mercantile Club Bureau204,553,679,395ISKView Rank History
1849L-5JCJ VIII - Mindframe's Movable Midpoint884,551,150,189ISKView Rank History
1850Samanuni III - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory894,550,738,738ISKView Rank History
1851CVY-UC IX - Moon 17 - Serpentis Corporation Reprocessing Facility414,550,540,921ISKView Rank History
1852Rens VI - Six Kin Development Warehouse664,548,209,444ISKView Rank History
1853ZLZ-1Z IV - Moon 3 - It Ain't Easy Being ZLZ1044,546,703,171ISKView Rank History
1854Gulfonodi X - Moon 13 - Republic Fleet Logistic Support664,543,578,665ISKView Rank History
1855UC3H-Y III - Cartel Warehouse734,541,958,177ISKView Rank History
1856Uemisaisen V - Moon 5 - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant464,534,847,853ISKView Rank History
1857ZA0L-U VIII - CaptLFStern's Manlove Emporium544,528,365,093ISKView Rank History
1858LJ-YSW VII - Moon 11 - Dominations Logistic Support114,527,738,250ISKView Rank History
1859A24L-V V - Tulips Windmills and Clogs1814,521,490,464ISKView Rank History
1860Balle VII - Moon 17 - Center for Advanced Studies School1214,519,606,981ISKView Rank History
1861Maila III - Moon 1 - Caldari Funds Unlimited Depository134,519,601,440ISKView Rank History
1862Slays VII - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices134,519,570,754ISKView Rank History
1863995-3G V - Moon 5 - FREE DOCK1064,518,203,892ISKView Rank History
1864Messoya VIII - Moon 6 - CreoDron Factory494,517,678,986ISKView Rank History
1865T-8UOF VII - Moon 2 - True Power Logistic Support924,515,319,047ISKView Rank History
1866FO8M-2 III - Nick is flamboyant504,513,768,460ISKView Rank History
1867A8A-JN III - Le Garage64,512,477,877ISKView Rank History
1868Eurgrana VIII - Moon 18 - Sebiestor Tribe Academy1054,508,227,551ISKView Rank History
1869S-NJBB I - S-No Drama1214,503,679,420ISKView Rank History
1870IWZ3-C I - Nero Talvanen's Citadel624,500,845,810ISKView Rank History
18715-VFC6 III - HUD164,499,308,143ISKView Rank History
1872Osmon IV - Moon 5 - Science and Trade Institute School74,498,758,955ISKView Rank History
1873Taff V - Moon 16 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant284,490,076,439ISKView Rank History
1874Kulelen V - Moon 4 - School of Applied Knowledge1394,488,579,133ISKView Rank History
1875Hykanima I - State Protectorate Logistic Support934,481,469,582ISKView Rank History
1876D5IW-F VIII - Moon 2 - Chemal Tech Factory1094,476,831,677ISKView Rank History
1877Isie V - Minedrill Mining Outpost274,468,850,840ISKView Rank History
1878Kasrasi IX - Moon 7 - DED Assembly Plant1014,468,790,071ISKView Rank History
1879EQI2-2 IX - EQuite Contrary684,467,818,325ISKView Rank History
1880Minin VI - Moon 9 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant174,465,352,393ISKView Rank History
1881QBL-BV IX - 54 Chemin de Fer664,459,151,962ISKView Rank History
18821-5GBW VII - Apostoli Kiralysag Szekesegyhaz274,456,440,736ISKView Rank History
1883Evati II - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal1794,455,544,522ISKView Rank History
1884Inghenges V - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory544,453,315,414ISKView Rank History
1885W-MPTH III - ITS TOO FAR1544,451,411,544ISKView Rank History
1886MA-VDX VII - NANUK Moccasin Assembly214,451,052,999ISKView Rank History
1887BPK-XK V - Moon 20 - Archangels Logistic Support514,443,731,576ISKView Rank History
1888Y-MPWL VII - Evictus Hotel714,443,357,278ISKView Rank History
1889ZXJ-71 VIII - Become an Partner44,440,646,598ISKView Rank History
18901I5-0V X - SF 1i5104,436,383,113ISKView Rank History
1891G-GRSZ VIII - House of Nova1874,436,067,933ISKView Rank History
1892Augnais VI - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production634,433,664,434ISKView Rank History
1893UQ-PWD III - Home of the Demon Clown Legion384,433,574,494ISKView Rank History
1894MVUO-F I - Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard204,431,415,384ISKView Rank History
1895DW-T2I VI - Rise of the Samurai134,430,147,115ISKView Rank History
1896Tolle VI - Moon 19 - Federal Administration Information Center344,427,626,001ISKView Rank History
1897Chaven VIII - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy804,421,745,849ISKView Rank History
1898Nahol VII - Moon 6 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant264,418,036,599ISKView Rank History
1899Amamake II - Expert Distribution Warehouse474,413,919,749ISKView Rank History
1900Gelfiven III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant294,411,746,918ISKView Rank History
1901Ghesis V - Moon 13 - CreoDron Factory564,410,523,027ISKView Rank History
1902BUZ-DB VIII - A Really Bad Station1194,405,350,255ISKView Rank History
1903Sarenemi V - Home Guard Assembly Plant194,400,711,184ISKView Rank History
1904Trossere VII - Moon 3 - University of Caille3894,399,306,053ISKView Rank History
1905Olfeim II - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities134,392,774,038ISKView Rank History
1906Riavayed X - Moon 1 - Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center74,391,451,126ISKView Rank History
1907GB-6X5 VI - The Unsinkable Station374,386,013,979ISKView Rank History
1908Tarta IX - Moon 14 - DED Assembly Plant854,383,517,023ISKView Rank History
1909Podion VIII - Moon 15 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost344,380,879,856ISKView Rank History
19105S-KXA XI - 5S Hero of the giants404,378,946,949ISKView Rank History
1911Jarizza VI - Moon 1 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau954,373,134,698ISKView Rank History
1912ZOYW-O X - What Jon Snow knows294,371,776,048ISKView Rank History
1913Sharhelund VIII - Moon 5 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant1954,370,594,964ISKView Rank History
1914Kheram V - Moon 6 - Ishukone Corporation Factory124,368,310,992ISKView Rank History
1915Azer VI - Moon 2 - FedMart Storage1884,365,740,665ISKView Rank History
1916Dresi II - Royal Amarr Institute School424,364,135,828ISKView Rank History
1917ZJ-QOO I - WALKA WALKA WALKA654,360,665,154ISKView Rank History
1918Egbinger XII - CONCORD Academy394,353,960,272ISKView Rank History
1919Warouh VII - Moon 1 - CreoDron Factory484,345,677,151ISKView Rank History
1920Halle VII - Moon 1 - Roden Shipyards Factory744,341,340,221ISKView Rank History
1921BUZ-DB VIII - A Really Bad Station954,340,936,706ISKView Rank History
1922WEQT-K I - Moon 12 - True Power Mineral Reserve254,338,704,241ISKView Rank History
1923Zatamaka VII - Moon 2 - CONCORD Bureau74,338,459,595ISKView Rank History
1924C-PEWN VIII - B R E S T294,337,056,614ISKView Rank History
1925Barleguet VII - Moon 6 - Center for Advanced Studies School324,333,482,713ISKView Rank History
1926LQ-AHE VIII - Echoes in the Dark794,329,072,178ISKView Rank History
1927Olettiers VII - Moon 2 - Expert Distribution Retail Center104,327,700,970ISKView Rank History
1928B-6STA V - l'Ile aux enfants514,325,931,084ISKView Rank History
1929Enderailen VIII - Moon 3 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant34,324,449,998ISKView Rank History
1930Baviasi IX - Moon 2 - Ishukone Corporation Factory354,322,496,482ISKView Rank History
1931Arasare V - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant674,321,726,194ISKView Rank History
1932Danera IV - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant434,318,863,225ISKView Rank History
1933Tash-Murkon Prime III - Moon 1 - DED Assembly Plant704,318,668,036ISKView Rank History
1934Uchat X - Moon 18 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant374,318,443,526ISKView Rank History
1935Abudban IX - Moon 7 - Brutor Tribe Bureau334,314,969,773ISKView Rank History
1936Kaunokka II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities924,313,745,342ISKView Rank History
1937I-MGAB VI - BROADMOORS NAUGHTY HOUSE754,312,239,406ISKView Rank History
1938Nererut II - Moon 1 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant94,312,060,780ISKView Rank History
1939G3D-ZT V - The Sword of Destiny174,305,972,287ISKView Rank History
1940Kulu X - Moon 16 - Royal Amarr Institute School294,304,733,482ISKView Rank History
1941KFR-ZE VII - Moon 6 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant274,295,032,724ISKView Rank History
1942Covryn VI - Moon 12 - Duvolle Laboratories Warehouse144,289,108,279ISKView Rank History
1943Antem VI - Moon 7 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant374,286,698,451ISKView Rank History
19449-4RP2 IV - Moon 2 - Lost a Hic to rats at gate1724,286,140,574ISKView Rank History
1945M5-CGW III - Scroll Lock Groove Inn1354,285,721,953ISKView Rank History
1946Finanar X - Moon 15 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve524,279,129,755ISKView Rank History
1947Yvangier V - TransStellar Shipping Storage134,270,108,704ISKView Rank History
1948Otsasai VIII - Moon 18 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant134,269,539,999ISKView Rank History
1949Vehan V - Moon 1 - Ministry of War Archives214,264,309,519ISKView Rank History
1950Mormelot I - CONCORD Testing Facilities154,260,247,029ISKView Rank History
1951TPG-DD X - OMG Station274,257,169,181ISKView Rank History
1952Oppold VI - Moon 16 - Republic Parliament Bureau1094,255,428,849ISKView Rank History
1953Yashunen V - Moon 1 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Warehouse954,252,264,592ISKView Rank History
1954Illamur III - Expert Distribution Retail Center184,251,634,880ISKView Rank History
19551-SMEB V - Welcome to Delve1074,247,705,840ISKView Rank History
1956Zanka V - Moon 9 - Sarum Family Testing Facilities74,241,682,515ISKView Rank History
195723M-PX III - FWC mute Aristash forever644,240,687,742ISKView Rank History
1958JEQG-7 IV - Gallifrey One664,237,322,836ISKView Rank History
1959Korama II - Moon 7 - Perkone Warehouse274,236,960,900ISKView Rank History
1960Aghesi VI - Moon 10 - Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices664,236,402,860ISKView Rank History
19617P-J38 VIII - Chelyabinsk404,225,161,988ISKView Rank History
1962MJXW-P IV - CA HQ374,224,870,170ISKView Rank History
1963V2-VC2 II - Moon 5 - Hematology Advancement Center1094,222,047,538ISKView Rank History
1964Frarn VI - Moon 18 - Brutor Tribe Bureau1934,216,553,669ISKView Rank History
1965Isinokka V - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities1224,213,017,829ISKView Rank History
19664O-ZRI VIII - Kuznica BLYA394,211,594,094ISKView Rank History
1967Nahyeen VI - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant1274,211,082,003ISKView Rank History
1968S25C-K VI - Origami Dimsum Bar and Grill994,209,712,804ISKView Rank History
1969Vlillirier VII - Roden Shipyards Factory1144,208,882,324ISKView Rank History
1970Goudiyah VIII - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support184,206,921,640ISKView Rank History
1971KW-OAM IX - Goko is Awesome894,202,083,868ISKView Rank History
19720OTX-J III - The Raza Bastion Rozkoszy 1564,201,899,799ISKView Rank History
1973Dal I - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support1084,197,916,825ISKView Rank History
1974Vaurent II - Quafe Company Factory294,196,864,833ISKView Rank History
1975Amygnon VIII - Moon 5 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility2734,193,417,727ISKView Rank History
1976Otsela VI - Moon 17 - Genolution Biotech Production294,186,220,920ISKView Rank History
1977Samanuni XI - Caldari Navy Warehouse944,183,518,281ISKView Rank History
1978Saikamon VI - Moon 2 - Carthum Conglomerate Production Plant44,181,868,300ISKView Rank History
1979Antem VI - Moon 7 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant644,180,656,442ISKView Rank History
1980Mateber IX - Moon 15 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery184,179,263,459ISKView Rank History
1981SI-I89 VII - Niflheim I9B-8X864,176,218,833ISKView Rank History
1982Hodrold VII - Moon 8 - Thukker Mix Factory444,175,034,370ISKView Rank History
1983J-CIJV VII - Moon 14 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1374,174,353,002ISKView Rank History
1984Mateber IX - Moon 15 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery204,166,116,627ISKView Rank History
1985Kor-Azor Prime II - Moon 1 - Joint Harvesting Plantation44,159,453,950ISKView Rank History
1986QSCO-D III - QSCO-D Station584,158,479,004ISKView Rank History
1987W5-205 VI - Russian base604,157,552,000ISKView Rank History
1988AY-24I VIII - Amarr Retribution534,157,335,956ISKView Rank History
1989Halaima VIII - Moon 17 - Mercantile Club Bureau464,156,705,096ISKView Rank History
1990R3-K7K III - Carillopulsut Ulkomailla174,155,836,308ISKView Rank History
19910-R5TS VI - Apply Here To Become DOGFT CEO94,145,327,848ISKView Rank History
1992V0DF-2 V - CO2 Refinery574,139,858,015ISKView Rank History
19938EF-58 I - Arch Angel Prime 1064,138,138,008ISKView Rank History
1994Grinacanne I - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant404,136,032,483ISKView Rank History
1995Neesher VI - Moon 20 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant704,133,935,661ISKView Rank History
1996N-RMSH VII - Italian Gang space Barracks664,132,669,179ISKView Rank History
1997F-NXLQ III - The House of Elam Kaundur1494,121,687,710ISKView Rank History
1998Akes V - Moon 2 - Emperor Family Academy484,119,142,936ISKView Rank History
1999Sieh III - Moon 16 - Joint Harvesting Mining Outpost1094,117,335,436ISKView Rank History
2000Emolgranlan V - Moon 3 - Quafe Company Warehouse144,104,611,194ISKView Rank History
2001LJ-YSW IV - Moon 2 - Serpentis Corporation Reprocessing Facility594,104,107,439ISKView Rank History
2002K1I1-J X - ViaSacra734,102,141,158ISKView Rank History
2003Sigga VIII - Moon 15 - Sisters of EVE Bureau474,096,978,391ISKView Rank History
200405R-7A X - O5R-There any games304,096,654,234ISKView Rank History
20059OLQ-6 V - MAIN VEIN434,078,549,489ISKView Rank History
2006Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal2554,065,964,148ISKView Rank History
2007Uplingur II - Moon 1 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost524,063,079,989ISKView Rank History
2008Ostingele VIII - Moon 3 - FedMart Warehouse154,062,689,438ISKView Rank History
2009L-Z9NB V - Lazy PRIME354,061,829,489ISKView Rank History
2010Madirmilire VI - Moon 12 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant654,058,691,666ISKView Rank History
2011Eystur III - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory1994,055,697,778ISKView Rank History
201201TG-J IV - ABTO3ABO4CKA5I314,054,971,266ISKView Rank History
2013Ignebaener IV - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support664,053,644,645ISKView Rank History
2014CH9L-K VI - Now Entering Branch354,051,052,432ISKView Rank History
2015Torrinos VI - Moon 16 - Home Guard Logistic Support284,042,665,932ISKView Rank History
20169CG6-H VIII - Moon 4 - Agony Bar 'n' Grill954,042,101,934ISKView Rank History
2017S9X-AX III - Sol Ciel704,041,625,776ISKView Rank History
2018Uplingur III - Moon 8 - Nurtura Plantation94,035,781,486ISKView Rank History
2019U-HYZN VI - Brave Name Please Ignore 1104,031,750,678ISKView Rank History
2020Decon VI - Moon 10 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant274,028,204,610ISKView Rank History
2021Pemene VI - Moon 10 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory44,023,008,817ISKView Rank History
2022Ishkad VIII - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities214,014,670,006ISKView Rank History
2023Hophib III - Civic Court Law School524,012,268,152ISKView Rank History
2024Adacyne III - Moon 14 - Federal Administration Information Center354,006,136,718ISKView Rank History
2025Alenia V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory444,003,728,603ISKView Rank History
2026GB-6X5 VI - The Unsinkable Station124,003,097,712ISKView Rank History
2027Clorteler II - Moon 1 - FedMart Warehouse244,002,685,715ISKView Rank History
2028D-P1EH VI - SIUCH444,001,017,542ISKView Rank History
2029IFJ-EL VI - Cafe Du Monde264,000,759,125ISKView Rank History
2030W-VXL9 IV - Moon 21 - True Creations Assembly Plant454,000,390,547ISKView Rank History
2031Neesher VI - Moon 15 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant354,000,133,743ISKView Rank History
2032A-G1FM III - GOT SOV73,999,358,112ISKView Rank History
2033Harerget V - Moon 1 - CreoDron Factory763,997,296,430ISKView Rank History
2034Asabona IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau203,996,441,960ISKView Rank History
2035Nare IV - Moon 6 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production903,991,156,905ISKView Rank History
2036Masalle VIII - Moon 1 - X-Sense Chemical Refinery383,986,792,501ISKView Rank History
2037Gelfiven IX - Moon 17 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant1443,983,443,550ISKView Rank History
2038Siyi VI - Tash-Murkon Family Academy323,981,543,771ISKView Rank History
2039L-TLFU VII - L-TLFU Station1403,977,937,827ISKView Rank History
2040Zemalu IX - Moon 2 - Thukker Mix Factory593,976,869,710ISKView Rank History
2041UJY-HE III - BestPortLandia103,974,505,165ISKView Rank History
2042Ardallabier III - Moon 14 - CreoDron Factory553,974,318,556ISKView Rank History
2043XS-K1O IX - Nosec Pleasure Hub983,971,920,500ISKView Rank History
2044Lasleinur VI - Moon 15 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory93,971,203,479ISKView Rank History
2045ZO-YJZ X - ZO-YJZ Station63,965,850,000ISKView Rank History
2046Actee III - Bank of Luminaire Depository163,965,499,743ISKView Rank History
2047Goram VIII - Moon 4 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory253,961,888,840ISKView Rank History
2048Aliette VII - Moon 25 - Aliastra Warehouse113,961,063,813ISKView Rank History
20493GXF-U IV - Roach Motel903,960,768,053ISKView Rank History
2050Yong VII - Moon 6 - Civic Court Accounting413,958,083,480ISKView Rank History
2051Utopia VI - Moon 12 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery643,955,542,038ISKView Rank History
2052Illinfrik VII - Moon 12 - Pator Tech School373,954,550,712ISKView Rank History
2053Ardar IV - Moon 2 - Thukker Mix Factory483,954,048,383ISKView Rank History
2054W-CSFY V - W-CSFY Station1103,944,196,807ISKView Rank History
2055O-BY0Y IV - O-BudLyte you naughty boy283,944,189,542ISKView Rank History
2056Eruka V - Moon 5 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost43,941,969,264ISKView Rank History
2057QCGG-Q VII - JSC's Tuning Fork393,934,475,083ISKView Rank History
2058B-U299 VII - No Home For Traitors263,934,237,499ISKView Rank History
2059Osmomonne VI - Moon 6 - Combined Harvest Warehouse113,926,545,019ISKView Rank History
2060Octanneve V - Sisters of EVE Bureau243,920,495,387ISKView Rank History
2061H6-EYX VII - SOCKS TO BE YOU453,917,657,524ISKView Rank History
2062Augnais VI - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production1213,913,171,481ISKView Rank History
2063EZA-FM IV - Moon 16 - Thukker Mix Factory333,911,657,618ISKView Rank History
2064G-M5L3 VII - OEG Pub303,910,056,760ISKView Rank History
2065HJ-BCH VII - TRESS FOR MOOSE WRANGLER1353,907,985,410ISKView Rank History
2066J-CIJV VII - Moon 14 - Sisters of EVE Bureau1573,900,760,390ISKView Rank History
2067B-DBYQ II - I don't care about kb stats603,899,879,663ISKView Rank History
2068NZW-ZO VII - Moon 1 - The Anthill473,897,234,042ISKView Rank History
2069MN5N-X VIII - Moon 15 - Archangels Assembly Plant803,894,432,482ISKView Rank History
2070Arvasaras II - Moon 1 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant653,889,378,145ISKView Rank History
2071Thakala III - Moon 21 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility133,888,303,875ISKView Rank History
2072CL-1JE V - Moon 15 - Salvation Angels Chemical Refinery243,886,479,777ISKView Rank History
2073W-IIYI X - Shade Milith's small W-II W-II193,885,802,739ISKView Rank History
207437S-KO VI - Moon 14 - True Creations Assembly Plant473,884,945,427ISKView Rank History
2075UB5Z-3 II - Moon 1 - S M O L E N S K53,883,656,596ISKView Rank History
2076Karjataimon V - Moon 19 - State and Region Bank Depository133,882,376,950ISKView Rank History
2077Naga X - Moon 16 - Genolution Biotech Production353,878,120,565ISKView Rank History
2078MA-XAP IV - Don't dock in this kickout nerds1093,878,114,429ISKView Rank History
2079Teonusude VI - Imperial Armaments Factory433,876,348,283ISKView Rank History
2080Ashokon XII - Moon 2 - Zoar and Sons Factory1543,875,025,261ISKView Rank History
2081Thashkarai VI - Zoar and Sons Factory873,874,945,096ISKView Rank History
20823BK-O7 VIII - Moon 1 - Andurel1's Retirement Home633,872,841,283ISKView Rank History
2083Yiratal VIII - Moon 4 - The Scope Publisher113,872,431,352ISKView Rank History
2084JEIV-E X - Zitadelle des Lichts803,872,351,160ISKView Rank History
2085Hophib VI - Moon 3 - Ministry of War Archives53,859,441,620ISKView Rank History
2086Elonaya X - Moon 4 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1223,856,993,649ISKView Rank History
2087NZW-ZO VII - Moon 1 - The Anthill683,856,847,208ISKView Rank History
20884DH-ST V - Luke Skywalker - Is Kylo Ren463,854,577,125ISKView Rank History
2089GZ1-A1 VI - Impass Outpost433,853,691,292ISKView Rank History
20901M4-FK VII - Khanid Terrorist Encampment1533,850,955,891ISKView Rank History
2091Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory643,849,858,200ISKView Rank History
2092Kor-Azor Prime IV (Eclipticum) - Moon Griklaeum - Kor-Azor Family Bureau243,847,439,200ISKView Rank History
2093Adacyne III - Moon 14 - Federal Administration Information Center413,846,747,095ISKView Rank History
2094Sirppala I - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse193,845,951,510ISKView Rank History
2095Mehatoor VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support973,845,527,789ISKView Rank History
2096Fensi VI - Moon 10 - CBD Corporation Storage223,844,730,855ISKView Rank History
2097Okkamon VII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant783,842,337,435ISKView Rank History
2098Hatakani VII - Moon 18 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant253,840,524,955ISKView Rank History
2099Skarkon III - Moon 14 - Republic Parliament Bureau393,838,157,209ISKView Rank History
2100PI5-39 X - Eldorado Biergarten513,837,710,605ISKView Rank History
21013Q-VZA IX - IT'S RANE'N MEN223,832,791,526ISKView Rank History
2102FJ-GUR IV - The Crab Shack563,830,356,490ISKView Rank History
2103Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory133,829,041,752ISKView Rank History
2104Thakala III - Moon 2 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility143,825,584,026ISKView Rank History
2105Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Federal Administration Information Center203,814,316,702ISKView Rank History
2106Aivonen VI - State Protectorate Logistic Support483,811,094,640ISKView Rank History
2107Harerget V - Moon 1 - CreoDron Factory1593,809,415,282ISKView Rank History
2108Bapraya X - Moon 6 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant43,801,691,155ISKView Rank History
2109G-GRSZ VIII - House of Nova1103,799,738,839ISKView Rank History
2110Matyas V - Moon 8 - Tash-Murkon Family Bureau63,798,661,263ISKView Rank History
2111Atier II - Federal Administration Archives393,798,520,761ISKView Rank History
2112Sirppala II - Moon 3 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory253,797,783,551ISKView Rank History
2113Karan VIII - Royal Amarr Institute School513,797,548,953ISKView Rank History
2114Ivar IX - Moon 4 - Brutor Tribe Bureau373,796,847,141ISKView Rank History
2115Slays VII - Moon 3 - Center for Advanced Studies School793,790,889,808ISKView Rank History
2116Maspah IV - Moon 7 - DED Assembly Plant983,790,762,233ISKView Rank History
2117Misaba V - Moon 3 - Zoar and Sons Factory563,787,165,419ISKView Rank History
2118ZID-LE I - myxa cyk's lobby303,779,247,994ISKView Rank History
2119PS-94K V - Girlfriends HQ313,779,227,381ISKView Rank History
21205C-RPA VII - Catgirls will conquer the world183,774,782,602ISKView Rank History
2121Embod IV - Moon 10 - Pator Tech School3103,774,034,428ISKView Rank History
2122Kor-Azor Prime V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory663,773,582,743ISKView Rank History
2123Annaro VIII - Moon 4 - State War Academy333,773,181,970ISKView Rank History
2124Oiniken III - Moon 1 - House of Records Information Center493,769,925,952ISKView Rank History
2125Droselory VI - Moon 17 - CreoDron Warehouse243,767,387,109ISKView Rank History
2126Korama II - Moon 7 - Perkone Warehouse363,765,678,586ISKView Rank History
2127Eldjaerin IV - Nurtura Food Packaging293,765,300,037ISKView Rank History
2128Q-02UL VII - Sponsered By Centrelink103,765,059,605ISKView Rank History
2129Isaziwa XIII - Moon 15 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support863,758,992,940ISKView Rank History
2130Iralaja VII - Home Guard Testing Facilities1733,758,778,537ISKView Rank History
2131Pashanai IV - Moon 3 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant633,746,891,671ISKView Rank History
2132Passari VIII - Joint Harvesting Food Packaging253,744,411,433ISKView Rank History
2133Ami VII - Moon 1 - CBD Corporation Storage63,739,749,000ISKView Rank History
2134Korama VI - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant833,739,238,341ISKView Rank History
2135QPO-WI VI - SLYCE BEE AMNESTY703,733,144,135ISKView Rank History
2136LS3-HP IX - Final limes513,730,492,100ISKView Rank History
2137Doussivitte VIII - Moon 8 - Chemal Tech Factory383,729,571,888ISKView Rank History
2138Komo IX - Science and Trade Institute School353,728,277,023ISKView Rank History
2139L-A5XP VI - Mushroom Cemetery683,723,747,636ISKView Rank History
2140Arraron VII - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery1083,723,223,056ISKView Rank History
2141Croleur VIII - Moon 2 - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities203,721,643,998ISKView Rank History
2142Iitanmadan III - Moon 1 - Genolution Biotech Production103,720,418,302ISKView Rank History
2143Lower Debyl VII - Moon 13 - Expert Distribution Retail Center153,716,988,854ISKView Rank History
2144T-NNJZ V - Moon 2 - True Creations Storage Bay83,716,079,500ISKView Rank History
2145Earwik VI - Moon 10 - Republic University713,714,962,503ISKView Rank History
2146Jarizza II - Moon 1 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant593,713,614,800ISKView Rank History
2147Nein II - Chemal Tech Factory293,709,526,900ISKView Rank History
2148Y-CWQY VI - Shin Nippori393,704,313,774ISKView Rank History
2149CNC-4V IX - For George633,701,474,365ISKView Rank History
2150Amarr VI (Zorast) - Moon 2 - Theology Council Tribunal233,698,896,348ISKView Rank History
2151UM-Q7F X - Modern Finances Depository63,692,000,000ISKView Rank History
2152XEN7-0 X - Slappy's Golden Shower Shed933,691,632,283ISKView Rank History
2153Isaziwa XI - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant973,683,497,053ISKView Rank History
2154Horaka IV - Moon 9 - Expert Distribution Warehouse523,681,068,876ISKView Rank History
2155Nourvukaiken VI - Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant353,675,934,071ISKView Rank History
2156QZ1-OH VII - Hello friends153,674,347,442ISKView Rank History
2157R-BGSU I - Komos Winter House673,671,402,537ISKView Rank History
2158W6V-VM VI - FreePorc303,669,298,341ISKView Rank History
2159Arant IV - Moon 1 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant753,664,290,334ISKView Rank History
2160Malkalen V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1253,659,681,963ISKView Rank History
2161Grispire V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory263,653,543,242ISKView Rank History
21622-RSC7 VI - Moon 2 - Carebear Land223,653,369,086ISKView Rank History
2163IAK-JW I - Emily Station533,650,691,978ISKView Rank History
2164Dour VIII - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Academy63,649,637,109ISKView Rank History
2165UB-UQZ I - UBest not be relisting803,647,016,169ISKView Rank History
21662O9G-D V - Black Ass Market IV883,646,620,060ISKView Rank History
2167L-L7PE I - BRO's Base503,643,834,719ISKView Rank History
2168Piekura VII - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant703,642,125,025ISKView Rank History
2169A9-F18 V - HAPPY PRODUCER BAR123,639,599,568ISKView Rank History
2170J-AYLV III - Moon 14 - True Power Mining Outpost263,632,569,479ISKView Rank History
2171Zorrabed IX - Moon 14 - Kador Family Academy903,627,036,048ISKView Rank History
2172D-PNP9 V - Dacza na Mazurach103,626,379,691ISKView Rank History
2173ZV-72W VII - Moon 8 - Expert Distribution Retail Center1263,624,594,911ISKView Rank History
2174KDV-DE III - Cartel Elevator Testing Facility533,624,501,356ISKView Rank History
2175Santola IV - Moon 1 - Expert Housing Production Plant223,624,494,279ISKView Rank History
2176Chardalane I - Combined Harvest Plantation23,619,196,600ISKView Rank History
2177HHQ-M1 VII - R17A'S TREASURE1243,613,129,616ISKView Rank History
2178K1I1-J X - ViaSacra1143,612,098,891ISKView Rank History
2179QSCO-D III - QSCO-D Station953,611,224,183ISKView Rank History
2180Neesher VI - Moon 15 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant723,610,147,558ISKView Rank History
2181Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities1173,608,948,677ISKView Rank History
2182GRHS-B IX - SOCKS IS RECRUITING573,606,802,309ISKView Rank History
2183K-1OY3 VI - End Pub83,606,499,999ISKView Rank History
2184QP0K-B VII - Order of Blood Hard Divine413,605,204,924ISKView Rank History
2185QXQ-I6 II - RIP Photon Torpedo653,604,199,607ISKView Rank History
21865ED-4E IV - Where is your kugucom now253,603,615,082ISKView Rank History
2187Vehan VI - Moon 10 - Ministry of War Archives273,601,210,350ISKView Rank History
2188P-6I0B VI - Invictum HQ683,598,772,072ISKView Rank History
2189Zorrabed IX - Moon 14 - Kador Family Academy263,592,473,198ISKView Rank History
2190Perimeter II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant3093,590,575,811ISKView Rank History
2191EF-F36 III - Moon 1 - Intaki Space Police Logistic Support1043,588,930,811ISKView Rank History
219228Y9-P V - Moon 1 - FEIGN IS KILLING SCALDING PASS433,588,174,882ISKView Rank History
2193Vuorrassi V - Moon 1 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant333,584,929,250ISKView Rank History
2194Osmeden VII - Moon 18 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant463,580,666,063ISKView Rank History
2195Deven V - Moon 16 - Ducia Foundry Mining Outpost223,575,687,953ISKView Rank History
2196Scuelazyns III - Moon 1 - Federal Administration Information Center103,575,335,576ISKView Rank History
2197Shuria X - Moon 16 - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant593,567,564,969ISKView Rank History
2198FIO1-8 V - THANKS FOR THE ADMS THETA843,558,669,058ISKView Rank History
2199Gelhan IX - Moon 6 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant393,556,427,040ISKView Rank History
2200Lermireve VIII - Moon 15 - CONCORD Treasury293,554,466,994ISKView Rank History
22016GWE-A IV - Cartel Pub443,548,579,095ISKView Rank History
22022-YO2K VI - Librian Reference Assembly313,542,997,224ISKView Rank History
2203Aphend VII - Moon 4 - Emperor Family Academy193,542,631,877ISKView Rank History
2204Vitrauze XI - Moon 2 - Federal Navy Academy123,540,017,367ISKView Rank History
22053-JG3X XI - 401's Bar and Grill553,536,635,449ISKView Rank History
2206Hakonen IX - Moon 16 - Minedrill Refinery613,536,146,403ISKView Rank History
2207Rens VII - Moon 20 - Sisters of EVE Bureau293,534,523,598ISKView Rank History
2208C-WPWH VI - Estacion de la Guardia Civil533,529,405,362ISKView Rank History
2209U-HYZN VI - Brave Name Please Ignore 1553,525,563,304ISKView Rank History
2210X-R3NM II - Curia Hostilia1203,519,623,408ISKView Rank History
2211Ebodold X - Moon 17 - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center433,518,150,788ISKView Rank History
2212Mili VIII - Moon 10 - Ducia Foundry Refinery403,513,695,508ISKView Rank History
2213Airkio VII - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1893,503,770,966ISKView Rank History
2214Jurlesel VI - Moon 17 - X-Sense Chemical Refinery873,503,119,928ISKView Rank History
2215Aydoteaux V - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory963,501,053,623ISKView Rank History
2216Avaux VIII - Moon 3 - Combined Harvest Food Packaging183,490,334,175ISKView Rank History
2217Noghere VIII - Moon 1 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory3223,483,608,293ISKView Rank History
2218QS-530 XI - BaRS Orbital Station 303,479,039,257ISKView Rank History
2219Scolluzer VII - Moon 1 - University of Caille383,476,982,155ISKView Rank History
2220Thakala IV - Moon 17 - Expert Distribution Warehouse63,474,500,000ISKView Rank History
2221MZ1E-P IX - House of Mother Joana273,473,985,913ISKView Rank History
2222Enaluri V - State Protectorate Assembly Plant1173,469,907,912ISKView Rank History
2223Korama II - Moon 5 - Republic Security Services Logistic Support273,468,389,280ISKView Rank History
22243D-CQU VII - CNO Kimotoro Dreams333,467,551,077ISKView Rank History
2225Thelan VI - Moon 8 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities163,464,973,545ISKView Rank History
2226D-P1EH VI - SIUCH443,464,351,325ISKView Rank History
2227Kino IV - Moon 12 - Poksu Mineral Group Mining Outpost143,460,606,024ISKView Rank History
2228D-IZT9 VII - Silent Sanctum623,459,228,839ISKView Rank History
2229Uemon VIII - Moon 3 - Perkone Factory203,457,740,410ISKView Rank History
2230Angymonne V - Moon 6 - Caldari Business Tribunal753,454,998,058ISKView Rank History
2231QSF-EJ IV - Candy is ours333,454,526,970ISKView Rank History
2232Auga VIII - Moon 2 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant1173,451,828,811ISKView Rank History
2233Mercomesier III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support253,451,165,994ISKView Rank History
2234Myyhera VIII - Moon 2 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant203,447,149,036ISKView Rank History
2235Oppold VI - Moon 16 - Republic Parliament Bureau973,441,479,570ISKView Rank History
2236Hibi V - Moon 10 - Viziam Factory263,439,235,721ISKView Rank History
2237Poinen IV - Moon 8 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Factory1163,434,924,772ISKView Rank History
2238GY5-26 IX - GY5 Retros left nut243,434,710,801ISKView Rank History
2239Orvolle VI - Moon 1 - The Scope Development Studio193,434,305,308ISKView Rank History
2240XW-2XP V - Infrastructure Hub1383,430,807,965ISKView Rank History
22410-O6XF IX - Princess of the south593,429,090,403ISKView Rank History
2242Lisudeh V - Moon 16 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse43,426,747,788ISKView Rank History
2243Eram IX - Moon 5 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory993,424,367,269ISKView Rank History
22445E-EZC VI - Mostly Harmless Memorial53,424,366,100ISKView Rank History
2245Otsela VI - Moon 10 - Nurtura Plantation293,422,608,187ISKView Rank History
22463-BADZ VII - Izbushka373,421,743,562ISKView Rank History
2247Hemin VII - Moon 15 - Guardian Angels Logistic Support123,421,733,075ISKView Rank History
2248UL-7I8 X - Ragnar Anchorage1263,416,476,056ISKView Rank History
22494F9Y-3 XII - One More Station - Not Citadel273,415,746,856ISKView Rank History
2250UBX-CC IX - HARD - Wolf blood103,403,335,331ISKView Rank History
2251Hirizan VII - Moon 3 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices163,401,740,226ISKView Rank History
2252Aydoteaux II - CreoDron Factory1023,400,717,193ISKView Rank History
2253Scheenins IV - Chemal Tech Factory1003,398,311,223ISKView Rank History
2254RIU-GC III - North Venice283,396,661,730ISKView Rank History
2255Autaris V - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant53,396,207,204ISKView Rank History
2256Dihra VIII - Moon 16 - Imperial Armaments Factory853,393,709,862ISKView Rank History
2257S-BWWQ III - Moon 4 - True Creations Storage Bay113,392,017,352ISKView Rank History
2258Otsasai VIII - Moon 3 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant163,391,985,425ISKView Rank History
2259Carrou III - Moon 7 - Federation Customs Logistic Support83,386,899,096ISKView Rank History
2260Obe VI - Caldari Provisions Plantation283,385,083,650ISKView Rank History
2261YAW-7M X - Malevolent Headquarters763,385,057,384ISKView Rank History
2262Miah VII - Moon 3 - Civic Court Law School293,376,843,513ISKView Rank History
2263Lisbaetanne I - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production23,375,000,000ISKView Rank History
2264Sharhelund VI - Moon 3 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant663,371,363,451ISKView Rank History
2265Sankkasen VII - Moon 6 - Science and Trade Institute School393,368,911,536ISKView Rank History
2266NGM-OK I - NGM Port Royal 473,365,190,606ISKView Rank History
2267Tekaima V - Moon 9 - CONCORD Assembly Plant753,358,910,550ISKView Rank History
2268Egmar V - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve153,356,139,867ISKView Rank History
2269Alachene VIII - Moon 3 - Expert Distribution Retail Center63,353,473,897ISKView Rank History
2270Kino VII - Moon 17 - Caldari Provisions Plantation203,352,647,486ISKView Rank History
2271Tsuguwa VI - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant663,352,413,344ISKView Rank History
2272IFJ-EL VI - Cafe Du Monde233,351,076,663ISKView Rank History
22731-HDQ4 II - UmyHo Hotel463,348,884,709ISKView Rank History
2274Agal I - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory143,348,803,405ISKView Rank History
2275Keproh VI - Moon 5 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Publisher283,348,459,964ISKView Rank History
2276C6Y-ZF III - Hansburg1453,347,955,669ISKView Rank History
2277Eddar VI - Freedom Extension Storage483,343,433,257ISKView Rank History
2278Seyllin VI - Moon 3 - Roden Shipyards Factory63,342,790,000ISKView Rank History
2279A-ZLHX XI - Moon 1 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau63,338,766,296ISKView Rank History
2280YQTK-R VI - Tuppyware Box393,337,590,454ISKView Rank History
2281Gelfiven IX - Moon 17 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant563,333,338,896ISKView Rank History
2282Lela VI - Moon 3 - Amarr Trade Registry Archives53,331,608,505ISKView Rank History
2283Inghenges V - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory323,329,636,173ISKView Rank History
2284Ommare VI - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant793,328,515,353ISKView Rank History
2285XGH-SH VIII - XGH-SH ow me your man buns713,319,957,601ISKView Rank History
2286Groothese X - Moon 13 - CONCORD Bureau93,318,620,215ISKView Rank History
2287G-Q5JU VII - Moon 1 - Cartel Prisoner Retention483,317,118,659ISKView Rank History
2288RY-2FX VIII - Meatheads Minion Factory473,310,350,359ISKView Rank History
2289Uedama III - Moon 1 - Caldari Steel Warehouse673,304,841,229ISKView Rank History
2290MXX5-9 I - TARD Special Ed Academy203,301,440,000ISKView Rank History
2291Adahum IX - Moon 2 - Modern Finances Vault233,300,561,888ISKView Rank History
2292Taru X - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Information Center413,293,738,949ISKView Rank History
2293C2X-M5 IV - CO2 Factory73,291,753,985ISKView Rank History
2294ZN0-SR V - Moon 7 - Intaki Bank Depository43,291,500,000ISKView Rank History
2295Bazadod IX - Moon 4 - Ministry of Internal Order Testing Facilities1593,287,518,609ISKView Rank History
2296Cleyd IV - Moon 6 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory273,287,003,076ISKView Rank History
2297Hulm VIII - Moon 2 - Republic University2063,275,509,385ISKView Rank History
2298X-EHHD VII - Quasar's System303,275,432,641ISKView Rank History
2299VE-W7O I - Catherine the Great II493,271,356,307ISKView Rank History
23009WVY-F II - For The Greater Gooood113,269,591,579ISKView Rank History
2301Atlangeins V - Moon 11 - Chemal Tech Factory293,266,120,540ISKView Rank History
2302Chelien IV - Moon 20 - Federal Administration Information Center343,262,006,255ISKView Rank History
2303Rahadalon VI - Moon 3 - Civic Court Accounting63,258,855,798ISKView Rank History
2304Iralaja VII - Home Guard Testing Facilities513,256,107,436ISKView Rank History
2305Isenan X - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities343,252,524,845ISKView Rank History
2306Ravarin IV - Moon 2 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities113,247,938,874ISKView Rank History
2307Melmaniel VI - Moon 5 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant93,246,476,096ISKView Rank History
2308A-1CON X - Moon 10 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Storage723,244,788,348ISKView Rank History
2309Scheenins V - Moon 8 - Chemal Tech Factory1203,243,901,622ISKView Rank History
2310Osmon VI - Moon 6 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory553,237,492,207ISKView Rank History
2311IO-R2S IX - No more Air703,237,387,134ISKView Rank History
2312Aliette VII - Moon 25 - Aliastra Warehouse33,230,845,000ISKView Rank History
2313AZN-D2 IX - Payport743,225,980,377ISKView Rank History
23145-CSE3 IV - Kac Vegas603,225,544,621ISKView Rank History
2315Sosala IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support273,225,385,287ISKView Rank History
2316S-6HHN IV - General's Gay Bar1603,223,368,361ISKView Rank History
2317Avenod VIII - Moon 17 - TransStellar Shipping Storage53,219,635,553ISKView Rank History
2318Jel I - Roden Shipyards Warehouse543,219,450,491ISKView Rank History
2319Arzad VIII - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support983,211,201,955ISKView Rank History
2320Eystur IV - Quafe Company Factory43,208,239,680ISKView Rank History
2321Egbinger XI - Moon 3 - Republic Fleet Testing Facilities623,205,876,652ISKView Rank History
2322Masalle VII - Moon 17 - Republic Security Services Logistic Support633,204,394,433ISKView Rank History
2323ZA0L-U VIII - CaptLFStern's Manlove Emporium383,203,366,955ISKView Rank History
2324Nasreri V - Moon 4 - Amarr Trade Registry Information Center123,202,295,917ISKView Rank History
2325Faurent I - Federal Freight Storage363,201,800,790ISKView Rank History
2326Horaka VII - Moon 1 - Expert Distribution Retail Center413,200,630,517ISKView Rank History
23276QBH-S IV - Moon 13 - True Power Mining Outpost443,199,245,755ISKView Rank History
2328AF0-V5 X - Crazy Horse Saloon and Casino983,198,565,010ISKView Rank History
232905R-7A X - O5R-There any games343,197,041,129ISKView Rank History
2330Inghenges VI - Moon 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory273,196,714,968ISKView Rank History
2331Bei VI - Moon 8 - Freedom Extension Storage323,196,336,942ISKView Rank History
2332Intaki V - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery1143,194,406,788ISKView Rank History
2333Poinen V - Moon 12 - Internal Security Assembly Plant3123,194,316,548ISKView Rank History
2334Onatoh IV - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant473,192,067,811ISKView Rank History
2335Egbinger V - CONCORD Treasury193,188,135,174ISKView Rank History
2336Uzistoon VII - Moon 2 - Thukker Mix Factory63,186,061,800ISKView Rank History
2337Pera IV - Moon 3 - Viziam Factory333,184,337,332ISKView Rank History
2338Kisogo VII - State War Academy963,183,761,904ISKView Rank History
2339Oipo II - Moon 21 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory473,181,869,122ISKView Rank History
2340Frulegur X - Moon 3 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory223,180,623,226ISKView Rank History
2341Kenahehab VII - Moon 4 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant53,180,379,363ISKView Rank History
2342Bundindus IV - Moon 7 - Imperial Armaments Factory53,178,805,999ISKView Rank History
2343T22-QI VI - Moon 12 - Intaki Syndicate Academy93,177,522,267ISKView Rank History
2344E-SCTX IX - E-Space High Court253,175,911,626ISKView Rank History
2345Vestouve IX - Moon 11 - Aliastra Warehouse73,173,991,191ISKView Rank History
2346Osmeden IX - Moon 6 - University of Caille983,168,784,632ISKView Rank History
2347YZ9-F6 V - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant83,167,971,817ISKView Rank History
2348Torrinos V - Moon 6 - Home Guard Assembly Plant2043,167,218,560ISKView Rank History
2349Oipo IV - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant243,164,338,493ISKView Rank History
2350Gonditsa IV - Moon 8 - Aliastra Retail Center493,163,904,998ISKView Rank History
2351Jasson I - Moon 4 - Emperor Family Bureau183,161,046,049ISKView Rank History
23525P-AIP X - ASTRALNAYA413,159,918,097ISKView Rank History
2353Mendori IX - Moon 9 - Imperial Armaments Factory333,159,660,687ISKView Rank History
2354Ravarin V - Moon 13 - Chemal Tech Research Center23,157,885,770ISKView Rank History
2355GXK-7F VII - Freedom's Forward Position453,156,977,583ISKView Rank History
2356KS-1TS III - DogVille1113,150,077,084ISKView Rank History
2357H-NPXW VIII - Docking Games443,148,171,451ISKView Rank History
2358Sarum Prime III - Moon 2 - Imperial Academy413,146,713,731ISKView Rank History
2359C-4D0W XI - C-4D0NT WANT THIS REGION ANYWAY1253,143,706,596ISKView Rank History
2360Gultratren V - Moon 22 - CreoDron Factory73,142,359,476ISKView Rank History
2361Scuelazyns III - Moon 1 - Federal Administration Information Center363,138,543,181ISKView Rank History
2362UEJX-G XI - UHave Been Scammed By Countess233,137,668,215ISKView Rank History
2363YXIB-I VI - CO2 Refinery423,136,113,175ISKView Rank History
2364Egmur VII - Moon 16 - Republic Parliament Academy33,135,510,000ISKView Rank History
2365Vlillirier IV - Roden Shipyards Factory333,134,530,628ISKView Rank History
2366GA58-7 VI - SOLAR FLEET - Home station713,132,442,480ISKView Rank History
2367TEG-SD VII - BOSS Eviction Center453,131,671,966ISKView Rank History
236866-PMM V - Drakonchik Empire313,130,020,685ISKView Rank History
2369Oursulaert VII - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities443,129,894,241ISKView Rank History
2370Odebeinn III - Moon 10 - Sisters of EVE Academy203,127,136,933ISKView Rank History
2371Santola VIII - Moon 9 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities273,123,224,661ISKView Rank History
2372Hek VII - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support223,121,565,258ISKView Rank History
23733KNA-N II - Panic's Pleasure Palace293,119,023,971ISKView Rank History
2374Hatakani VII - Moon 18 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant623,118,867,982ISKView Rank History
2375Intaki III - Pend Insurance Depository23,117,558,655ISKView Rank History
2376Torrinos V - Moon 10 - Caldari Provisions Food Packaging133,116,663,994ISKView Rank History
2377EIMJ-M I - Insane Asylum II323,116,109,187ISKView Rank History
2378Ihakana VI - State and Region Bank Depository123,110,804,710ISKView Rank History
2379Groothese X - Moon 18 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory163,108,414,048ISKView Rank History
2380Ebo IX - Theology Council Tribunal453,108,184,724ISKView Rank History
2381Ignoitton V - Moon 13 - Federation Customs Logistic Support73,107,754,026ISKView Rank History
2382Eredan I - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center193,106,606,887ISKView Rank History
2383Shintaht IV (Konrakas) - Asgard I9B-8X443,101,929,238ISKView Rank History
2384Avair X - Hedion University163,098,501,017ISKView Rank History
2385Harerget II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy563,097,758,359ISKView Rank History
2386Goinard III - Moon 2 - CONCORD Bureau233,091,652,897ISKView Rank History
2387Hophib XII - Ministry of War Archives633,089,958,842ISKView Rank History
2388GR-J8B VI - The 7 Day LIE323,088,871,861ISKView Rank History
2389LX5K-W VII - Processing station123,088,061,814ISKView Rank History
2390WNM-V0 V - WNM - MOTEL1333,084,574,612ISKView Rank History
2391Salashayama VII - Moon 8 - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support1323,081,792,967ISKView Rank History
2392Rorsins II - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities73,078,673,602ISKView Rank History
2393Slays VII - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices283,075,150,479ISKView Rank History
2394Kaimon II - Moon 10 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant1283,073,231,634ISKView Rank History
2395T-GCGL VIII - T-Goonhammer tilde253,067,939,717ISKView Rank History
2396Oppold III - CONCORD Assembly Plant33,065,876,402ISKView Rank History
239742SU-L VIII - NOSTRIA Cafeteria103,064,985,565ISKView Rank History
2398Tunttaras X - Moon 3 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support873,062,873,643ISKView Rank History
23996-GRN7 VI - Formal Union Of LOM303,058,459,751ISKView Rank History
2400M5-CGW III - Scroll Lock Groove Inn493,056,496,253ISKView Rank History
2401Heydieles III - Moon 13 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory823,053,109,853ISKView Rank History
2402Isendeldik IX - Moon 6 - Republic Fleet Logistic Support153,050,972,268ISKView Rank History
2403HLW-HP III - Moon 5 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery663,049,395,597ISKView Rank History
2404UM-SCG IV - SOCKS IS RECRUITING343,047,138,993ISKView Rank History
2405Olfeim V - Moon 1 - Quafe Company Warehouse123,042,575,609ISKView Rank History
2406Ivar IX - Moon 4 - Brutor Tribe Bureau513,041,488,149ISKView Rank History
2407BX2-ZX VIII - Lychton Kondur Memorial Asylum733,041,483,873ISKView Rank History
2408Samanuni III - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory533,040,438,434ISKView Rank History
2409FV1-RQ VII - Get your BDCI Coins Here93,039,995,244ISKView Rank History
2410Ebodold X - Moon 17 - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center63,037,400,000ISKView Rank History
2411Villasen V - Lai Dai Protection Service Logistic Support273,036,747,817ISKView Rank History
2412OXIY-V VI - Outpost Mjolnir353,035,408,173ISKView Rank History
2413Chardalane I - Combined Harvest Plantation63,035,299,070ISKView Rank History
2414Piekura VIII - Moon 11 - State War Academy623,033,328,933ISKView Rank History
2415VORM-W VII - Clogs and windmills603,030,052,420ISKView Rank History
24162-KF56 V - 2k Interceptors Whelped Per Day373,029,976,888ISKView Rank History
2417Kheram III - Moon 6 - Ishukone Corporation Factory103,029,355,785ISKView Rank History
2418Hilaban II - Moon 5 - DED Testing Facilities403,026,888,314ISKView Rank History
2419Isikesu IV - Moon 5 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support953,022,869,264ISKView Rank History
24208WA-Z6 VIII - Mark's Pickle Emporium943,022,397,287ISKView Rank History
2421RIT-A7 IV - VODOCHNAYA313,021,036,335ISKView Rank History
2422Ruchy I - DED Testing Facilities53,020,169,789ISKView Rank History
2423Ardallabier VII - Moon 3 - Quafe Company Warehouse223,019,682,485ISKView Rank History
2424Straloin VI - Moon 17 - Federation Navy Logistic Support83,018,604,930ISKView Rank History
24252H-TSE II - Space Mining Outpost983,016,609,344ISKView Rank History
2426Mamet V - Moon 7 - Imperial Armaments Factory83,014,709,597ISKView Rank History
2427Carirgnottin X - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory543,011,140,318ISKView Rank History
2428Haatomo VI - Moon 6 - Zainou Biotech Production113,010,193,892ISKView Rank History
2429VSIG-K V - Moon 8 - TransStellar Shipping Storage1103,009,521,613ISKView Rank History
2430Waskisen I - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory793,006,991,112ISKView Rank History
2431EUU-4N XII - RIGHT BALLBAG2283,001,467,383ISKView Rank History
2432G-4H4C III - Kazeboshka622,998,574,651ISKView Rank History
2433Romi VII - Moon 11 - Amarr Civil Service Bureau Offices512,997,326,986ISKView Rank History
2434Oshaima VII - Moon 1 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant202,996,050,123ISKView Rank History
2435Pimsu VIII - Moon 5 - Nurtura Food Packaging42,995,838,511ISKView Rank History
2436Aldali VI - Moon 1 - Ardishapur Family Bureau312,990,906,953ISKView Rank History
2437Scuelazyns VII - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory702,989,802,449ISKView Rank History
2438YZ9-F6 V - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant212,984,278,541ISKView Rank History
24392X-PQG III - Moon 17 - Intaki Syndicate Academy412,979,195,568ISKView Rank History
2440Jel VIII - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant1662,975,166,211ISKView Rank History
2441Elonaya X - Moon 15 - Home Guard Logistic Support482,973,564,025ISKView Rank History
2442Zatamaka XI - CONCORD Bureau72,973,400,000ISKView Rank History
2443Airkio IX - Moon 14 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mineral Reserve32,970,400,000ISKView Rank History
2444OOO-FS IV - Moon 10 - True Creations Logistic Support232,969,775,643ISKView Rank History
2445Nonni V - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1232,969,745,051ISKView Rank History
244635-RK9 IX - Moon 4 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau952,967,609,058ISKView Rank History
2447Goinard III - Moon 2 - CONCORD Bureau332,965,475,977ISKView Rank History
2448Ziriert VI - Zoar and Sons Factory112,964,573,192ISKView Rank History
2449Hentogaira II - Perkone Factory482,963,020,703ISKView Rank History
24501-1I53 IV - Virtus Victor562,962,119,161ISKView Rank History
2451GQ2S-8 III - Moon 3 - PWN-O-GRAPHY Citadel312,955,259,523ISKView Rank History
2452Uplingur IV (Ndoria) - Moon 16 - Nurtura Plantation232,952,091,847ISKView Rank History
2453Simela III - Aliastra Warehouse672,947,738,998ISKView Rank History
2454Nahyeen VII - Zoar and Sons Factory372,946,737,245ISKView Rank History
2455Autaris I - CONCORD Assembly Plant462,942,861,611ISKView Rank History
24561-2J4P V - Shin Nippori152,938,222,606ISKView Rank History
2457HPS5-C II - HPSouth Watchtower182,933,180,259ISKView Rank History
2458Oisio V - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1032,932,478,028ISKView Rank History
2459Malukker I - Republic University1462,931,569,931ISKView Rank History
2460QX-LIJ V - Thank you very a Cat sorry nodes132,930,224,079ISKView Rank History
2461Sheroo X - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau822,928,938,775ISKView Rank History
2462Mendori IX - Moon 9 - Imperial Armaments Factory332,928,716,250ISKView Rank History
2463D2EZ-X VI - Moon 3 - YA EBU BABY YAGU102,926,112,034ISKView Rank History
24642-RSC7 VI - Moon 2 - Carebear Land262,924,604,106ISKView Rank History
24654-EFLU VII - Moon 3 - Dead Hookers In The Back212,922,387,118ISKView Rank History
2466Leran VI - Civic Court Accounting22,922,000,000ISKView Rank History
2467Isikemi VII - Moon 2 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Warehouse302,921,702,453ISKView Rank History
2468TN-T7T V - Lich's House862,920,082,107ISKView Rank History
2469Luse VI - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant622,919,439,070ISKView Rank History
2470Airaken VIII - Expert Housing Production Plant1132,917,633,881ISKView Rank History
2471Leurtmar III - Thukker Mix Factory842,916,523,185ISKView Rank History
2472Evuldgenzo VI - Moon 2 - Impetus Development Studio102,914,925,082ISKView Rank History
2473Aldik VIII - Moon 2 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau652,913,289,794ISKView Rank History
2474Bei VI - Moon 8 - Freedom Extension Storage452,911,926,592ISKView Rank History
2475Octanneve III - Duvolle Laboratories Factory652,911,257,506ISKView Rank History
2476NU4-2G III - French Speaking Basterds1292,910,623,363ISKView Rank History
2477Uphallant IV - Moon 1 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio22,910,000,000ISKView Rank History
2478Isaziwa X - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory1122,909,059,269ISKView Rank History
2479G-ME2K VIII - Moon 3 - True Power Mining Outpost372,908,310,899ISKView Rank History
2480Nare VI - Moon 16 - Emperor Family Bureau432,907,021,142ISKView Rank History
2481Aunenen VI - Moon 5 - Zero-G Research Firm Factory592,906,308,343ISKView Rank History
2482LJ-YSW VI - Moon 14 - Salvation Angels Trading Post392,902,299,828ISKView Rank History
2483RG9-7U II - Deklein in a week382,898,748,976ISKView Rank History
2484Agoze V - FedMart Retail Center152,895,455,994ISKView Rank History
2485Reblier VIII - Moon 7 - DED Logistic Support172,894,514,151ISKView Rank History
2486Kurniainen IX - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support362,893,199,212ISKView Rank History
2487Danera IV - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant272,892,253,388ISKView Rank History
24887MD-S1 XI - Roland's Place1092,890,764,626ISKView Rank History
2489Atlulle VIII - Moon 6 - CreoDron Factory112,890,625,527ISKView Rank History
2490L-AS00 II - No lights on532,890,060,320ISKView Rank History
2491Asanot VI - Moon 17 - Quafe Company Factory112,887,668,938ISKView Rank History
2492Sadana VIII - Quafe Company Warehouse422,886,136,761ISKView Rank History
2493Uplingur IV (Ndoria) - Moon 16 - Nurtura Plantation182,884,138,444ISKView Rank History
2494TU-RI6 VIII - Kuun-Lan682,883,088,469ISKView Rank History
2495Camal IX - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities242,882,831,471ISKView Rank History
2496Hirtamon VIII - Moon 5 - Expert Housing Warehouse62,882,009,872ISKView Rank History
2497Goudiyah VIII - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support202,876,714,598ISKView Rank History
2498RYC-19 III - Podlin Puddle1362,873,610,187ISKView Rank History
2499J7YR-1 V - Rainbow Forge442,872,447,485ISKView Rank History
2500Tourier VI - Moon 13 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant362,872,039,090ISKView Rank History
25014F6-VZ XI - Limited Sense182,868,383,407ISKView Rank History
2502Dantumi V - Moon 1 - Caldari Constructions Warehouse42,864,499,999ISKView Rank History
25035Q65-4 VII - Blips N Chitz1092,863,882,267ISKView Rank History
2504Vale VI - Moon 2 - Chemal Tech Research Center512,863,381,302ISKView Rank History
2505Kaimon III - Moon 18 - Caldari Steel Factory82,862,551,715ISKView Rank History
2506Ney IV - University of Caille862,860,231,404ISKView Rank History
2507OXIY-V VI - Outpost Mjolnir802,859,224,228ISKView Rank History
2508VQE-CN VI - Xexexe Xe's Pleasure Hub372,858,380,391ISKView Rank History
2509XSQ-TF XII - XSQuisitely Rampant with VD112,857,306,460ISKView Rank History
2510UM-SCG IV - SOCKS IS RECRUITING472,856,421,423ISKView Rank History
2511U3SQ-X I - HEY YOU - SELL SOME CYNOGENS672,854,683,116ISKView Rank History
2512Sarum Prime III - Moon 2 - Imperial Academy482,852,831,586ISKView Rank History
2513Gyerzen IX - Moon 15 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities212,851,506,848ISKView Rank History
2514ETO-OT IV - ETO The Citadel222,849,160,495ISKView Rank History
2515Gerek V - Moon 3 - Republic University1162,848,890,862ISKView Rank History
251623M-PX III - FWC mute Aristash forever262,846,231,536ISKView Rank History
2517Gelfiven III - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant552,845,248,323ISKView Rank History
2518Dodixie VIII - Moon 3 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio352,844,438,574ISKView Rank History
2519Akora IV - Moon 1 - State and Region Bank Depository542,843,350,616ISKView Rank History
2520Abudban IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support182,842,451,304ISKView Rank History
2521KDF-GY V - Nemesis Colony72,841,878,777ISKView Rank History
2522Jita IV - Moon 6 - Ytiri Storage272,839,685,283ISKView Rank History
2523Schoorasana VI - Moon 1 - CBD Corporation Storage182,838,584,576ISKView Rank History
2524Ordat V - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy402,836,699,541ISKView Rank History
2525JE-VLG VI - Fafer's Red Light District312,834,289,176ISKView Rank History
2526Ignoitton V - Moon 13 - Federation Customs Logistic Support182,832,221,528ISKView Rank History
2527Eldulf V - Moon 6 - Vherokior Tribe Academy1842,831,716,702ISKView Rank History
2528Netsalakka VIII - Carthum Conglomerate Factory252,827,576,879ISKView Rank History
2529Sobaseki VIII - Moon 1 - Home Guard Assembly Plant302,825,066,404ISKView Rank History
2530392,825,020,606ISKView Rank History
2531Misneden IV - Moon 2 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities962,818,851,328ISKView Rank History
2532Mies VII - Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory802,815,683,142ISKView Rank History
2533K5-JRD VIII - Moon 2 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau892,815,610,145ISKView Rank History
25341-2J4P V - Shin Nippori792,814,299,209ISKView Rank History
2535O-O2GN II - Ice Citadel672,812,982,049ISKView Rank History
2536ZH-KEV VI - Moon 6 - True Creations Storage Bay122,812,429,001ISKView Rank History
2537Oursulaert VIII - Moon 2 - Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost282,811,302,876ISKView Rank History
253829YH-V VII - V O L G A532,810,577,980ISKView Rank History
2539Bongveber V - Pend Insurance Depository32,810,353,802ISKView Rank History
2540Esteban VIII - Moon 4 - DED Logistic Support252,797,814,573ISKView Rank History
2541BK4-YC IV - Ostrogothica542,794,243,734ISKView Rank History
2542Sadana VIII - Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices22,792,700,000ISKView Rank History
2543Amygnon VIII - Moon 5 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility822,791,391,204ISKView Rank History
2544Aldali VI - Moon 1 - Ardishapur Family Bureau42,789,006,048ISKView Rank History
2545Amamake VI - Moon 3 - Expert Distribution Warehouse92,788,892,460ISKView Rank History
2546Khankenirdia V - Moon 17 - Ammatar Consulate Academy842,784,727,737ISKView Rank History
25473IK-7O IV - SNOVA CENTRAL 582,782,059,569ISKView Rank History
2548JP4-AA V - The Krusty Krabs1152,778,337,035ISKView Rank History
2549G-4H4C III - Kazeboshka292,775,892,813ISKView Rank History
2550Yasud VIII - Moon 1 - Imperial Shipment Storage232,775,416,043ISKView Rank History
25519-980U V - Auman's Stand282,772,031,635ISKView Rank History
2552PWPY-4 IV - Nest of Dragons812,770,173,468ISKView Rank History
2553Lisudeh IV - Moon 4 - Theology Council Tribunal972,769,564,681ISKView Rank History
2554G5ED-Y VII - G5ED-Y u so bad at names522,768,848,757ISKView Rank History
2555LBGI-2 III - The Black Gate802,765,643,774ISKView Rank History
2556Olfeim IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support182,764,920,563ISKView Rank History
2557CL-1JE V - Moon 3 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery112,764,712,805ISKView Rank History
2558Q-FEEJ IV - The OSS says hello232,763,862,582ISKView Rank History
25595HN-D6 II - Hemp Depot82,762,171,200ISKView Rank History
2560Anka IV - Moon 15 - Genolution Biotech Production142,760,398,639ISKView Rank History
2561Caslemon III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support572,760,366,903ISKView Rank History
2562Uuhulanen VIII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support652,758,507,235ISKView Rank History
2563B-R5RB VII - Tourist Information152,756,200,921ISKView Rank History
25641-BK1Q IV - District-85 riamh dearmad MV112,755,836,000ISKView Rank History
2565Odebeinn III - Moon 13 - Freedom Extension Storage552,751,120,505ISKView Rank History
256608Z-JJ XI - Flappy Jacks pancake factory1152,750,880,646ISKView Rank History
2567Akora IX - Moon 19 - CreoDron Factory42,750,459,999ISKView Rank History
2568Halmah IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Assembly Plant152,749,647,142ISKView Rank History
2569Rancer VI - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy372,746,345,259ISKView Rank History
2570Dudreda VI - Moon 4 - Republic Military School312,746,083,719ISKView Rank History
2571X-7BIX VIII - S E V A S T O P O L262,745,062,081ISKView Rank History
2572Aranir VIII - Moon 8 - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support402,744,916,996ISKView Rank History
2573Otela II - Expert Housing Foundry422,742,505,121ISKView Rank History
2574Stetille V - X-Sense Chemical Refinery252,741,368,255ISKView Rank History
2575Adreland VI - Moon 8 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery282,740,805,910ISKView Rank History
25765H-SM2 IX - 5 Helpings of Salt542,737,185,162ISKView Rank History
2577Misneden IV - Moon 2 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities1232,732,311,261ISKView Rank History
2578JP4-AA V - The Krusty Krabs862,732,273,257ISKView Rank History
2579JO-32L V - T Y L A212,729,382,403ISKView Rank History
2580WMBZ-U VIII - Office Space in Space42,725,855,000ISKView Rank History
2581Mesybier II - TransStellar Shipping Storage132,723,650,942ISKView Rank History
25829RQ-L8 VII - Moon 11 - True Creations Shipyard542,721,366,450ISKView Rank History
2583RF-GGF V - Intaki Syndicate Academy1382,719,406,433ISKView Rank History
2584Zehru IX - Moon 10 - Viziam Warehouse22,717,999,999ISKView Rank History
2585Imih III - Moon 8 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Research Center122,716,441,410ISKView Rank History
2586Jaschercis IV - Moon 9 - Quafe Company Factory1022,716,033,246ISKView Rank History
2587Samanuni VIII - Caldari Constructions Logistic Support1132,716,028,895ISKView Rank History
2588Oimmo V - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant602,714,590,409ISKView Rank History
2589Eitu III - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant482,713,940,726ISKView Rank History
2590Sirppala IV - Moon 4 - Rapid Assembly Factory112,712,746,723ISKView Rank History
2591Klingt IX - Moon 4 - Republic Fleet Logistic Support262,709,952,491ISKView Rank History
2592Ziona VII - Moon 3 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse602,709,867,964ISKView Rank History
2593Yarebap VI - Moon 5 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant202,708,407,465ISKView Rank History
2594Brundakur IV - Moon 1 - CONCORD Bureau262,706,324,785ISKView Rank History
2595S-NJBB I - S-No Drama522,705,445,097ISKView Rank History
2596VEQ-3V IV - Phantra's Geordie Smack Shack192,704,909,361ISKView Rank History
2597Arbaz VI - Moon 8 - Theology Council Tribunal132,701,459,013ISKView Rank History
2598Iitanmadan VIII - Moon 1 - Caldari Steel Factory142,701,412,907ISKView Rank History
2599KCDX-7 III - The Cookie Farm782,699,813,849ISKView Rank History
2600Iges IV - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio22,699,390,000ISKView Rank History
2601E-ACV6 III - FRAK YOU FEC452,698,284,990ISKView Rank History
2602Renyn IX - Federation Customs Assembly Plant1132,694,614,529ISKView Rank History
2603Misha IV - Moon 3 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant252,691,811,788ISKView Rank History
2604CL-1JE V - Moon 15 - Salvation Angels Chemical Refinery122,691,581,332ISKView Rank History
2605TSG-NO III - Walk with Jebus542,691,487,069ISKView Rank History
2606Enderailen VIII - Moon 3 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant42,690,916,319ISKView Rank History
2607QZ-DIZ V - The garden of wet fantasies222,690,542,047ISKView Rank History
2608Scolluzer VII - Moon 2 - Federation Navy Logistic Support212,687,496,413ISKView Rank History
2609Liparer V - Moon 3 - Joint Harvesting Plantation32,684,975,000ISKView Rank History
2610Ibani VI - Moon 15 - Khanid Transport Storage92,681,970,438ISKView Rank History
2611Jel V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory522,678,719,822ISKView Rank History
2612Eystur III - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory1382,678,500,965ISKView Rank History
2613Imya VIII - Moon 3 - Ministry of War Information Center972,677,764,293ISKView Rank History
2614Hakonen IX - Moon 9 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant742,676,961,595ISKView Rank History
2615Chardalane III - Moon 2 - Combined Harvest Plantation32,675,333,331ISKView Rank History
2616Decon VI - Moon 10 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant122,673,792,705ISKView Rank History
2617Olfeim V - Moon 3 - CBD Corporation Storage92,671,785,633ISKView Rank History
2618Litom XI - Moon 2 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant192,671,093,689ISKView Rank History
26196OYQ-Z II - Moon 1 - Requiem Eternal Prime932,670,490,765ISKView Rank History
2620FJ-GUR IV - The Crab Shack832,667,119,278ISKView Rank History
26219ZFH-Z V - Caribean's paradise92,658,059,896ISKView Rank History
26222PG-KN VII - MONSTER'S HOME232,657,083,129ISKView Rank History
2623Hardbako III - Moon 1 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery632,653,706,131ISKView Rank History
2624Adrel IV - Moon 9 - Republic Security Services Logistic Support332,652,140,500ISKView Rank History
2625Aydoteaux VIII - Moon 12 - CreoDron Warehouse322,648,906,229ISKView Rank History
2626Quier IV - Moon 27 - Sisters of EVE Treasury2002,645,817,616ISKView Rank History
2627Ney IV - University of Caille1282,645,159,911ISKView Rank History
2628Covryn VI - Moon 12 - Duvolle Laboratories Warehouse122,645,009,820ISKView Rank History
2629KGCF-5 XII - Solar Defectors Home base182,640,956,401ISKView Rank History
2630Old Man Star VIII - Moon 2 - Senate Bureau222,636,738,531ISKView Rank History
2631A-SJ8X VII - Moon 1 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau692,636,461,769ISKView Rank History
2632Olide IV - Moon 4 - Center for Advanced Studies School112,635,774,999ISKView Rank History
2633Murini II - Moon 6 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse862,633,384,938ISKView Rank History
2634UTDH-N VIII - Chaynaya262,632,126,481ISKView Rank History
2635Droselory VI - Moon 17 - CreoDron Warehouse352,630,602,038ISKView Rank History
2636Madomi V - Moon 6 - Ministry of War Information Center412,628,927,109ISKView Rank History
2637Ylandoki II - Zainou Biotech Production52,628,810,862ISKView Rank History
2638Tennen VIII - Moon 13 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mineral Reserve32,628,658,997ISKView Rank History
2639BY-MSY IV - TXCMF Playboy Mansion842,626,354,441ISKView Rank History
2640CBL-XP VII - Le Chateau Frontenac212,624,059,100ISKView Rank History
2641UNV-3J III - XyToPoK1682,623,225,175ISKView Rank History
2642Olettiers VII - Moon 2 - Expert Distribution Retail Center142,622,002,059ISKView Rank History
2643Haatomo VI - Moon 6 - Zainou Biotech Production52,614,989,997ISKView Rank History
2644G-AOTH VIII - Evictus Hostel512,613,285,101ISKView Rank History
2645O-JPKH IV - Kanterlot372,611,586,646ISKView Rank History
2646Irmalin VIII - Moon 13 - Royal Khanid Navy Testing Facilities132,610,214,408ISKView Rank History
2647TXW-EI VIII - Moon 8 - Aliastra Retail Center492,609,876,299ISKView Rank History
2648Itamo III - Perkone Factory42,608,209,315ISKView Rank History
2649Kusomonmon VI - Moon 23 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Foundry222,604,791,756ISKView Rank History
2650E1F-LK IX - Heretic Distribution Warehouse582,604,422,993ISKView Rank History
2651Erenta II - Moon 2 - Home Guard Assembly Plant432,603,071,617ISKView Rank History
2652Rashagh IV - Moon 2 - Amarr Trade Registry Information Center12,600,000,004ISKView Rank History
2653H90-C9 VII - Red Sun Empire HQ22,599,800,000ISKView Rank History
2654Harroule VIII - Moon 5 - FedMart Storage162,594,476,375ISKView Rank History
2655Isanamo VII - Moon 1 - Nurtura Warehouse342,593,087,405ISKView Rank History
2656WNM-V0 V - WNM - MOTEL492,591,913,424ISKView Rank History
2657Gebuladi IX - Moon 9 - Ishukone Corporation Factory132,589,735,752ISKView Rank History
2658Uemon VIII - Moon 3 - Perkone Factory482,589,675,701ISKView Rank History
2659313I-B VII - 313 Hours of Entosising72,588,416,805ISKView Rank History
2660Waskisen VII - Moon 7 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory342,586,960,403ISKView Rank History
2661O-PNSN IV - Apostoli Kiralysag Munkahivatal462,585,365,866ISKView Rank History
26621A8-6G VI - THE ONE AND ONLY xXDEATHXx PRIME122,583,265,464ISKView Rank History
2663E8-YS9 VI - Moon 4 - Goatunheim1592,576,211,152ISKView Rank History
2664MOCW-2 III - THE TIP OF PACMAN402,573,765,380ISKView Rank History
2665Groothese X - Moon 13 - CONCORD Bureau112,572,456,487ISKView Rank History
2666Sibot XII - Carthum Conglomerate Production Plant32,569,999,000ISKView Rank History
2667Sirppala IV - Moon 16 - Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse382,568,698,497ISKView Rank History
26680PU2-R V - Station 10772,567,511,197ISKView Rank History
2669PO4F-3 V - Moon 10 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery62,566,800,033ISKView Rank History
2670B-7LYC IX - house of p00n1612,566,258,421ISKView Rank History
2671Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School1432,564,155,166ISKView Rank History
2672Cleyd VI - Moon 4 - Carthum Conglomerate Production Plant502,564,002,093ISKView Rank History
2673QSF-EJ IV - Candy is ours262,560,604,094ISKView Rank History
2674Maila VI - Moon 2 - Caldari Provisions Plantation102,559,175,154ISKView Rank History
2675Rahadalon VIII - Moon 2 - Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices312,556,899,903ISKView Rank History
2676Lulm IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support112,554,032,759ISKView Rank History
2677J-A5QD III - JAG Schlachthaus422,552,467,883ISKView Rank History
2678M5NO-B V - POCA Satillte listening station62,552,041,352ISKView Rank History
2679Ekura VII - Moon 14 - Caldari Constructions Warehouse712,551,641,228ISKView Rank History
2680Jorund VII - Moon 2 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery262,551,595,600ISKView Rank History
2681Gyerzen IX - Moon 15 - Amarr Navy Testing Facilities72,545,024,242ISKView Rank History
2682U93O-A X - In memory of Razy-EL512,544,684,381ISKView Rank History
2683Ikao VIII - Moon 3 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Warehouse1242,543,204,195ISKView Rank History
2684Dantbeinn III - Moon 6 - TransStellar Shipping Storage102,542,527,678ISKView Rank History
2685Ebolfer V - Tribal Liberation Force Testing Facilities42,540,320,000ISKView Rank History
2686Y9-MDG V - Crow's Nest572,538,764,931ISKView Rank History
2687Madirmilire VII - Moon 3 - Carthum Conglomerate Warehouse202,538,204,752ISKView Rank History
2688I-E3TG V - Rodale IX172,537,470,066ISKView Rank History
2689Lantorn VI - Moon 4 - Expert Distribution Warehouse142,536,082,515ISKView Rank History
2690Elonaya X - Moon 15 - Home Guard Logistic Support492,534,579,287ISKView Rank History
2691Rens VIII - Moon 3 - TransStellar Shipping Storage82,532,364,316ISKView Rank History
2692Aulbres V - Moon 5 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant232,532,216,435ISKView Rank History
2693TN-T7T V - Lich's House292,529,234,063ISKView Rank History
2694Oimmo V - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant572,526,880,918ISKView Rank History
2695Ishomilken IX - Moon 14 - Perkone Factory22,525,987,987ISKView Rank History
2696Teonusude IV - Moon 8 - The Leisure Group Development Studio472,523,659,951ISKView Rank History
2697Obe VI - Moon 1 - Joint Harvesting Plantation392,523,344,215ISKView Rank History
2698Lustrevik VIII - Moon 9 - Brutor Tribe Bureau342,520,998,573ISKView Rank History
2699Teonusude III - Moon 8 - Imperial Armaments Factory892,520,041,926ISKView Rank History
2700Enderailen VI - Moon 17 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant32,519,006,889ISKView Rank History
27010P-U0Q VII - Kevin Bacon Appreciation Station452,518,088,539ISKView Rank History
2702Akkilen V - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory232,517,389,507ISKView Rank History
2703ZUE-NS VIII - KPbCTHuKbT na more422,510,571,564ISKView Rank History
2704Ono VII - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities672,510,085,163ISKView Rank History
2705Torrinos V - Moon 15 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support362,507,120,168ISKView Rank History
2706Stetille IX - Moon 7 - Caldari Business Tribunal182,506,246,400ISKView Rank History
2707Pakkonen IV - Moon 18 - Caldari Constructions Foundry62,504,742,508ISKView Rank History
2708MA-XAP IV - Don't dock in this kickout nerds592,504,211,519ISKView Rank History
2709Oipo II - Moon 21 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory562,502,939,414ISKView Rank History
2710Palas VII - Moon 11 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant512,502,765,265ISKView Rank History
2711Hotrardik VI - Moon 17 - Republic University302,501,900,983ISKView Rank History
2712GU-54G VIII - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard452,500,309,105ISKView Rank History
2713Ane IV - Moon 18 - Republic Security Services Logistic Support12,500,000,000ISKView Rank History
2714Anckee V - Moon 10 - Allotek Industries Factory912,498,537,498ISKView Rank History
2715NC-N3F V - Now Bee Free262,498,369,364ISKView Rank History
2716Rorsins IV - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities652,496,594,287ISKView Rank History
2717Octanneve IV - Federation Customs Assembly Plant712,494,296,642ISKView Rank History
2718Thiarer VII - Moon 4 - Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant682,490,684,137ISKView Rank History
2719Jaschercis III - Moon 1 - Federal Freight Storage222,489,010,535ISKView Rank History
2720Alachene VII - Moon 13 - Federal Freight Storage142,488,921,556ISKView Rank History
2721Bosboger VI - Moon 7 - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant322,488,862,938ISKView Rank History
2722G-G78S XI - Moon 7 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery802,486,360,307ISKView Rank History
2723Liparer I - Joint Harvesting Mining Outpost222,484,924,272ISKView Rank History
2724Jarzalad VIII - Moon 8 - TransStellar Shipping Storage182,483,494,350ISKView Rank History
2725J-GAMP IX - CO2 Factory272,482,836,577ISKView Rank History
2726TSG-NO III - Walk with Jebus12,480,000,000ISKView Rank History
2727H-ADOC IV - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant692,477,176,718ISKView Rank History
2728Ibani VI - Moon 15 - Khanid Transport Storage162,474,959,351ISKView Rank History
2729Kador Prime VIII - Moon 3 - Inherent Implants Biotech Production322,474,158,817ISKView Rank History
2730D2-HOS I - Karmafleet Is Recruitingg1082,471,402,996ISKView Rank History
2731Maila IV - Caldari Provisions Warehouse52,469,368,998ISKView Rank History
2732F-QQ5N VIII - F-QQ The Sock Drawer492,467,584,084ISKView Rank History
2733Y-MPWL VII - Evictus Hotel612,460,881,584ISKView Rank History
2734FYD-TO VI - Dirty Protagonist Memorial412,460,307,928ISKView Rank History
2735ZXB-VC II - Here There Be Dragons Also152,459,341,447ISKView Rank History
2736MGAM-4 III - AoF Party Hideout142,457,197,160ISKView Rank History
2737I-MGAB VI - BROADMOORS NAUGHTY HOUSE1162,455,205,381ISKView Rank History
27385B-YDD XI - STAR CARRIBIAN72,455,084,843ISKView Rank History
2739Eram V - Moon 2 - Eifyr and Co. Biotech Production472,454,327,371ISKView Rank History
2740C-C99Z III - dom kopalki542,451,073,477ISKView Rank History
2741MOCW-2 III - THE TIP OF PACMAN632,450,696,653ISKView Rank History
2742O5-YNW VIII - Anger Of Darkness612,450,292,278ISKView Rank History
2743G9L-LP VI - Sale 002332,449,157,556ISKView Rank History
2744G-M5L3 VII - OEG Pub112,447,226,007ISKView Rank History
2745Funtanainen VIII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant1002,446,046,863ISKView Rank History
2746Aclan VI - Garoun Investment Bank Vault732,445,983,296ISKView Rank History
2747Carirgnottin VIII - CreoDron Factory622,444,383,459ISKView Rank History
2748Vuorrassi V - Moon 1 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant332,443,769,150ISKView Rank History
2749Orvolle VII - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support562,442,378,333ISKView Rank History
2750Khanid Prime IX - Khanid Transport Storage442,440,615,412ISKView Rank History
2751QFEW-K IV - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant192,440,361,559ISKView Rank History
2752Naguton VIII - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Academy152,439,850,521ISKView Rank History
2753Tunudan VII - Moon 4 - Rapid Assembly Warehouse72,435,314,967ISKView Rank History
2754Nein IV - Republic Parliament Bureau112,433,525,493ISKView Rank History
2755Thakala I - Expert Distribution Warehouse282,432,872,942ISKView Rank History
2756Kourmonen V - Ishukone Corporation Factory1052,429,933,506ISKView Rank History
2757Avair VII - Moon 12 - Impro Factory82,424,249,778ISKView Rank History
2758Poinen IV - Moon 8 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Factory812,422,336,058ISKView Rank History
2759Fageras X - Civic Court Accounting272,420,946,119ISKView Rank History
2760Y9G-KS VI - Moon 14 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau522,420,438,326ISKView Rank History
2761HF-K3O VIII - HF Hole642,418,124,460ISKView Rank History
2762RO0-AF VIII - Make Deklein Great Again292,417,247,490ISKView Rank History
2763Adacyne V - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio222,416,823,742ISKView Rank History
2764J52-BH III - Twisted's House of Horrors232,415,240,712ISKView Rank History
2765QFEW-K IV - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant122,414,795,467ISKView Rank History
2766Penirgman V - Moon 3 - Ishukone Corporation Factory352,413,393,176ISKView Rank History
276731-MLU X - Moon 8 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau262,411,735,482ISKView Rank History
2768JZ-UQC VI - Penguin's Pleasure Palace862,409,492,353ISKView Rank History
2769D-PNP9 V - Dacza na Mazurach812,408,629,716ISKView Rank History
2770Malma I - TransStellar Shipping Storage182,408,525,332ISKView Rank History
2771FX-7EM VII - Deep Space Port412,407,505,993ISKView Rank History
2772Nonni I - Caldari Constructions Production Plant122,407,261,497ISKView Rank History
2773Tennen VIII - Moon 4 - CONCORD Assembly Plant192,406,429,658ISKView Rank History
2774Raussinen XI - Moon 2 - Genolution Biotech Research Center52,401,275,827ISKView Rank History
2775Half X - Moon 10 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant22,401,000,000ISKView Rank History
2776V7D-JD IX - Moon 17 - Archangels Assembly Plant622,400,728,410ISKView Rank History
2777Balas I - Moon 11 - Inherent Implants Biotech Production12,400,000,000ISKView Rank History
2778Sasoutikh V - Moon 11 - Theology Council Accounting742,399,999,909ISKView Rank History
2779MTO2-2 III - NAMING RIGHTS FOR SALE712,399,028,653ISKView Rank History
2780Ohkunen IV - Moon 10 - Corporate Police Force Testing Facilities122,396,874,328ISKView Rank History
2781Egbinger XII - Moon 2 - Vherokior Tribe Treasury72,394,281,500ISKView Rank History
2782F-EM4Q V - Moon 5 - F-EM GOOD BAI192,393,758,730ISKView Rank History
2783MZ1E-P IX - House of Mother Joana122,393,484,992ISKView Rank History
2784Vey VI - Moon 10 - Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve22,392,453,962ISKView Rank History
2785Nakugard V - Republic University982,391,545,879ISKView Rank History
2786S-U8A4 V - Intaki Space Police Logistic Support242,391,081,420ISKView Rank History
2787New Caldari II (Matias) - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory402,390,757,567ISKView Rank History
2788Khafis X - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory602,390,631,009ISKView Rank History
2789C-DHON VIII - Gravediggers' Sanctuary82,388,747,000ISKView Rank History
2790Otanuomi V - Moon 16 - Hyasyoda Corporation Refinery72,387,118,509ISKView Rank History
2791Anka I - Amarr Constructions Production Plant252,386,901,296ISKView Rank History
2792Rayl X - Moon 3 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory172,386,735,156ISKView Rank History
2793E-B957 IV - IMORTADESKY appreciation hub332,386,573,540ISKView Rank History
2794Pakhshi IX - Moon 20 - CONCORD Bureau542,385,502,056ISKView Rank History
2795Kakakela V - Moon 2 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant932,384,617,560ISKView Rank History
2796XA5-TY III - PEST Nest Gentlemens Club1262,382,811,032ISKView Rank History
2797Abai IV - Moon 11 - Joint Harvesting Mineral Reserve192,379,151,199ISKView Rank History
2798Todifrauan VII - Moon 8 - DED Assembly Plant112,378,655,154ISKView Rank History
2799RO-0PZ VIII - RO-byn Aurilen Memorial Station182,377,587,791ISKView Rank History
2800JC-YX8 VIII - Audrey Justine Tautou 532,377,576,724ISKView Rank History
2801Enderailen VI - Moon 17 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant42,374,436,998ISKView Rank History
2802Jan IV - Caldari Steel Warehouse322,372,852,820ISKView Rank History
2803Isinokka V - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities862,365,780,878ISKView Rank History
2804Jerma VI - Moon 12 - Theology Council Tribunal92,365,637,605ISKView Rank History
2805Ane III - Moon 1 - FedMart Warehouse52,365,225,000ISKView Rank History
2806Maiah IV - Moon 1 - Ducia Foundry Refinery22,365,000,000ISKView Rank History
2807FO9-FZ VIII - Ice Castle122,362,107,000ISKView Rank History
2808Erenta II - Moon 2 - Home Guard Assembly Plant292,361,185,565ISKView Rank History
2809Allamotte VI - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Warehouse312,357,675,368ISKView Rank History
2810Bashyam X - Moon 7 - Khanid Transport Storage272,357,154,614ISKView Rank History
2811Horkkisen XII - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities162,357,146,849ISKView Rank History
2812Brybier I - Moon 1 - Federal Freight Storage122,356,166,785ISKView Rank History
2813Hatakani VI - Moon 4 - Hyasyoda Corporation Refinery362,355,862,761ISKView Rank History
2814Alkez VII - Moon 3 - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities412,354,240,970ISKView Rank History
2815Hoshoun VII - Moon 17 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse162,353,250,171ISKView Rank History
2816F-NMX6 IV - Can't F-N Keep Goons Down82,350,757,120ISKView Rank History
2817Fensi V - Moon 1 - Emperor Family Bureau102,345,599,600ISKView Rank History
2818C-FP70 VI - C-FP70 Test systems RIP752,345,521,926ISKView Rank History
2819Finanar VIII - Moon 2 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve402,339,449,882ISKView Rank History
2820Deltole III - Moon 1 - Core Complexion Inc. Warehouse592,338,451,828ISKView Rank History
2821W-Q233 VI - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard772,338,196,859ISKView Rank History
2822Oursulaert VIII - Moon 2 - Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost142,338,020,123ISKView Rank History
2823W-IIYI X - Shade Milith's small W-II W-II312,337,342,261ISKView Rank History
2824Gusandall IV - Republic Justice Department Tribunal212,337,273,923ISKView Rank History
2825Chardalane V - Moon 2 - Combined Harvest Plantation32,336,600,000ISKView Rank History
2826Grispire V - Duvolle Laboratories Factory92,335,207,364ISKView Rank History
2827Uphene VI - Moon 16 - Egonics Inc. Development Studio82,334,197,345ISKView Rank History
2828Fihrneh VI - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute School392,332,369,737ISKView Rank History
2829Dastryns III - Freedom Extension Warehouse92,330,099,835ISKView Rank History
2830Saminer IX - TransStellar Shipping Storage202,329,563,709ISKView Rank History
2831K-MGJ7 IV - Moon 4 - Archangels Testing Facilities192,329,012,409ISKView Rank History
2832Z-H2MA IV - Moon 1 - Sharpening Shed262,328,452,547ISKView Rank History
2833Mercomesier III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support232,327,153,438ISKView Rank History
2834Mista V - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory1312,326,916,184ISKView Rank History
2835Eitu III - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant442,323,795,137ISKView Rank History
28361H4V-O II - Moon 1 - True Creations Shipyard222,323,794,903ISKView Rank History
2837BR-N97 V - 54 Full Deck512,323,047,295ISKView Rank History
2838Haine V - Moon 11 - Ishukone Corporation Factory22,320,998,998ISKView Rank History
2839Oipo IV - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant162,318,696,532ISKView Rank History
2840Malkalen III - Ishukone Watch Assembly Plant132,317,980,543ISKView Rank History
2841FM-JK5 VI - The stone garden352,317,208,819ISKView Rank History
2842F-NMX6 IV - Can't F-N Keep Goons Down72,310,773,508ISKView Rank History
2843Egbinger XII - CONCORD Academy182,309,340,830ISKView Rank History
2844C-FP70 VI - C-FP70 Test systems RIP872,307,895,212ISKView Rank History
2845BI0Y-X V - JAG Headquarter362,307,786,522ISKView Rank History
2846ROIR-Y II - Moon 2 - Food Relief Food Packaging972,306,265,322ISKView Rank History
2847Scolluzer VII - Moon 3 - Federal Navy Academy502,305,458,998ISKView Rank History
2848EL8-4Q II - GRRRRRR MOA432,304,629,206ISKView Rank History
2849Amoderia VI - Moon 1 - Garoun Investment Bank Depository82,302,978,499ISKView Rank History
2850Asesamy II - Moon 1 - Joint Harvesting Warehouse62,302,720,000ISKView Rank History
2851Masalle VIII - Moon 1 - X-Sense Chemical Refinery712,301,523,999ISKView Rank History
2852Mai V - Moon 13 - Freedom Extension Storage32,300,470,000ISKView Rank History
28535B-YDD XI - STAR CARRIBIAN112,296,928,000ISKView Rank History
2854Villore VII - Moon 6 - Senate Bureau782,296,695,036ISKView Rank History
2855X-41DA I - Rerajan Haquis and Stone102,293,000,000ISKView Rank History
2856Antollare VI - Bank of Luminaire Depository52,292,704,533ISKView Rank History
2857Ghesis V - Moon 3 - Kador Family Bureau262,292,640,815ISKView Rank History
2858Oicx VI - Moon 11 - FedMart Warehouse92,291,377,647ISKView Rank History
2859Eldulf IV - Moon 11 - Vherokior Tribe Bureau272,290,548,354ISKView Rank History
2860Siseide VII - Moon 17 - Joint Harvesting Food Packaging22,289,798,000ISKView Rank History
2861LEM-I1 V - Central Market Hub612,288,963,822ISKView Rank History
2862Lustrevik V - Republic Justice Department Law School652,287,500,827ISKView Rank History
2863Korama VI - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant602,284,985,613ISKView Rank History
2864KZFV-4 IX - Salt the Station662,284,912,925ISKView Rank History
2865Gare VIII - Moon 11 - Caldari Business Tribunal42,282,773,508ISKView Rank History
2866Ziriert VIII - Moon 12 - Imperial Armaments Factory32,280,928,289ISKView Rank History
2867Ono VII - Moon 10 - Spacelane Patrol Testing Facilities492,278,134,170ISKView Rank History
2868Hostni VII - Moon 11 - Theology Council Tribunal212,276,981,694ISKView Rank History
286991-KD8 III - I CAN DOCK HERE222,275,450,280ISKView Rank History
2870N-TFXK VI - Beware of Nadferatu382,274,610,558ISKView Rank History
2871YQB-22 VII - Anthemoessa 702,273,664,567ISKView Rank History
2872995-3G V - Moon 5 - FREE DOCK752,271,277,538ISKView Rank History
2873Scheenins V - Moon 8 - Chemal Tech Factory682,269,812,634ISKView Rank History
2874B-G1LG VI - Moon 3 - True Power Mining Outpost162,265,958,542ISKView Rank History
2875ME-4IU V - ME-Gusta Prostate Tickler292,263,750,103ISKView Rank History
2876Anin IX - Moon 16 - Caldari Steel Factory162,263,160,151ISKView Rank History
287790-A1P IX - SOLAR Frontier212,258,831,620ISKView Rank History
2878Heorah VII - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory402,258,469,195ISKView Rank History
2879V0DF-2 V - CO2 Refinery92,256,731,275ISKView Rank History
2880SAH-AD V - Bend the Knee Kiss the Ring462,256,350,128ISKView Rank History
2881JLO-Z3 IX - Moon 4 - Planet PIXEL532,253,884,969ISKView Rank History
2882D85-VD VII - Intaki Bank Vault72,253,640,143ISKView Rank History
2883Kamih V - Amarr Navy Logistic Support122,252,857,902ISKView Rank History